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Eric Schwartz

aka Smooth-E - Hunk du Jour

Months ago I was traveling and saw Eric's standup on tv. Besides being so funny that I almost couldn't stop laughing, he is also pretty damn cute. You can see some of his videos and standup on his MySpace and at

I love it when he takes off his glasses for the "Wimp/Pimp" routine. His grinding also is worth taking a look at! Both can be seen if you watch his comedy demo from

Here is the low down on Smooth-E!

Eric’s Stats

Place of Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Funny as hell

I always thought most Jewish mothers wanted their sons to be doctors or lawyers what does your family think about your chosen profession?
My family loves it. I spent my Bar Mitzvah money on turntables and haven't looked back since. If I were a doctor, I don't think my patients would be happy if I showed them my SexyCrack.

Have they seen SexyCrack yet?
Yes, my parents have seen all my videos, including "SexyCrack." My mom was more upset about me breaking the law shooting in the park than about me showing the ass cleavage.

Did you realize when you put the Pringles in your ass crack that you might very well become a gay icon? I mean we don't care if you are straight! Combine salty food and ass crack!
Just to clarify, they were LAYS. That's just one "G" away.

Since I'm not gay, I never knew salty food and ass crack go together. You dudes probably take some interesting tequila shots.

Were you funny as a child or did that come about after years of drug abuse?

I've actually never tried any drugs. I don't know how I got this way. Maybe my mom dropped me on my head while it was still malleable.

As a kid, I'd put on shows for my parents. Kids on the net think they're the ones who invented lip synchs and funny viral videos. I will eventually release some from when I was a kid that will blow them all away. How about a lip synch of "Parents Just Don't Understand" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince starring my mom and little sister?

Was "Smooth-E" developed because you kept getting confused by the American Folk singer famous for the song "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis"?
No, "Smooth-E" was not developed for that reason, although I'm glad I have it now for clarification.

I'm Smooth-E because the ladies (and apparently some men) want to take a sip. Well, surrender to the blender, cuz I'm the Jamba Jew.

Regarding the other Eric Schwartz, people always confuse us because we both do funny songs. We've actually met before and talked about doing a song together.

Does it bother you Wikipedia has more information on that Eric Schwartz and the Eric Schwartz cartoonist than it does on you? (There is only a small reference of you regarding your work with Jib Jab.
That is Wiki-Wiki whack! Someone's gotta get speedier at the 'pedia.

What are your plans for this year? Touring? Anything exciting?
Yes, I am always touring and doing shows, but I am this year is about building my fan base online. That means VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS. I'm glad people are finally catching on because I feel like I have a big audience now. When over a million people watch your video in less than a week, that's like being on TV!

I voice an animal show for kids ("Animal Atlas") and a character named DJ on the Wayan's Bros. Nickelodeon cartoon, "Thugaboo."

I also produce the beats to my songs and record myself, so I always keep busy!

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