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Ryan Diesel

Ryan Diesel and David LaChapelle behind the scenes - Hunk du Jour

What do you know... we post another great shot of Ryan Diesel by Sonny Tong and he appears again in our e-mail! Ryan just sent over a behind-the-scenes still from his recent shoot with the amazing David LaChapelle.

Thanks for the photo, Ryan -- what an exciting project! I can wait to see the end result!

Ryan Diesel, Sonny Tong Photography - Hunk du Jour

Copyright © 2007 Sonny Tong | Model: Ryan Diesel
Your photos here - Contact Us | Sonny Tong on Hunk du Jour

Ryan Diesel, Sonny Tong Photography - Hunk du Jour

Copyright © 2007 Sonny Tong | Model: Ryan Diesel
Your photos here - Contact Us | Sonny Tong on Hunk du Jour

Ryan Diesel by Joseph Sinclair - Hunk du Jour

You can probably tell since we first interviewed him in February that we have a little thing for Ryan Diesel. Well once again he was nice enough to send some new material our way -- this shot by Joseph Sinclair.

Also of note, we were checking things out and it looks like Ryan has a new website,, up now. There's still a few "coming soon" sections, but if you're also a fan it's another nice place to get your fix!

A side note -- he made me promise to take down one of the photos in his original post before he'd hand over this one... do you know which one has since disappeared?

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Ryan Diesel as photographed by Adam Bouska - Hunk du Jour

Ryan Diesel has posted some new photos today from a recent shoot with photographer Adam Bouska. We think Ryan is adorable, and have been big fans of Adam's photography for a while now -- seeing the work they do together is awesome.

We spoke with Adam last month about photography and his upcoming calendar or photography, and interviewed Ryan Diesel earlier this year and talked about the modeling business and his appearance in Playgirl Magazine.

Ryan Diesel, as photographed by Adam Bouska - Hunk du Jour

Check out the links below for more photos of Ryan (as well as photography of Adam, who is also talented in front of the camera!) as well as our interviews with these two great guys.

[ Ryan Diesel : Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Adam Bouska : Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Ryan Diesel : MySpace ]
[ Adam Bouska : MySpace ]

Ryan Diesel - Hunk du Jour

UPDATE: We've been continuing to follow Ryan's career... be sure to see all of our articles featuring Ryan Diesel!

I was fortunate enough to speak with the gorgeous model Ryan Diesel this week about working in the industry, being a Playgirl campus hunk, and his upcoming projects and aspirations. Enjoy!

You've already been traveling quite a bit... Where was your favorite on-location shoot?
I'd say Italy. The people in Italy are so laid back -- they're all about enjoying life and not the hustle and bustle of America. Once you get used to it, it's cool -- but at first it's hard to get used to.

I saw that you will be appearing in a calendar or two for 2008 -- what can you tell us about that project?
Gerry Garcia is doing an Industry Los Angeles (ILA) calendar -- we're actually thinking of doing my own too! We've also got some interesting stuff coming up too, like message ringtones and wallpapers and stuff.

How did you get started in the modeling industry?
Well, I kinda fell into it. My major in school is photo graphics and we'd have to do projects -- my classmates would request to shoot me. One guy used me and won some awards for the picture. People must have thought that I had more to do with it, because the word got out, "Ask Ryan, he'll get naked!" (I was raised in Europe and I'm really comfortable with nudity and my body.) I started doing some stuff locally, and got a book cover for a local author in New Mexico.

I went and got an agent, and started shooting some things. A photographer in LA had asked to shoot with me, so I went up there... but he wasn't so great and tried to take advantage of me. When I wouldn't fool around, he tossed me out on the street at 4:00 am. I didn't know anybody in LA -- except thankfully I'd been talking to Gerry online and he happened to live down the street.

That's how I met Gerry in person, and I started getting a lot of work after that. Gerry really opened a lot of doors for me.

Tell me about some of your recent projects.
I'm appearing right now on the cover of GT International magazine. Gay Times International -- look at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble stores! I'm also shooting a movie called The Drive In right now... kind of a scary slasher movie.

How long have you been in LA?
It's all kind of a blur... I think in October is when I got out here. I've gotten really lucky and have been doing a lot of work, but I want to finish school and want to do more than modeling. I'm interested in creative direction, and would really love to direct music videos at some point.

Well, you've accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time! What are your big-picture plans right now?
I'd love to launch my own underwear line, the movie is in progress, plus I've been working with photographers associated with other well-known magazines.

What has the defining moment in your life and/or career at this point?
Honestly, I have a 2-year-old daughter -- she's in New Mexico and I go to see her as much as I can. She lives with her Mom, who's an awesome mother, and it's really tough being away from her. She's the light of my life.

Career-wise, this is really strange, but when I was younger we lived in Germany and my Mom rented out the house to my Aunt and some of her sorority sisters. When we got back to the house, there was a box in the garage and it had Playgirls and stuff in it. I found the issue with Sylvester Stallone in it and I remember getting it and going "I want to do this!" -- I was about 11 and my Mom thought that it was crazy. But I did -- I always wanted to shoot for Playgirl, I thought it'd be really cool.

I actually shot with Playgirl and was on the cover -- the 2006 Campus Hunks issue in November. I shot that in Fort Lauderdale -- it was a great experience and lots of fun!

Marry, Boff, Kill : Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Jenny McCarthy
Boff Jenny McCarthy...
Marry Jennifer Lopez...
I guess I'd have to kill Janet, but I don't want to!

Marry / Boff / Kill : Justin Timberlake, Brandon Routh, Jake Gyllenhaal
Boff Brandon Routh...
Kill Justin Timberlake for messing with Britney Spears (I'm friends with one of her friends, she's a nice girl)...
I'll marry Jake Gyllenhaal.

What is your porn star name? (Street you grew up on & first pet's name)
Duke Luna... yeah, though I should have made it up and said Hunter Spears.

What was your worst gig ever?
I just did an underwear shoot for this little independant underwear company and they had some crazy stuff. I had to hire a friend whose a porn star to do half of it because you could see EVERYTHING.

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