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Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch - Hunk du Jour

Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, The Covenant) will be playing the role of Gambit in the upcoming X-Men movie spin off, Wolverine.

MTV caught up with Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and asked him about Taylor's participation in the film:

"I can say it. He's sexy, right? He's a little bit like a junior Wolverine in a way. He's a little bit of a wise guy. He's an outsider. He's got some issues himself. He's mischievous. He's cheeky. He's a bit of a badass. We have a really great fight sequence. Physically that guy is an animal. He was chucking himself around on the concrete. He has that passion that I remember having when I first did Wolverine. There was no way a stunt double was doing anything for him."

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Taylor Kitsch - Hunk du Jour

So, I had a pretty awesome post all written about Taylor -- and Safari decides to lock up before I saved my work. I'll do the abbreviated version this time, and save my work often.

We first featured the handsome Taylor Kitsch when his feature film, The Covenant, premiered. (Did you see those abs when he's walking around in the swim trunks? Seriously -- check out the previous post!)

He's been busy since then, of course -- including being one of the stars of the NBC Drama Friday Night Lights as well as appearing in (Mother F*king) Snakes on a (Mother F*king) Plane

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[ taylor kitsch official site ]

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