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Michal Nicolas

teamm8 models - Hunk du Jour

Summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere, but the Aussies have their eye on the summer heat already. Dance tune singer-songwriter Michal Nicolas (pictured, foreground) has launched a new line of underwear with a sexy, gritty campaign.

"Busy achievers with their eye on the ball, want easy, fashion options they can rely on to look good all day, everyday - no matter what life throws at them. My vision with teamm8 was to make designer undies accessible and versatile, so you can look great all the time, whether you're playing sports, at work, or on a date".

Also of note is that Michal is also launching a model search to find talent to appear in the brand's next advertising campaign. "I'm looking for regular, confident guys who not only look good, but also have a story to tell: guys who have ambition and a game plan in life and can act as inspiration to other young blokes by sharing their strategy and dreams for success", commented Michal. "Image and looking good is not just about the clothes you wear, it's also about the winner within."

...though we're sure looking good helps! If you think you've got what it takes, visit the teamm8 underwear website. More photos of their existing models after the jump!

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