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Adam Stansbury

UK Model Adam Stansbury - Hunk du Jour

I think this UK model even has a sexy name to go with his looks. While I haven't spoken to him, I bet he even sounds hot. After exchanging a few emails with Adam, I have decided that he is one of my current favorites. He seems like such a nice guy, well put together and has a great attitude on life. He was even kind enough to answer some of my silly little questions. Thanks Adam!

How old were you when you first started to model and did you pursue it or were you pursued?
I started quite late at 25, my best friend was in the industry years ago and kept pushing me to do it.

Are most of your friends in the industry or do you try to keep work/social life apart?
The majority of my friends are in the industry but thats like any other job, you tend to spend alot of your time socialising with people you work with. I do like to keep my social life seperate at times though, its alot healthier and needed for your sanity!

You live in London, but you have been all over the world. Where have you not been, but want to visit? What is your favorite place in the world?
I haven't been to Rio, i'd love to go there for the carnival I imagine its incredible, there are too many places i'd like to visit to mention here but I'd like to visit more of Europe and New Zealand which i missed out when i went travelling. I loved Sydney to me it was the complete place to live but i also loved the islands in Thailand its too hard to choose one.

What have you appeared in that included your personal favorite pictures?
My favourite picture was a cover shot for a mens fitness magazine "Healthy for Men", I was in the best shape i'd been in and it was shot a month before I went in for an emergency operation on my stomach, it was also the last time i did a body shoot and is my motivation to get my body back into shape after my operations.

Any desire to act or are you pretty satisfied with modeling?
Acting is never something that has interested me and i dont see it as an area i'm that interested in pursuing but never say never!

Besides modeling you are also a web developer. If you only could work at one of the two which would you choose?
Thats a hard question...because modelling affords me the spare time in my life to pursue other things and the lifestyle etc but the web design keeps my mind stimualted, it is my release for my creative side and is alot more satisfying than the modelling as far as the work goes, i guess i'd choose the web design, cos once the wrinkles set in , the brain just keeps going!

Does beeing oogled by a bunch of gay guys make a straight guy like yourself uncomfortable?
No not at all, it just means they've got great taste ! ha ha

What is your dating life like? Do you even have time for it?
Yeah there is always time for that , but right now i'm focussing on getting myself better after my operations and on my modelling and design but like i said never say never, it always comes along when u least expect it.

You have had a couple of surgeries with one more to go. What has been the worst and best part of what you have gone through?
The worst part was losing my apetite and alot of weight in hospital, also the little things like taking your top off in the summer, thats why i'm looking forward to this summer so much. The best things have been it has taught me alot about myself, my inner mental strength, who and what is really important in life, it has also made a couple of bonds in my family alot stronger, there have definately been alot of positives to come out of it, but i always look for the positive in every situation, that stops you from going under.

In order to survive you have to become a kept man by one of the following. Who do you become houseboy for? Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep or Paul Ruebens
I think i'd have to choose Helen Mirren she used to be quite a fox i believe.

For more of Adam be sure to check out his webpage and MySpace profile!

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