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Michael DiMartino

Mister Chase (see our previous interview) is back and buff -- covering Rihanna's "Stay."

Chase - Hunk du Jour

Signing songs from Britney and Gaga, Chase originally caught our eye with his outstanding versions of music videos where he both dances and interprets the songs in sign langugage. Since then he was featured in last year's Broadway Bares show, and now he's getting his own music off the ground!

Chase will perform in Times Square this Sunday at 8:00PM, so get tickets and more information.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: Hey Chase, welcome back to Hunk du Jour! So I hear that you've been up to a lot since we last chatted, so it's time to settle in and get the scoop! The hunk-lovers out there probably remember you best as "that sign language music video guy!"

Chase: Thank you, Chris! Haha, that's true. It's become my middle name.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: And names are something that might be tough for people to keep track of for you as well... since your YouTube channel has since been through a few of them. Where can folks find your YouTube channel now?

Chase: Oh, man. You're telling me. To make it easiest, they can go to, there is a video section that holds all of them! It's even broken into segments, singing and signing.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist: Hehe - so whatever the channel name of the week is, we can find you there! From your YouTube roots you are starting to branch out in a few new directions too -- including a little project around this time last year called Broadway Bares?

Chase: Yeah, Broadway Bares was great. I was in a number called Football Fantasy. All the money goes to HIV/AIDS research. It was a lot of fun dancing with the guys, being on stage with them, and for such a good cause.

Chase - Hunk du Jour

The latest video from our friend Michael DiMartino is out, and this time he's taking on the Kelly Clarkson song Addicted. His videos are great, and you can see that a lot of work goes into creating them.

To learn more about this interesting man, check out our recent interview with him!

[ Michael DiMartino - Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Michael DiMartino - YouTube Channel ]

UPDATE: Fixed video with new location & new URL for Michael.

Michael DiMartino - Hunk du Jour

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: We're here with Michael DiMartino, from YouTube, who you've probably seen in that awesome Womanizer fan video where he signs the entire song... welcome, Michael!

Michael DiMartino: Thanks Chris!

UPDATED Video Address

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: You released another video last week too, correct?

Michael DiMartino: Yes, thats right. If You Seek Amy, by Britney Spears

Chris M, Hunk du Jour: Ahh, yes! So that's an interesting song in that if you hear someone SAYING "If You Seek Amy" it's quite a different effect than if you're just reading it on a page (or seeing it signed, I imagine.)

Michael DiMartino: Right. There is definitely the acronym for an obsenity that everyone has become aware of. When I first thought about doing the song I struggled with that.

As an interpreter I had to figure out how to put the MEANING of the song (the obscenity, the sexual undertone) without losing the gimmick of the song's phrase "If you Seek Amy." I decided to play with the idea of a girl named amy leaving me a note in bed, and chasing her throughout the video. And using a split screen to sign the two phrases "If You Seek Amy" and "F U * K Me"

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