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Ben Godfre

Benjamin Godfre - Hunk du Jour

Benjamin Godfre
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I'm hiding out down in Palm Springs, CA this weekend with some of my friends from up in Seattle. It has meant a delightful mix of sunshine, great food, and relaxation (with the occasional Palm Springs Pride festivity - like the block party last night!)

Also in town in Benjamin Godfre, first seen on Hunk du Jour about four years ago. If you are a Benjaminion (like me), make sure you get down to see him at the Frontiers Magazine booth at Palm Springs Pride today.

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Benjamin Godfre - Hunk du Jour

Benjamin Godfre popped up on this site about four years (and four thousand entries) ago, modeling for Timoteo underwear and looking all sexy as hell.

Enter 2012, and Ben is not just "the Timoteo guy" anymore... he has a rabid online following of "Benjaminions" feverishly watching his blog, tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages. He's got more of a skateboarder "fuck you, world" edge these days, too... stretching or redefining labels, he's expanding his empire with a subscription site (an inner sanctum of exclusive and personal content) and even teaming up with an adult film company for a couple scenes.

Almost like he's saying "Yeah, I got approached by a porn company... and I'm gonna do it. Fuck you, world!"

And it works for him.

The attitude, the skateboarding, the free-flowing nudity, the bad-boy next door image, and the brief peeks of a softer side... it makes perfect sense in my understanding of Ben. Watch interviews with him (I love the bathtub interview he did with Accidental Bear) and I think you'll get it too.

So Ben... keep kicking ass and taking names. You're Hunk du Jour approved, and we salute you.

Benjamin Godfre - Hunk du Jour

Ben Godfre for Timoteo - Hunk du Jour

Ease out of those work clothes and into your holiday weekend. Ben Godfre is here to show you how it's done.

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