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Rodrigo Calazans

Rodrigo Calazans - Hunk du Jour

Congratulations to Brazilian model Rodrigo Calazans, who I found a plethora of photos from in the Hunk du Jour archives... to the benefit of us all. You'll find a metric ton of Brazilian hotness after the jump. Thanks for hanging around with me this week. You've probably notice I've dug into the operation of the site more again -- hopefully to its benefit.

Have a fantastic weekend, and take care!

Rodrigo Calazans - Hunk du Jour

by Butch Swimwear Rodrigo Calazans
Enlarge Photo

Rodrigo Calazans - Hunk du Jour

by Butch Swimwear Rodrigo Calazans
Enlarge Photo

Rodrigo Calazans - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday, all! Brazilian model Rodrigo Calazans is our Hunk of the Day to kick off the week! I hunted around a little and got a fresh batch of photos to share with you to augment some previous photos we have featured!

The Hunk Guide returns again for our tour of all things hot on the web! If you have seen something that deserves to be on this list, suggest a Hunk Guide link today!

Rodrigo Calazans for Butch Swimwear - Hunk du Jour

Gay Body Blog : Rodrigo Calazans kicking it on the beach... super hot, so we'll share the photos in this post too!

Funny or Die : An all-star cast of some of my favorite actors in the Funny or Die Prop 8 Musical. Seriously, my favorite people ever just became more-favorite.

Made in Brazil : About time, indeed... Edilson Nascimento makes the cover of Junior Magazine.

Superhero Fan : Quite a selection this time -- Zachary Qunito shirtless in Heroes (love him!), Anderson Cooper and Michael Phelps on 60 Minutes, and Kevin Pereira on Attack of the Show.

SquareHippies : Sexy ex-Desperate Housewives hunk Mechad Brooks... sweaty. (Uhh... Yum?)

OhLaLa Mag : Hugh Jackman dripping wet in Australia.

As with every week, there is entirely TOO MUCH good hunk watchin' to share with you... we had to break it up into two parts! Be sure to catch the rest of the good stuff after the jump... along with three more photos of Rodrigo... rawr!

Rodrigo Calazans from We Love Guys - Hunk du Jour

We Love Guys: We Love Rodrigo Calazans! (See photos in this entry!)

OhLaLaMag: Winter in the US means it's Summer in Australia! Check out the web series Surf Camp!

Chicago Pride: Hunk du Jour gets a semi-shoutout in their interview with Val Emmich.

Tottyland: Always good for a few random hotties.

Superhero Fan: The man behind the TV screencaps you see all over the web. Serving up Eli Stone, True Blood (click with caution - tush), Dexter, Sanctuary, and Smallville!

Towleroad: John Barrowman is a hot pillow biter. (Relax, we're just talking about his Out 100 portrait.)

Connex 24.7: Talks to Hunk du Jour favorite (and interviewee) Bryan Thomas.

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