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David Niven

The movies have always benefitted from the "British Invasion" and this was particularly true of the hunks that immigrated to Hollywood during the Golden Age. Ray Milland and David Niven, two of the most successful of these actors, gave up their theatrical careers in London and headed west, eventually wooing the most gorgeous leading ladies on the screen and each landing an Oscar to boot. Milland and Niven were typed by the studios early on as "ladies men", cornering the market on playing sophisticated cads and gentlemanly lovers. Always polite, eager to please and not averse to playing low comedy if the stakes were high enough, both men and women were attracted to their smooth and confident authority as well as their devilish sense of humor. They were the type of men I always related to. They may not have been the obvious, American, masculine, stereotypical heroes of the period, but they had all the great lines and all the smarts. They were the brunt of cruel jokes by their more masculine counterparts, but more often than not, they ended up with the girl. They weren't exactly effeminate, but obviously were in touch with and not intimidated by that side of their nature. Although not possessed of the manic, comedic genius of Cary Grant, they paved the way for such later "suave hotties" as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and more recently, Colin Firth. I loved 'em!

Ray Milland with Rita Johnson and Mauroeen O'Sullivan - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Ray Milland with Rita Johnson and Mauroeen O'Sullivan

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