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Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson - Hunk du Jour Caught these three photos from OUT Magazine of the one-and-only Cheyenne Jackson, who continues to enjoy ongoing success. He will be appearing in this Thursday's LIVE episode of 30 Rock, which I am incredibly excited about. The cast will perform the episode twice, too -- so that the West Coast doesn't get the usual "live broadcast" shafting we usually do. (Watch the web on Friday for side-by-side comparison videos on YouTube, naturally.)

Cheyenne Jackson, now starring in Finians Rainbow - Hunk du Jour

Cheyenne Jackson is back on the Broadway stage again, this time starring in Finian's Rainbow at the St. James Theatre. In an interview with OUT's Michael Musto Cheyenne tells us that one part of his agreement to do Finian's Rainbow was the flexibility to take time for other projects as well. This is why he will also be appearing on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

Fans of Cheyenne and Fox's mega-hit show Glee probably share in the disappointment that he was unable to film his much-anticipated episode of the series. Cheyenne reports of the experience on his web site, saying "I was cast in an episode of GLEE in a part thought of specifically for me, and was thrilled. They flew me out to LA to film, and...I got the flu, had a fever of 103, and couldn't shoot." They quickly recast, but Cheyenne hopes to be back for another chance with Glee.

If that isn't enough excitement and activity for you, Cheyenne releases his CD with Michael Feinstein tomorrow! Their jazzy CD, The Power of Two has been available for pre-order on and will release on the iTunes Music Store tomorrow.

[ Cheyenne Jackson - Official Site ]
[ Finian's Rainbow - Official Site ]

Cheyenne Jackson - Hunk du Jour

Cheyenne Jackson is a force to be reckoned with in New York, and tickets to his latest project (a politically-laced two man show alongside Michael Feinstein called The Power of Two) are a hot item right now. However, Cheyenne isn't quite keeping himself chained to the theater -- he's made guest appearances on Ugly Betty, The Mentalist, Lipstick Jungle, and Life on Mars.

What I'm really excited about, though, is his upcoming guest appearance on episode three of Glee! (I'm a little in love with that show.)

The Power of Two was just extended through June 27th. See performance and ticket information.

Cheyenne Jackson - Hunk du Jour

Xanadu, too gay? No way! That aside, watch this video for a funny take on life backstage at a broadway show with Cheyenne Jackson and the Xanadu cast. I've worked backstage in theater before (with Cheyenne!) -- while it isn't quite like THIS, you are spending the evening working with people in all states of undress backstage.

...why did I quit, again?

[ Cheyenne Jackson and Xanadu Boys Get Naked for Nathan Lane - Towleroad ]

Hunk du Jour favorite Cheyenne Jackson was interviewed by Two Gay Guys -- Michael and Brent from about working on Xanadu: The Musical.

Cheyenne Jackson from Xanadu, photographed by Len Lewis - Hunk du Jour

After what could have only been a tumultuous period of tech and previews, the broadway version of Xanadu opens tonight with bona fide hunk (and sweetheart) Cheyenne Jackson taking on the role of Sonny. While Cheyenne played the role opposite Jane Krakowski during the workshop process of the show, he's returned to the production since James Carpinello was injured and unable to perform.

Break a leg tonight, Cheyenne... just not literally.

Cheyenne Jackson, photographed by Ben Strohman - Hunk du Jour

UPDATE: I meant to provide some links to the other coverage and interviews Cheyenne has done regarding Xanadu and being an actor and such... check these out!

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  • Freshpair National Underwear Day - Hunk du Jour

    WhipFlash - Hunk du Jour

    photo by WhipFlash

    Happy National Underwear Day, folks! Here's a small sample of some photos hanging around on my hard drive to celebrate the occasion! Plenty more after the jump!

    Broadway hunk Cheyenne Jackson hits the silver screen this weekend in the emotional and controversial film United 93. See him in the film, or catch him doing publicity in the next week or two -- including on Larry King Live last night.

    Cheyenne Jackson Official Site
    United 93 Official Movie Site
    Cheyenne Jackson: Broadway Leading Man [hunkdujour]

    Photo Credit Upper:Leonard Lewis, Lower: Ben Strohman

    Broadway Leading Men

    Cheyenne JacksonIn a series about Broadway's Leading Men we'll kick things off with the wonderful Cheyenne Jackson. Cheyenne is originally from Newport, WA and was a fixture at Village Theatre (where I worked as a stagehand and stage manager at the time.)

    Cheyenne has such sparkle and charisma that even then we knew he wasn't going to be hanging around Seattle theater for long. Sure enough, he moved to New York and it seems like it was no time at all before we heard about him understudying in Aida and then getting a lead in All Shook Up.

    What's interesting is that in an interview with, Cheyenne notes how he'd much rather play someone other than the heartthrob or leading man role.

    I'm not really a leading man type; I'm quirky. It's fun to slap the audience, and give them something other than what they were expecting.

    I'm convinced that whatever he puts his mind to will happen. He's also done a lot of good with his newfound star power -- including appearing in charity events like the drool-inducing Broadway Bares events. Above all, I'll remember Cheyenne being as a total sweetheart. (Love you, Cheyenne! Take care!)

    More photos after the jump. || check out

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