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Bret Harrison

Bret Harrison, from REAPER - Hunk du Jour

Back in September we talked about Bret Harrison, he's starring in Reaper -- where he plays a guy whose soul has been sold to the devil and is now forced to act as his bounty hunter... capturing escaped souls and sending them back to hell. He's helped by his two knuckle-head friends who work at a local "big box" store with him.

When Bret was on The Loop he managed to get shirtless in a lot of the episodes... we notice such things. :) I'm happy to report that the happy trend continues, and there has yet to be an episode of Reaper where Bret keeps his shirt on the whole time.

Whether his shirt is on or off, he's totally adorable and one of our favorite men on TV right now.

Check out superherofan's gallery for screencaps, and a few more pictures of Bret after the jump!

Bret Harrison - Hunk du Jour

Tonight CW will put one of my favorite actors back on television. Bret Harrison returns in Reaper!! ...I could not be more excited! Fox decided to revamp and then destroy The Loop, but Bret Harrison didn't stay out of work for too long. Bret stars as Sam, the under-achieving son to parents that sold his soul to the devil before he was ever born. On his 21st birthday, he finds out that he is now enslaved to be a bounty hunter for the devil for eternity.

On The Loop, they made good use of Bret by having him appear shirtless in almost every episode. We can only hope that Reaper follows suit.

Be sure to check out Reaper tonight and every Tuesday at 9/8 central on the CW.

James Blunt - Hunk du Jour

I could be sappy and list 5 guys that I love and admire. Lets see there would be Chris, Manuel, Robert and..... wow I would need more than 5 to include all my boys! (Maybe if I just included Jeremy, Justin, and Matthew as one that would help.)

Considering that I have more than 5 real people in my life that I'm thankful for, I guess I should stick with 5 of my imaginary boyfriends that I am grateful for in 2006.

James Blunt : If I have to hear "You're Beautiful" one more time, I might have to jump off that cliff literally, but it doesn't change the fact that I love every single song on his CD. There is something magical about his voice and I find him incredibly sexy. Usually I only buy a song or two off of an album, but this year there were a few exceptions. James was one of them. For my birthday Chris got me tickets to his concert (which I ended up not being able to go to because I was out of town for work). Hopefully I will get to see him at some point in my life.

The other 4 can be found after the jump... Who are you thankful for?

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