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Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto - Hunk du Jour

Happy Friday, the weekend is basically here -- may as well just finish out your day liking everything on our Facebook page... what else are ya gonna do?

As far as todays photos, Pedro Pinto appears in this editorial -- which was an exclusive for MaleModelScene in 2013 from photographer Terrence Seah.

Thank you for supporting Hunk du Jour and checking out the site. I've been making and will continue to make some tweaks to the site -- latest has been to the category pages (like shirtless, or speedo, or that have many entries. On those pages you'll see thumbnails now so it'll be a lot easier to scan for fellas that you're interested in checking out. Sometime today you should also see some category shortcuts show up on the sidebar.

Pedro Pinto - Hunk du Jour

Pedro Pinto by Terrence Seah for M
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