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Thanks go out to the following sites for referring visitors to Hunk du Jour... we love you guys!

  1. Kenneth in the (212)
  2. Fav Gay Porn [adult]
  3. Definition of a Man
  4. Beach & Pool
  5. Boy Culture
  6. Greg in Hollywood
  7. My Own Private Locker Room [adult]
  9. Link Collector
  10. Men and Underwear
  11. Fit Studs
  12. Homotography
  13. L'homme est un Concept [adult]
  14. Underwear Fanatic
  15. RandoMale [adult]
  16. A.S.S.G.M. [adult]
  17. Man Collector
  18. Beautiful Guys
  19. Cesto de Gatos [adult]
  20. The Mad Professah Lectures
  21. Startpagina [Netherlands]
  22. Towleroad
  23. Guys for the Camera [adult]
  24. Made in Brazil
  25. Gay Body Blog [adult]
  27. Eyecons
  28. Man Country [adult]
  29. Fleshbot Gay [adult]
  30. Swimpixx
  31. Hot Asian Guys
  32. Guy Dads
  33. Sonoma Boys Night Out
  34. O Melissokomos
  35. Niņo de mis Ojos
  36. The Uncut C*ck [adult]
  37. Porno Tycoon [adult]
  38. VGL

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