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Alex Prinz

Undergear Calendar Shoot: Behind the Scenes - Hunk du Jour

Released just after our calendar round-up post, Calendar Men : Ten Stunning Calendars for 2010, we've been sent these gems. From the looks of these behind-the-scenes photos of the 2010 Undergear Calendar shoot, it looks like they had an excellent chance of making our list.

Amongst the models in the calendar is a Hunk du Jour favorite, Alex Prinz (previous coverage), who also got a chance to roam the streets of New York on Halloween last year as one of Undergear's dark angels. Also appearing are James Gardino, Paul Maroon, Oraine Barrett (previous coverage), Ryan Friend, and Carlo Romero.

The 2010 Undergear Calendar is available as a gift with qualifying Undergear purchases, or for you thrifty types they'll be releasing a page of the calendar each month as a virtual calendar.

But wait... we're giving away five Undergear Calendars, signed by James Gardino & Paul Maroon!
Become a Fan of Hunk du Jour on Facebook and leave a post on our wall saying how much you love the site. I'll pick five of the great responses to get the signed copies. Post your response on our wall by 6:00AM Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 to be considered.

[ Undergear - Official Site ]
[ Undergear Virtual Calendar ]

Alex Prinz as photographed by Dean Stockings - Hunk du Jour

It's a Hunk du Jour dream team on the cover of DNA this month... one of our favorites Alex Prinz appears in a spread by another fave, Dean Stockings! The boys sent me these thoughts about the experience, enjoy!

Dean Stockings: Alex Prinz and I had been aware of each others work from various publications and websites and contacted each other to see how we could work together on a project. Alex had limited time, and I was in the process of renovating a flat, so it was going to be difficult to fit a test shoot in. I then had the idea of actually combining the renovation with the shoot, and working with the mess that was around me at the time, rather than trying to disguise it! Alex had done a bit of decorating himself in the past, so I persuaded him it would be a good idea to give me a hand and do a shoot at the same time. I promised him a few beers and some decent shots in return and so we set a date later the following week.

As you can see, it was a very worthwhile project, and every shot was worthy of going to print. Once the beer started to take effect, Alex peeled off the decorating gear, and it soon turned into a really hot shoot. Once we had sent the images out to try and place them, we realised we were onto something good and had the pick of several magazines who wanted to publish them, but eventually placed them with DNA magazine, and you can see more of the set in issue 111, out now.

Alex Prinz: This was actually my first ever shoot with Dean, and one of my first ever to start my modelling career. Originally it was a test, but we quickly realised that we clicked, and were going to produce some great stuff. We shot it in the summer of 2008 in Dean's house on the south coast of England. First thing with Dean, get the kettle on, shortly followed by music, a brief of what we are trying to create, and then we get down to work. Its really that easy, and it works. Two sessions, two covers (DNA & reFRESH)- I say no more, the man is talented behind the lenses! Dean was renovating at the time of this shoot, so I thought I'd give him a hand, and that became the story of the pictures.

Dean promises that once their hectic schedules clear up a bit, you can expect to see more from this dynamic duo! I know we can't wait!

Check out our previous coverage of Alex Prinz and Dean Stockings for even more!

[ Dean Stockings - Official Site ]
[ Alex Prinz - MySpace ]
[ DNA Magazine ]

Alex Prinz - Hunk du Jour

Straight from the UK, enjoy these two photos of Alex Prinz shot by the fantastic Zach Burns. Zach put down his camera and joined Alex in a runway show recently for designer Nico Diodonna.

Check out their runway videos from the show after the jump!

Alex Prinz - Hunk du Jour

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[ More photos from photographer Zach Burns ]

Alexander Alex Prinz, photographed by Zach Burns - Hunk du Jour

Zach Burns has been a busy man, and we were delighted to see these new photos he just sent over of reFRESH cover model Alex Prinz.

While Zach is still modeling (he just appeared in a 6-page fashion spread for SuperSuper #13), these fantastic shots of Alex show that he is really honing his photography chops.

Check out some of Zach Burns the model on Hunk du Jour, and more of his great photography on his blog.

[ Z.Burns Photography ]
[ Alex Prinz - Model Mayhem ]
[ More Zach Burns and Alex Prinz on Hunk du Jour ]

Alex Prinz, reFRESH Magazine 52 - Hunk du Jour

Meet Alex Prinz, covermodel for reFRESH Magazine #52. The folks at reFRESH sent over this exclusive photo -- definitely a hunk!

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