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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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Garrett Rau - Hunk du Jour

Garrett Rau by Fred Goudon
Enlarge Photo

Wow, are you in for a treat! I always love getting e-mails from photographer Fred Goudon... he's such a nice, talented guy, with an eye for male model perfection!

Today we get to celebrate one of his shots as our Hunk of the Day Garrett Rau was photographed by him! Check out a ton more from this set (as well as another set from Marc Richards) after the jump!

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Richie Kul - Hunk du Jour

Check out your Hunk of the Day, Richie Kul, photographed above by David Vance. Photos are great, but don't miss the video interview after the jump to get some extra insights from this sexy fella!

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David Karamanis - Hunk du Jour

David Karamanis by Chris Bold
Enlarge Photo

Happy Thursday! Aussie model David Karamanis has taken the Hunk of the Day crown today, in a well-deserved win. There are even more photos of him after the jump today, so don't miss out on seeing even more of this sexy fella!

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YouTube star Davey Wavey is hopefully starting a new challenge on the video sharing site... The Speedo Challenge! I'm not sure if other vloggers are as well equipped to participate, but one can hope - right?

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Kevin D. Hoover
Enlarge Photo

Happy Hump Day, Hunk Lovers! Here's a hump day quickie for you, perennial fan favorite Jack Mackenroth in these exclusive pics just for your discerning eyes!

Jack gave us a little insight on the shoot:

[Kevin and I had] been talking about shooting for a while now but our schedules never seemed to synchronize. I've been a fan of Kevin's work for a long time. The shoot was initially for a Brazilian magazine called GLAD but something got lost in translation during their communication regarding art direction and they thought the photos were "too provocative" and they only ended up using one image. We put a lot of time and effort into the shoot so we sent them to you so they could see the light of day.

Their loss is our gain! Thanks, Jack! Tweet him your appreciation to @JackMackenroth (and while you're at it - follow us @HunkDuJour!)

 - Hunk du Jour

from Stars in Danger: The High Dive by Eric Liebowitz/FOX - ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.
Enlarge Photo

Stars in Danger: The High Dive, a two-hour special on FOX that challenges celebrities to face their fears and take the plunge into the world of diving. (See what I did there?)

Aside from the chance to see some of your favorite celebrities in swimwear (including Stephen "Twitch" Boss, David Chokachi, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Terrell Owens) - you can see some of the effort and struggles faced while tackling an incredibly difficult sport.

I'm happy to welcome back Karl Walden to Hunk du Jour, who was nice enough to answer a few questions about the show and how the rigerous training went for the stars!

Watch Stars in Danger: The High Dive tonight at 8:00PM on FOX!

How did you get involved with Stars In Danger: The High Dive?

I heard about the show through my friend who saw a breakdown online for divers and or diving coaches. I submitted my headshot, my team picture from the university of tennessee, and some videos of me diving for the show - hoping to get an interview. I quickly got a call to schedule an on-camera interview. I kept getting calls from the production company saying I made it through to another round, and then the final call telling me that I'd booked it! I was REALLY excited!

 - Hunk du Jour

from Stars in Danger: The High Dive by Eric Liebowitz/FOX - ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.
Enlarge Photo

Gilles Marini - Hunk du Jour

Gilles Marini by Fred Goudon
Enlarge Photo

Two Hunk du Jour favorites bring you a Christmas treat... Gilles Marini in this incredibly sexy pic from the archives of our friend Fred Goudon!

Is there any better way to celebrate the holidays??

Frank C - Hunk du Jour

It is a season of reconnecting with old friends and colleagues this summer... and next on the list is Sonny Tong. He's a crazy talented photographer, lands some epic and amazing gigs with noteworthy folks, and may even be old enough to buy alcohol by now. (If not, I'll hook you up when we finally meet up, Sonny.)

He shared images from one of his latest projects -- Frank C from Chosen Models. Frank's torso has a gravitational force that resists all efforts to conceal it! And that's good news for us.

Frank C - Hunk du Jour

Benjamin Godfre - Hunk du Jour

Benjamin Godfre popped up on this site about four years (and four thousand entries) ago, modeling for Timoteo underwear and looking all sexy as hell.

Enter 2012, and Ben is not just "the Timoteo guy" anymore... he has a rabid online following of "Benjaminions" feverishly watching his blog, tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages. He's got more of a skateboarder "fuck you, world" edge these days, too... stretching or redefining labels, he's expanding his empire with a subscription site (an inner sanctum of exclusive and personal content) and even teaming up with an adult film company for a couple scenes.

Almost like he's saying "Yeah, I got approached by a porn company... and I'm gonna do it. Fuck you, world!"

And it works for him.

The attitude, the skateboarding, the free-flowing nudity, the bad-boy next door image, and the brief peeks of a softer side... it makes perfect sense in my understanding of Ben. Watch interviews with him (I love the bathtub interview he did with Accidental Bear) and I think you'll get it too.

So Ben... keep kicking ass and taking names. You're Hunk du Jour approved, and we salute you.

