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Neil Patrick Harris

Thanks to the incredibly warm and friendly folks in London, Amsterdam, and Olso your Hunkologists have returned to the states well-rested and recharged! We had a fantastic holiday and thoroughly enjoyed our time away. Our trip also gave us a bit of inspiration for future posts, so watch for some of those.

While we were away posted their annual Hot 100 list, which once again featured a fantastic assortment of men.

Neil Patrick Harris - Hunk du Jour

1 Neil Patrick Harris 51 Taye Diggs
2 John Barrowman 52 Christopher Meloni
3 Luke MacFarlane 53 Mitch Hewer
4 Jake Gyllenhaal 54 Jason Statham
5 Jensen Ackles 55 Jensen Atwood
6 Chris Evans 56 Christan Bale
7 Cheyenne Jackson 57 James McAvoy
8 Hugh Jackman 58 Jamie Bamber
9 Gale Harold 59 Gael Garcia Bernal
10 James Franco 60 Lee Pace
11 Zac Efron 61 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
12 Jared Padalecki 62 Nick Adams
13 Anderson Cooper 63 Matthew Fox
14 Gareth David-Lloyd 64 Ben Cohen
15 Matthew Mitcham 65 Ryan Gosling
16 Adam Lambert 66 Colin Farrell
17 Jo Weil 67 Mario Lopez
18 Brad Pitt 68 Eddie Cibrian
19 Thore Scholermann 69 Hayden Christensen
20 Van Hansis 70 Jeffrey Dean Morgan
21 Ryan Reynolds 71 Gerard Butler
22 Jake Silbermann 72 Clive Owen
23 Paul Rudd 73 George Clooney
24 David Beckham 74 Dave Annable
25 Chad Allen 75 Chris Pine
26 Chace Crawford 76 Eric Dane
27 James Marsden 77 Jude Law
28 Paul Walker 78 Orlando Bloom
29 Johnny Depp 79 Simon Baker
30 Channing Tatum 80 Ian Somerhalder
31 Milo Ventimiglia 81 Ben McKenzie
32 Daniel Craig 82 Dustin Lance Black
33 Randy Harrison 83 Jared Leto
34 Matthew Rhys 84 Matt Damon
35 Tom Welling 85 Nathan Fillion
36 Robert Gant 86 Patrick Wilson
37 David Tennant 87 Trevor Wright
38 Russell Tovey 88 Emile Hirsch
39 Barack Obama 89 Justin Hartley
40 Robert Pattinson 90 Ronnie Kroell
41 T. R. Knight 91 Ryan Philippe
42 Justin Timberlake 92 Brad Rowe
43 John Krasinski 93 Misha Collins
44 Johnathan Rhys-Myers 94 Zachary Quinto
45 Darryl Stephens 95 Ashton Kutcher
46 Daniel Leary 96 James Sutton
47 David Boreanaz 97 Jason Mraz
48 Ewan MacGregor 98 Kris Allen
49 Henry Cavill 99 Wilson Cruz
50 Wentworth Miller 100 Tahmoh Penikett

P.S. Lisa H, thank you for your e-mails over the years... I appreciate you writing but in the many times I've tried to reply, my replies bounce back as undeliverable. I just wanted to say thank-you for your e-mail.

Neil Patrick Harris - Hunk du Jour

Age: 35
Height: 6' 1"
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Neil Patrick Harris made his big debut with us in 1989 in Doogie Howser, M.D. He then took a 9 year break before returning to acting. His latest achievements include, How I met Your Mother (currently in its fourth season) and the widely popular internet sensation, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. He also has spent the last several years performing on Broadway, in hits such as Sweeney Todd, Proof, RENT, and Cabaret. He also recently had a spread in Out Magazine.

Neil will be coming to us "Live from New York" this week, as he hosts the first new episode of Saturday Night Live in 2009.

[ Sources: Superhero Fan and Gay TV Blog ]

For the final installment of Who We're Thankful For, I focus on some of the hunky actors that I have been particularly thankful for in 2006.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Hunk du Jour

Jake Gyllenhaal : While Brokeback Mountain first hit the states in late 2005, Jake has been enjoying a steady stream of press and attention. Latest rumors have him hanging out a lot with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey and possibly working on an Armstrong biopic. He also won an MTV Movie Award for best kiss in Brokeback Mountain.

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