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Blake Lewis

 - Hunk du Jour

While I usually skip the American Idol results shows, tonight I'll be watching as sexy Seattle native Blake Lewis premieres his new single, "How Many Words." Blake was runner-up to Season Six winner Jordin Sparks.

Five more photos after the jump!

UPDATE: Check out screencaps from last night's episode at Men on TV. (They also have great screencaps from Torchwood episodes.)

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We love the new Blake Lewis song... the video's alright. You'll probably remember Blake as the beat-boxing contestant on last season's American Idol competition.

UPDATE: They removed the video from DailyMotion -- but you can check out the official (and non-embed-able) YouTube video at

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Blake Lewis - Hunk du Jour

My sister called me from Westlake Park in Seattle today, just outside her office. Blake Lewis performed a mini-concert there during the lunch hour and reportedly gave the crowd a good show.

I also read on The Stranger's SLOG that today is being declared Blake Lewis Day in Seattle. Strangely forboding that yesterday y'all voted him the Hunk of the Day for today... I'd like to delude myself into thinking we had something to do with it.

[Note: My moratorium on "Blake is gay!" vs. "Blake is straight!" comments is still in effect. Ya mention his sexuality and I delete your comment. Feel free to hate me, but that tired argument isn't entertaining to read anymore.]

Blake Lewis, American Idol finalist - Hunk du Jour

One of the few guys on American Idol we can stand listening to is Blake Lewis -- this hot Washington native (go home team!) has made it into the Top 12 finals. He's known for his eclectic song choices and beat-boxing backups during Hollywood week and beyond.

Good luck in the finals, Blake -- Washington State is rooting for you!

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