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Neil Haskell

Wade Robson, famous choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance - Hunk du Jour

While watching one of the most awkward and uncomfortable episodes of American Idol ever, we were reminded that our favorite show is about to premiere again for the summer... So You Think You Can Dance! Everyone at Hunk du Jour HQ is a huge fan of the show -- and we even went to their live touring show after the series ran.

Wade Robson is one of our favorite choreographers on the show, and he always puts together really amazing pieces. He's also well-known for choreographing many pop acts such as N*Sync.

Last season featured an insanely talented (and incredibly hot) set of guys in the finals -- what will this year's season bring? We can't wait to find out.

In other news, did we hear Neil Haskell has joined the cast of Altar Boyz in New York? I can't think of a more sweet addition to an already sweet production.

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[ Wade Robson - Official Site ]

UPDATE 9:45AM: The wonderful folks at Altar Boyz sent over a photo of Neil from the production. He looks totally at home. Check out the photo after the jump!

Neil Haskell from So You Think You Can Dance - Hunk du Jour

My apologies for the lack of posts this week. I'm getting over a pretty nasty bug that I picked up over the weekend... I guess it's good I got those automatic Hunk of the Day posts going before I was down for the count!

It's time to feature So You Think You Can Dance cutie Neil Haskell. I was a big fan of the show over the summer and happily admit that I'm going to go see their live tour performance in Everett tonight. Neil was one of my favorites not just for his looks and his moves, but because he had this awesome personality that came across -- you could tell he was someone everyone liked to be around.

Check out this fan vid, plus a few more YouTube finds after the jump.

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