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Brandon Beemer

Brandon Beemer plays Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives. - Hunk du Jour

Brandom Beemer couldn't quite cut it... but we're down to five worthy competitors and four weeks of competition in Adonis 2007 over at Shrine to the Soap Hunks. Get out there and vote for your favorite!

Adonis 2007 - Week 13 - Hunk du Jour

2007 Adonis Finalists - Hunk du Jour

On this first day of Summer, Adonis 2007 kicks into high gear and begins their round of finals. The playing field is now full of twelve delicious soap stars, and each week one more will be eliminated.

This week the final four "wildcard" picks were announced. Go check them out after the jump, then check out and vote for your favorite finalists at Shrine to the Soap Hunks!

Brandon Beemer plays Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives. - Hunk du Jour

Shawn-Douglas Brady. For years he's been one of my least favorite characters on Days of Our Lives. For most of Shawn's young-adult life he was played by actor Jason Cook. Jason left back in the fall of 2006 and was replaced by Brandon Beemer. A stunner who has the angular look of Kristian Alfonso who plays his mom and the faux-intensity of Peter Reckell who plays his dad.

Brandon has really blossomed into the role of Shawn nicely. I really didn't care for him at first; neither his acting nor his looks really did anything for me. But for weeks now, Brandon's been growing on me. He has AMAZING eyes, and his physique is easy on mine.

According to a recent Perez Hilton rumor, he's gay and dating Lance Bass. Eh, they have been friends for years - I don't think there's anything more to it than that. (But if there is, you go Lance!)

Brandon Beemer shirtless from Days of our Lives - Hunk du Jour

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