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Troy Phillips & Akimitsu Sadoi

Duke Greenhill - Hunk du Jour

Duke Greenhill begins our week in a manly way! Thanks so much to Troy Phillips for sending these over!

[ Duke Greenhill - Official Site ]
[ Troy Phillips and Akimitsu Sadoi - Official Site ]

Evan Wade Wadle close-up with water beads on face - Hunk du Jour

by Greg Vaughan
Enlarge Photo

DNA Magazine is reporting today on their blog about the typo that has resonated amongst the gay blogosphere -- even Hunk du Jour was not immune!

Photographer Troy Phillips (previously featured) sent the DNA team a note about the longtime misunderstanding after model Evan Wade won the title of February Mate of the Month. But his note unmasked Evan Wade for who he truly is...


Evan told DNA, "I actually think its pretty funny how my name is mostly misspelled as Evan Wade instead of Evan Wadle, and that somehow I'm from Britain, or that im a trainer in New York City at Equinox Gym." Evan (who is from New Jersey) rolls with the punches and doesn't seem to mind his alias, though he may want to reconsider telling the gay magazine that one of his nicknames from childhood was "The Wad."

[ DNA Mate of the Month: February '08 ]

Evan Wade Wadle close-up with water beads on face - Hunk du Jour

by Greg Vaughan
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(Update: Added photo credits.)

Patrick, DNA Covermodel - Hunk du Jour

We just got the hot new issue of Australian import DNA Magazine in the mail, and we're delighted to see the work of Troy Phillips and Akimitsu Sadoi on the cover. They are the photography team who got these fantastic shots of covermodel Patrick -- who is absolutely tantalizing in those 2xist briefs.

I always look forward to this time of the month!

Anthony - Blue Collar in reFRESH Magazine - Hunk du Jour

The fantastic team of Troy Phillips & Akimitsu Sadoi capture another gem in this shoot for reFRESH Magazine. In this month's issue they feature Anthony (among others) in some really gritty, sexy shots -- a shoot titled Blue Collar.

Now, if someone could find an industrial shop staffed entirely by guys as handsome as Anthony -- I might just consider a change of profession. Until then, software engineer and blogger it is... (smile.)

[ Source: Troy Phillips Photography ]

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