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Eric Dane

Eric Dane - Hunk du Jour

In an interview with, McSteamy Eric Dane says he wishes he could destroy any photo where he's shirtles...

...I know!

We picked up our jaw and promptly watched that episode of Grey's Anatomy again (yeah -- it's still on our TiVo.)

Eric Dane races down the street in suit and tie. - Hunk du Jour

Eric Dane... this stupendously good-looking man plays Dr. Mark Sloan aka McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy. Previously he was Phoebe's boyfriend on Charmed which is a show that I never watched because even I have a cheeze limit. Actress Rebecca Gayheart is the lucky woman that's married to him, which just goes to show that you can run over a little kid and still land a hot husband. Prior to Rebecca, Eric dated Lara Flynn Boyle, so Rebecca is definitely a step up.

Eric sports a beard on Grey's, but in most of his roles, including 2006's X-Men:Last Stand where Dane played Multiple Man, he's clean-shaven. I dig facial hair so I actually prefer the scruff. You?

[ Ed: We're cutting out a little this week -- "offline" life has been very full and we need a breather. See you back here Monday! ]

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