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Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian as a PE teacher on Ugly Betty - Hunk du Jour

If I had a gym teacher this sexy, I'd probably be flunking out too. Eddie Cibrian joined the cast of Ugly Betty as the gym teacher of Betty's not-quite-straight nephew, Justin.

Eddie had been tapped for the US version of Footballer's Wives -- which has yet to be picked up by a network. Keep those fingers crossed, though, as it the series is still reportedly in play.

Eddie Cibrian as a PE teacher on Ugly Betty - Hunk du Jour

Eddie Cibrian, wrapped in a towel while shirtless. - Hunk du Jour

Ugly Betty returns to TV this month, and it's been announced that sexy Eddie Cibrian will be guest starring! Eddie is a favorite at Hunk du Jour HQ, so you know we'll be tuning in!

Check out another photo and a fan video tribute after the jump!

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