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Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin

Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin - Hunk du Jour

Today we hear from Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin, our next featured contestant from the Ford Models Model Search 2008. He has the adorable mop top going, here's what he had to say about entering the contest:

One thing I do know in the Vmagazine/Ford competition is that I am far from conventional. I'm sure I entered the competition for the same reasons as the other guys. somewhat on a whim and because others have told us we should "be models." As I come to the end of my college career at Harvard studying Art History and Italian Studies, I find myself with a curiosity for fashion and a desire to enter the industry. Fashion has hit mainstream culture, yet I still have a desire for it to remain sophisticated and artful. I'm not the ridiculously chiseled sporty man but am a man of a more demure and pensive presence. I believe that I still embody masculinity but do so in a different way, in an elegant manner. Ultimately, whoever the man, I would love to see male fashion pushed to more daring and experimental heights. In sum, I bring a reasoned intelligence and European look to the table. Whether you place me at the top of this competition or not, you can be sure that in due time you'll be hearing from me. But, of course, I could use your support.

Head on over to the contest and vote for Stefan!

[ Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin - Ford Models Model Search 2008 ]
[ Ford Models Model Search 2008 ]
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