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Alexandre F - Hunk du Jour

I'm a naughty blogger -- I should be taken upstairs and spanked. However, instead of wallowing in self-pity or making grandiose promises of a changed world and being a new man... I'll quietly write a new post.

Fred Goudon is a killer photographer, and a swell guy. He e-mailed out of the blue in 2010 to let me know about his newly-published calendar of Gilles Marini (who was fresh off his revealing performance in the Sex and the City movie) and has been nice enough to keep me up to date with his goings-on... they live in a folder named "To Post" (which was named with the most noble of intentions.)

Thanks for keeping me in the loop Fred (and all of you other lovely people) -- I'm sorry I've been so neglectful.

...oh, right! Alexandre! Alexandre is from Cannes, and is featured in Fred Goudon's books, Virility and Cinq.

Alexandre F - Hunk du Jour

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