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Ben Curtis

Actor Ben Curtis - Hunk du Jour

Anyone that knows me is aware of my big ol' crush on Ben Curtis. I recently tracked him down on MySpace and asked him if he would answer a few questions. You may remember Ben from the "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" commercials a few year backs. Look for Ben appearing again soon in commercials for Sobe drinks.

How many people still recognize you from your Dell ads?
These days? About 1/4 of the people I see on the street recognize me, but I can see in their eyes that they don't know from where. Every now and then (once or twice a week), someone recognizes me, they know exactly where from and they shout it to the world....I guess I still get 'em excited :-))

Do you want to punch people in the face when they come up to you and say "Dude your getting a Dell"?
These days, absolutely not. I believe in peace. If someone yells that at me, I'm flattered. I might think to myself, "Well that guy was obnoxious, but maybe I made his day.." Most people only say it when they're really excited or star struck. People definitely love to say it themselves.

Do you still get asked to say "Dude your getting a Dell?"
I definitely get asked to say it all the time. However, I politely remind them that I was paid to say that for many years, but they're welcome to say it themselves!

What kind of computer do you use now?
A Dell laptop, but I wish I owed an Apple.... My Dell has seen its last days long ago. It doesn't work half the time! You think they'd give me a new one!

What was it like going to an all boys school growing up? I have had fantasies about that, but I'm assuming it was quite different for a straight guy!
Oh yes! It was a great atmosphere for bonding and studying (without the ladies around to distract us). My teachers were amazing, the school was a lot of fun. However, hazing and homophobia were a huge problem. Plus, I was friends with the only openly gay guy at school, so I , of course, was automatically branded as gay. I would love to go back now and see all the people that finally came out!

You were in John Fisher's comedy Joy, (you played a gay character) and your dad is openly gay - What was that experience like?
To be exact, my character (Christian) was 'pansexual' and then became fully gay by the end. It was actually very humbling and liberating. Too many guys are worried about 'how they come off' sexually. I just hope that I can be an example that straight men can dance, be sexy, effiminate, and open to the beauty of everyone. Also I kinda felt like I was representing my dad. That was nice.

Be sure to visit Ben's website and listen to some of the bands that he has been involved with. Thanks to Ben for taking time for us and we look forward to seeing you around!

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