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Mark Munroe

Mark Munroe - Hunk du Jour

Mark Munroe spoke with us back in February and has graced our inbox again with some sexy new photos by Michael Ching.

We have two more photos after the jump, and don't forget to watch Mark's website to keep track of his progress in taking over the world.

[ Mark Munroe : Official Website ]
[ Michael Ching : Official Website ]

Black and white photo of Mark Munroe in a gray hoodie and jeans. - Hunk du Jour

Chris from Hunk du Jour: Who are some of your favourite designers to wear? What is it about their clothes that draw you to them?

Mark Munroe: On a personal note, Michael Vollbracht for Bill Blass, I had the chance to see his show and interview him last year in Miami, great guy, great clothes! Roberto Cavalli, Domenico Vacca are two of my favourites, their cloths are clean, classic and sexy as hell. There is a cashmere jacket that DV makes in light blue with yellow pin strips, just an amazing feel and look, Just got to love it!

HDJ: How would you describe your personal style?

MM: Classic, Clean and Comfortable. I like solid colours, blue, grey, black, brown. I like clothes that look sharp but aren't flashy, and the clothes have to be comfortable, you need to feel good in what you're wearing.

Male model Mark Munroe sitting on a counter in blue briefs with a white shirt unbuttoned to the navel - Hunk du Jour

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