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Jason Mraz

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful that you read and comment on the site, vote for the Hunk of the Day, and visit us on Facebook and MySpace... That's not all we're thankful for, though! We'll bring back a tradition of giving thanks for the hottest men of the year! Who would be on YOUR list??

When thinking of my top guys of 2008, I didn't have a hard time picking number one. I have fallen in love with the cast of skins. While I am sad that season 3 will be a completely new cast, I'm sure we will see more from season's 1 & 2 batch of actors. While Mitch Hewer defines hot for me, you can't help but fall in love with each and every one of them.

Number One : Cast of SKINS

Joe Dempsie, Mike Bailey, Mitch Hewer & Nicholas Hoult - Hunk du Jour

The Cast of Skins - Hunk du Jour

Mitch Hewer of Skins - Hunk du Jour

Jason Mraz in Bikini Briefs with a big freaking knife. - Hunk du Jour

On Jason Mraz's official MySpace blog he is sharing some of his travel tips to aid in any musician's crazy touring schedule. His latest tip? Bring a Big Fucking Knife!

...yes, it allows him to cook for himself in hotel rooms. (It also makes airport security very nervous.) But that chambermaid who disregards the "Do Not Disturb" sign? The sight of Jason answering the door in bikini briefs and wielding the "BFK" is enough to scare them off.

Somehow I have the feeling that seeing Jason Mraz in his underwear (and shirtless) might give me selective blindness about the knife.

As this year comes to a close, it is time to list those we are most thankful for. Besides our friends and family there are those couple of hunks that make you get excited everytime you see them. My top three... Milo Ventimiglia, Jason Mraz & Mika.

Milo - Hunk du Jour

Jason - Hunk du Jour

Mika - Hunk du Jour

[ UPDATE: SquareHippies just posted some nice shirtless photos of Mika. The first we've seen! ]

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is an eclectic singer/songwriter originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia. His music defies easy classification, living somewhere in the gray zone between pop, rock, folk, jazz, country, and rap. He's toured with Alanis Morissette and the Rolling Stones; he's played with Bob Dylan, Jewel, Paula Cole, and Dave Matthews Band. His boyish good looks and charm keep his fans spellbound, and his amazing voice and songwriting can be found filling many MP3 players around the country and world.

His latest album, Mr. A-Z, builds off his prior album Waiting for My Rocket to Come while acknowledging and telling the story of his rise from coffehouse performances to packed arenas and super-stardom. His first single from the album, Wordplay, tells of the pressures of the "sophomore slump" possibility and the insatiable appetite of consumers for new music from artists.

Jason is currently linked to fellow singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman, whom he met when she performed as an opener for one of his tours. However, Mraz has also joined the ranks of the "gay vague" and though has outright said he's not gay, he reportedly said while promoting Mr. A-Z:

I have a bisexually open mind, but I have never been in a sexual relationship with a man. If the right one came along, then sure.

I'm sure he's not at a loss for volunteers.

Jason Mraz's prior albums include Waiting for My Rocket to Come, and Tonight Not Again/Live at Eagles Ballroom.

Jason Mraz  Jason Mraz
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