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Ronald N. Tan

Joseph Goode, as photographed by Jeff Slator - Hunk du Jour

Joseph Goode is our latest hopeful from the Ford Models Model Search 2008. Here's what he had to say about the contest:

I just started my entry in to the search and I believe I should get your votes because I know I am a true model. I can do photos and runway and I just really love fashion. I love to smile, workout, play bball and play on my xbox. I have been modeling for almost 2 years in Northern California and I really wanted to model around the world and if i win this, then I know the doors will open up for me and definitly expand my future. I seriously have been truly blessed and I really appreciate, my mom, my friends and life. So please show support and vote for me.

Thanks for contacting us, Joseph! If you'd like to help Joseph on his journey, then give him your vote! If you're an entrant wanting to be featured on Hunk du Jour, drop us a line.

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