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John Krasinski

John Krasinski is Adorkable - Hunk du Jour

What's up guys! I am very excited to be the a Guest Hunkologist to fill in during Chris' absence. As an enthusiast of all things adorkable, I always think the world could definitely use more of these rare type of hotties and my obvious choice would definitely be none other than John Krasinski. From "that guy" in The Office, John has made his mark in Hollywood in a very short time, with major roles along with existing A-listers (like resident hottie George Clooney.) He looks more like that cute funny guy next door you always had a crush on than a super celebrity, which is a huge part of his (dorky) charms.

John Krasinski is Adorkable - Hunk du Jour

Plenty more photos after the jump!

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[ Shirtless caps of John Krasinski from "Smiley Face" ]

Guest Hunkologist: SquareHippies is one of the best places to find screencaps of the hottest celebrity guys.

James Blunt - Hunk du Jour

I could be sappy and list 5 guys that I love and admire. Lets see there would be Chris, Manuel, Robert and..... wow I would need more than 5 to include all my boys! (Maybe if I just included Jeremy, Justin, and Matthew as one that would help.)

Considering that I have more than 5 real people in my life that I'm thankful for, I guess I should stick with 5 of my imaginary boyfriends that I am grateful for in 2006.

James Blunt : If I have to hear "You're Beautiful" one more time, I might have to jump off that cliff literally, but it doesn't change the fact that I love every single song on his CD. There is something magical about his voice and I find him incredibly sexy. Usually I only buy a song or two off of an album, but this year there were a few exceptions. James was one of them. For my birthday Chris got me tickets to his concert (which I ended up not being able to go to because I was out of town for work). Hopefully I will get to see him at some point in my life.

The other 4 can be found after the jump... Who are you thankful for?

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