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Bradford Rogne

Jessie Pavelka 2011 Calendar Photo - Hunk du Jour

Everyone's going Pavelka-crazy at the moment, whether it be for either of the reality show starring cousins! We've already seen a bit from DietTribe host Jessie Pavelka's 2011 calendar, and this morning photographer Bradford Rogne was nice enough to send over a few more to whet your appetite!

The publisher, 10%, will be releasing the calendar later this spring on and some of your other favorite retailers.

[ Jessie Pavelka - Official Site ]
[ Jessie Pavelka - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]

Photographer Bradford Rogne (previous coverage) takes us behind-the-scenes of his calandar shoot with Jessie Pavelka (previous coverage) for the first 2011 calendar we've got on our radar!

Bradford had this to say about the shoot:

Jessie and I had been talking about shooting a calendar for a while now, so when the perfect opportunity presented itself, we jumped right in! 90% of the calendar was shot in one day, between my studio in downtown LA and a super slick house in the Hollywood Hills. It was a race for time, but we managed to get everything shot before sunset. More images that you won't see in the calendar coming soon!

Thanks, Bradford... we can't wait!

[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ Jessie Pavelka - Official Site ]

Tim Weaver, Personal Chef and Instinct Covermodel - Hunk du Jour

Check out personal chef Tim Weaver! This month in Instinct Magazine he's featured along with a canine pal, photographed by the fantastic Bradford Rogne.

[ Tim Weaver - Instinct Magazine ]
[ Tim Weaver - Official Site ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]

Jakub Stefano - Hunk du Jour

We're so privileged to get in touch with some stellar photographers whose work we really admire. Photographer Bradford Rogne sent over these photos from his LASC campaign, featuring Jakub Stefano. He was also nice enough to answer a few of our questions in this exclusive Q&A!

How did you get connected with Jakub for the shoot?
Jakub and I actually connected thru MySpace, and decided we wanted to eventually work on a project together. He emailed me in January to let me know he'd be back in LA soon, so when this opportunity came up, I thought he'd be perfect! And he was!

What did it take for you to capture the mid-air shots of Jakub?
Well, I went out and got a trampoline for the shoot. But, little did I know how high Jakub can jump on his own. No trampoline required! Even with a basketball injury, he was able to stay in the air thru-ought the shoot, no problem. So, if anyone wants to buy a trampoline... :-)

What is your favorite photo from the campaign?
I have so many favorite images from the shoot. One of them is the jumping photo with the green tank top, yellow shorts and purple high tops. [ Ed - see the shot below! ] It's just a fun shot, and really captures the essence of what I wanted to get from the shoot.

What is the next project we can expect to see from you?
I'll have behind the scenes video and bonus photos for you this week, from my shoot with Instinct Magazines April 2009 cover shoot. I'll also have an undiscovered face for you to enjoy. A blue eyed Columbian beauty. Check back soon!

[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ LASC - Official Site ]

Jakub Stefano - Hunk du Jour

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