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Frank Fanucchi

Frank Fanucchi - Hunk du Jour

Frank's Stats

Age: 22
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Height/Weight: 5'10" / 145 lbs.
Relationship status: Engaged - Going on 2 years

Frank is an up & coming model that is trying to make his mark outside of the adult film industry. Having stared in over 20 films, he was ready to move on with his life. We ran across him began to wonder what kind of person would a young ex-porn star turn out to be? What we discovered is that not only is he absolutely the most adorable thing that we have ever seen, but he is concerned about the environment, politics, his love for his fiancé. I personally adore him and I have never seen one of his films. I do hope that I see more of him (with his clothes on!) He took some time out for us just so you could get to know him.

You have recently left the adult film industry. Overall what was your impression of the industry?
It was a good time, I got to meet a lot of cool people. Some of you may not know that I did more than just model/act in the adult industry, I also cast models and helped in the production and editing of some of the films I was in. Overall it was a great experience, mostly because I never would have met my fiance had I not done it.

What was it like to watch yourself?
I CANNOT watch myself ever! I'm way to critical of myself to do that. It's just akward.

What was the biggest reason that you wanted to leave the industry?
To settle down with my boy. We'd worked together in the industry since we both started. But once we'd officially become a couple it got harder to separate our job from our personal life. Working with other models was not for us anymore, we were to serious with each other to continue having sex with other men.

What are you doing now? Modeling or moving on to something completly different?
Still modeling, just not adult content. Also, going back to college - however, I'm still not sure what to major in.

What magazines, ads or modeling have you done besides adult oriented material?
I was recently printed in SX National magazine out of Austrailia. I'm trying to put together my portfolio right now so I've been working with several photographers on a regular basis to get it more presentable.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In San Francisco, probably still modeling (not adult, I do mainstream as well), and hopefully having my own clothing store with Kyle (my fiance). We would carry several lines as well as my own - called Nakkid - I currently like to make my own clothes, mostly punk inspired t-shirts - my style is a mix between tyler durden (brad pitt's character in "fight club") and the Ramones. Some of my influences are Heatherette, Energie, & Dolce.

Regarding Kyle
We really want to get married, but we don't want to have to move out of california to do it, so we're just waiting for it to be legal here. We are totally in love!

It's Satuday night what are you normally doing?
When I'm not bartending, I usually like to go visit some of my friends in the city, it's like a couples thing, we'll go out to dinner, go to bars, or sometimes just stay in and play drunken board games - it's good times.

Of those that are thinking about running for President who are you voting for at this point?
Hillary all the way! I know it'll probably never happen in my lifetime that a woman will be elected president, but I can still hope.

You hate mac & cheese and cotton balls....those are two pretty random things to be on someones hate list...what gives?
Well, when I was little I used to love mac & cheese, you know the kraft kind - but I had it entirely too much, so now I can't even look at the stuff, I'm the same way with hot dogs and chocolate milk, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME! They make me wanna hurl. ..and as for cotton balls, I can do swabs, but those round cotton balls are aweful, I can't stand the feel of them, touch them just right and I get a chill all over my body - it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Can't stand it!

In order to save Parker Posey (Yes we love her too)! You have to star in one more adult film. You have to have one of the following as your co-star....who do you pick to save Parker?
George W, Mr. Cheney or Condeleza? - Oh, fuck no! .... Well, if it's for Parker... I guess I would have to go with Condeleza because she seems like the lesser of this pyramid of evils, at least she tells it like it is. But it makes me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it...ewww.

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