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Max Wettstein

Max Wettstein for Undergear - Hunk du Jour

Undergear is getting into the entertainment business with some new offerings on their web site. One of their new efforts is A Model Life, where they aim to give you more information about some of their models.

This month's feature includes Max Wettstein, who has got some killer abs. (Seriously, someone could get hurt in there!)

What we don't learn from Undergear is that Max is a Captain for JetBlue Airways, and has been flying with them for five years. Prior to this he flew for the Navy for ten years based on the USS Abraham Lincoln and Carl Vinson. He has a BA in Mathematics, and was a pole vaulter and wrestler in college. He's been married for over 12 years to his college sweetheart, Donna, and they have a daughter named Bryce.

He writes for the interal JetBlue website about fitness, and has a book on fat loss in the works as well. (Plus he looks fantastic in these Unico trunks, yeah? There's a ton more photos of him at Max's web site and on Undergear.)

[ A Model Life - Undergear ]
[ Max Wettstein - Official Site ]

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