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Ivri Lider

Via Joe. My. God. comes this Katie Perry cover by GLBT artist Ivri Lider (see our previous coverage of Ivri, including a great interview!)

[ Ivri Lider - Official Site ]
[ Ivri Lider - YouTube Channel ]

Ivri Lider in Concert - Hunk du Jour

I don't understand a lick of it, but I really dig the new single from Ivri Lider he announced on twitter moments ago. I had the great pleasure of doing an interview with Ivri Lider a few months ago -- it's great to hear what he's been so busy working on!

Give the track a listen, whether you understand Hebrew or not!

Ivri Lider, Musician - Hunk du Jour

Ivri Lider is a superstar in his native country Israel, but that could all change in 2008 as he launches both a new Hebrew and English album. The video for his English song Jesse has gotten a lot of airtime on LOGO TV here in the states, and Out Magazine recognized him as a member of the "Out 100" for 2007.

We got the chance to pop a few questions to Ivri, who just started working full time on the two albums while at the same time producing for fellow Israeli superstar Rita. He has some interesting things to say about his life and his work -- check out our entire interview after the jump!

Ivri Lider, Musician - Hunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour: In 2006 you toured in the United States for the first time -- what kind of reception did you get from US fans?

Ivri Lider: We had a great time touring the States last year. The fans were great, very supportive, and their energy was amazing. It was really a wonderful experience for my band and me. Traveling to a different city everyday isn't something you get to do in Israel because it's such a small country, so that was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

HdJ: Did you have a favorite stop on your tour? Somewhere that you are anxious to return to?

IL: Of course the show at the Avalon Club in New York City was really amazing for us because so many people came out to the event. But also I can remember the show Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Bling Pig Club with pictures of Nirvana on the wall in a dingy little rock club packed with a young, enthusiastic crowd. I'd actually really love to go back to both of those places sometime in the near future.

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