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Derek Allen Watson - Hunk du Jour

Derek Allen Watson by Nephi Niven
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Happy Hump Day Hunk Day to our buddy Derek Allen Watson! Check out twelve more photos of him after the jump... and maybe we can convince him to share some more photos this afternoon!

Dylan Williams - Hunk du Jour

Dylan Williams by Rick Day via VGL Men
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A Monday afternoon/evening treat from our friends over at VGL Men -- Dylan Williams as photographed by Rick Day. Check out VGL Men for one more shot of this handsome fella!

Interested in seeing more of Rick's work? Check out his 2012 book, All Players!

Sebastien Vachon - Hunk du Jour

Happy Birthday to model Sebastien Vachon, who celebrates today with these new photos from a recent shoot with photographer Rick Day!

A note from Sebastien:

I come from a very small town where very few gays were out of the closet. I took all the bad energy from bullying, high school people negativities, no-self confidence and all the rejections that came afterwards - as a motivation to outshine myself. This gave me order to just be in peace and happy about myself. Coming to New-York and shoot with the amazing Rick Day wasn't something I thought possible looking back 5 years ago.

[ Sebastien Vachon - Official Facebook Page ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

Sebastien Vachon - Hunk du Jour

Derek Alan Watson - Hunk du Jour

Here's a selection of photos courtesy of model Derek Allen Watson of some shoots he did with photographers Rick Day and Ryan Pfluger.

Derek says of the Rick Day shoot:

Rick is the best of the best. It's always nerve-wracking shooting with such a famous photographer and someone that I look up to. But when you are shooting with him, it's totally a chill environment. He just wants high sexual tension in the photos. He's great.

Derek adds:

I do think that my modeling work is becoming more personal to me. Only choosing shoots that I feel inspired to do or feel like I want people to see that side of me. If I'm depressed, you're gonna see those kind of dark images rather than bright and happy.

Derek loves keeping in touch via Twitter (@_derekallen). Join us on Twitter to keep tabs on him as well as me, your Lead Hunkologist: @HunkDuJour. See you online!

Derek Alan Watson - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

At Hunk du Jour HQ in Seattle we're enjoying a blustery week -- but something that is bound to help even the most dreary weeks is Part 2 of this exclusive photo set of Jack Mackenroth (another Seattle boy) from photographer Rick Day!

Check out Part 1 for more photos and details about the shoot! You can also catch Jack this Wednesday on LOGO TV where he'll be talking some fashion smack on The Gossip Queens

[ Jack Mackenroth by Rick Day : HDJ Exclusive : Part 1 ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - 2007 Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

I have an exclusive look at new photos from Jack Mackenroth, taken by the incomparable Rick Day! Says Rick, "It was a pleasure working with Jack. His beauty and professionalism made my job a hell of lot easier and quite enjoyable."

Jack was similarly impressed with Rick, saying "I love all of Rick's work, because he celebrates the male physique, without depending on tools like Photoshop, so the images always come out looking fresh and real, and the lighting is amazing."

Both men have been busy lately, with Rick Day recently releasing his book Pioneers and Jack just finishing co-producing a popular web series called The Queens of Drag: NYC on

[ Jack Mackenroth - 2007 Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

Jared Prudoff photographed by Rick Day - Hunk du Jour

I'm a bit gaga for this model, Jared Prudoff... and today he posted some brand new photos from a new test shoot he did with New York photographer Rick Day last month. Jared is completely dreamy and completely unattainable (straight & engaged), but I don't let that get in the way of my affection for him and his work.

After you see the five extra photos (after the jump), check out more on Jared's Facebook Fan Page -- and while you're at it, become a fan of Hunk du Jour too!

Jared Prudoff photographed by Rick Day - Hunk du Jour

[ Jared Prudoff - Official Site ]
[ Red Models NYC ]
[ Rick Day Photography - Official Site ]

Davi Alvarado - Hunk du Jour

Davi Alvarado, as photographed by the incomparable Rick Day (previous coverage.)

[ Davi Alvarado - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day Photography - Official Site ]

Jared Prudoff-Smith - Hunk du Jour

SIX photos of the stunningly gorgeous Jared Prudoff-Smith will do a much better job than coffee at getting your day off to a good start. What an amazing look!

[ Jared Prudoff - official site ]
[ Red Models NYC - official site ]
[ Rick Day - official site ]

Some of our best ideas come from dedicated Hunk du Jour readers like yourself and Terrell! Leave a comment and say thanks to Terrell for recommending this post, then Suggest a Hunk of your own!

Matt Schiermeier - Hunk du Jour

Rick Day (previously featured) has captured another masculine beauty in Matt Schiermeier. According to his website, the former Rufskin model is also trying to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge of safe sex practices in eastern Europe. With such a stunning (and risque) portfolio, I'm sure he doesn't have any trouble grabbing our attention.

[ Matt Schiermeier - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

Athletes 2010 Calendar by Rick Day - Hunk du Jour

We're only hours into the new year and you might be looking at the 2009 Kittens 'n Hats Calendar and thinking it is time for an upgrade, 2010 style. Here are ten suggestions for some incredibly sexy calendars featuring gorgeous men and the work of expert photographers!

Genre Magazine: September 2008 - Hunk du Jour

Magazine: Genre Magazine
Issue: September 2008, #169
Arrived: October 20, 2008
Love It: Amazing photography by Rick Day - especially Lee Kholafai on Pg. 13!
Like It: Alan Ritchson's just-beneath-the-cover ad for N2N
Leave It: Two full-page features on botox and laser-assisted liposuction back to back.
Question It: A round-up review of underwear... as the "Dating & Relationships" feature?

Genre Magazine Cover: September 2008 - Hunk du Jour

Will Wikle - Hunk du Jour

Will Wikle may have started out on reality television on Big Brother, but he's up on the big screen now in Another Gay Sequel. This raunchy gay answer to teen sex comedies has headed off to the beach, and from the sound of it we aren't exactly talking about the next Frankie & Annette film.

Check out our exclusive interview with Will after the jump -- plus a link to a photo from this sultry photo shoot he did with photographer Rick Day that is even too hot for HDJ!

Ryan Holbert - Hunk du Jour

Ryan Holbert is a model and photographer, and of course we're jazzed whenever we see him in front of the camera. He shot this set with Rick Day in New York, and was nice enough to share them with us!

There's quite a difference between the man in this new set from the prior photos we featured -- and it's all for the better! We talked to Ryan over a year ago, check out his MySpace Monday post!

[ Ryan Holbert - Official Site ]
[ Ryan Holbert : MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour ]

Ryan Holbert - Hunk du Jour

Genre Magazine, June 2008 Cover - Hunk du Jour

...well good morning, gorgeous! So nice to see you in my mailbox. Now, what's your name?

Anthony Gallo in a pair of short shorts! - Hunk du Jour

We just couldn't get enough of Anthony Gallo -- check out two more after the jump!

[ Anthony Gallo on Hunk du Jour ]
[ Anthony Gallo - Vision Model Management ]

 - Hunk du Jour

Some photos from the Genre Magazine spread of model Frankie Fallica, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots that appeared on the red model management blog.

 - Hunk du Jour

[ Source: red model management blog ]
[ Frankie Fallica Hit Genre's G-Spot - Ethan Says ]
[ med model management ]
[ Genre Magazine ]

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