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Sean Faris

Imagine that you're a blogger -- you've woken up and taken a shower, and set out to do your 5:00AM rounds on the internet to see what happened overnight. This was the first thing you came across.

I've seen bits and pieces of this video from Tyler Shields trickle out on his YouTube channel... but wow what a difference when they are all tied together into this frantic explosion from his head.

I feel like either this is going to be an awesome day, or that America's favorite mouse is going to mug me in the parking garage.

Sean Faris - Hunk du Jour

Sean Faris... what a way to kick off my new year, eh? Look for him this year in the movie Forever Strong since Reunion didn't take off as it deserved to.

It's not weird that I first discovered him while watching the teen girl flick Sleepover, right? it weirder his first gig was with Barbizon Cleveland?

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