Benjamin Godfre - Hunk du Jour

Ryan Burke - Hunk du Jour

While getting new 2wink Australia trunks in the mail would be heaven, I'll settle for what appeared in my inbox this week... photos of Ryan Burke modeling two new styles from 2wink Australia. Shot by photographer Russell Fleming for the brand, I think we can all agree that we want to get inside his trunks.

I mean, our own pair... not his.

...okay, I meant his. (We can probably all agree that he looks better in them than this blogger would anyway.)

Ryan Burke - Hunk du Jour

This Armani swimwear video caught my eye this morning on Facebook, where the lovely Jack Mackenroth posted it. Armani will be outfitting the Italian team in the 2012 London Olympics.

(BTW - Hunk du Jour is also on Facebook... go to our page and "Like" us!)

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Jorge Rondon
Enlarge Photo

Direct from the man himself, check out an exclusive first look at Jack Mackenroth's latest photo shoot by Jorge Rondon. They recently shot in Miami and I think you'd agree they got some excellent images.

I quizzed Jack about how the shoot came about:

Believe it or not we met on Grindr. He saw my pic and asked if he could shoot me. He is based in Florida and I have a place there so we shot on the beach. I pretty much let him take creative control because I have done so many shoots I'm basically out of ideas. I'm not a huge fan of eye make up but I just went with it. It was freezing cold all day and my eyes and nose were runny messes between shots. Jorge was really cool and he knew what he wanted so I appreciate that. I don't always have to love the styling to love the photos. He is a master at lighting.

For the beach shots where I'm lying down the waves kept coming up and freezing my nether regions. Oh the glamour!

For everything Jack be sure to hit his blog at http://jackmackenroth.com/blog/. He's also on Twitter @JackMackenroth (where you can also find us, of course... @HunkDuJour!)

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Jorge Rondon
Enlarge Photo

Check out this video from the 2011 CrossFit Games, as some killer competitors in amazing shape tackle an intense beach workout competion!

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth has a lot going on at the moment! He has been nominated for a National Lampoon twitter award in the category of "Best Gay." He's out there drumming up support, so head over to National Lampoon and give him a vote!

(Follow Jack on twitter @JackMackenroth... follow us @HunkDuJour!)

Jack is also working to raise money and awareness for HIV with a 15-month beefcake calendar featuring the work of some stellar photographers. The star of said calendar? Well, Jack of course!

The autographed calendar includes work from Adam Bouska, Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Thommas Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros.

You can purchase the calendar on Jack's website, and all proceeds benefit amfAR --
The American Foundation for AIDS Research

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

So happy to share with you these four shots of Jesse (MC2 Model Management) from photographer Scott Hoover!

Here's what Scott had to say about the shoot:

"Jesse was referred to me by a model from the UK. Actually a female model who I had never met but she told him he should shoot with me. So Jesse flew up to LA from Florida last summer and we did his first real shoot. I really liked his look and his eagerness to learn and he took direction very well. We stayed in touch throughout the year and I asked him to come back to LA for another shoot.

"We shot again earlier this year over the course of two days and then I made some intros for him in NYC- he has some amazing opportunities coming his way and I am very happy to have been a part of getting him started."

We're very happy about it as well, best of luck to you Jesse!

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

Guilherme Logullo - Hunk du Jour

Photographer Leigh Carter sent in these photos of Brazilian model Guilherme Logullo from a shoot they did together last year. Guilherme is currently in London and classifies himself as an actor, model, dancer, and performance artist (amongst other things.)

[ Guilherme Logullo ]
[ Photography by Leigh Carter/boy:gender ]

Guilherme Logullo - Hunk du Jour

Stephane Haffner by Pablo Chester - Hunk du Jour

This morning photographer Pablo-Chester sent over this photo set of acrobat & underwear model Stephane Haffner. Pablo's stuff is really hit-and-miss with me, but there is something raw in this collection that caught my eye. Enjoy the full set of over twenty photos after the jump!

Stephane Haffner by Pablo Chester - Hunk du Jour

[ Pablo-Chester Photography - Official Site ]
[ Stephane Haffner - Official Site ]

Grant Bowler - Hunk du Jour

Viewers of Ugly Betty were treated to shirtless appearances by nearly the entire male cast on Friday -- including Aussie hunk Grant Bowler!

Check out Grant after the jump -- and the rest of the fellas at superherofan.net! (Including Eric Mabius, Michael Urie, Adam Rodriguez, and Daniel Eric Gold.)

Grant Bowler - Hunk du Jour

Stelios Niakaris - Hunk du Jour

YVY Mag brings us some work from the fantastic Hudson Wright, with fashion editor Nole Marin. Please meet (and possibly fall in love with) Stelios Niakaris.

[ Stelios Niakaris by Hudson Wright - YVY Mag ]
[ Hudson Wright - Official Site ]
[ VNY Model Management ]

Michele Graglia photographed by Maurizio Fiorino - Hunk du Jour

The boys over at YVY Mag sent over these shots of model Michele Graglia which photographer Maurizio Fiorino shared with them. Thanks, boys!

Michele Graglia photographed by Maurizio Fiorino - Hunk du Jour

[ Michele Graglia - YVY Mag ]
[ Maurizio Fiorino - Official Site ]

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