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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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Alex Minsky - Hunk du Jour

Alex Minsky by Eric Pietrangolare for Charlie by MZ via Accidental Bear
Enlarge Photo

Yes... Alex Minsky here in some sexy gold Charlie by Matthew Zink swim briefs! Thanks to the also-sexy Accidental Bear for sharing this!

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
Enlarge Photo

Warren Carlyle (aka @ModelWarren) has his sights set on building an online fitness empire, and I'm happy to get the word out about his project.

Check out my Q&A with Warren after the jump, along with some of the great shots from his modeling career an Instagram account.

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
Enlarge Photo

Reinaldo Dalcin - Hunk du Jour

Reinaldo Dalcin from Joy Model Management
Enlarge Photo

Your Friday Hunk of the Day... and your Mister Brazil 2013... gentlemen and ladies, I give you Reinaldo Dalcin! There are ten more photos of this handsome Brazilian for you after the jump... including shirtless and in a sunga (a Brazilian speedo)!

Gui Inacio - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! Twelve photos of Gui Inacio (your hot Hunk of the Day) are your reward for making it through the weekend! Gui is an actor, model, and trainer!

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Luke Guldan
Zeb Ringle
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Luke Guldan
Ryan Kwanten

Jonathan Angle - Hunk du Jour

A sexy fella with a dance and acrobatics background, Jonathan Angle is definitely a fresh face! Check out these TEN photos of Jonathan, then follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook via his profile links at the end of the post!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Tyler Denk
Steve Jones
Aaron Johnson
Daniel Miller
Josh Wald

Bruno Gissoni - Hunk du Jour

Bruno Gissoni via Listal
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day, Brazilian Bruno Gissoni who went up against David Beckham in the voting - and won! Check out a ton more photos after the jump.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Robbie Gambrell
Adam Levine
Darrell Holloman
Tony Ring
Anderson Schneider

Chase Isaacs - Hunk du Jour

Chase Isaacs by David Vance for Dominus Mag via Homotography
Enlarge Photo

Indiana model Chase Isaacs is your Hunk of the Day! 5' 11", 190 lbs, with a 43" chest -- this handsome fella has shot with the likes of David Vance and Luis Rafael. He's also happily engaged -- congrats, Chase!

Enjoy this sampling of Chase's work with David & Luis. And don't forget to check the bottom of this post for Chase's Instagram/Twitter/Facebook links so you can become a fan!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Nick Patton
Pablo Hernandez
Matthew Brewer
Dominic Purcell
Jason Dohring

Kellan Lutz - Hunk du Jour

Kellan Lutz
Enlarge Photo

TGIF, Hunk Lovers!

When someone as popular and dreamy as Kellan Lutz wins the Hunk of the Day title there's one thing that is certain... there are plenty of photos to find and be shared!

Credits, old and upcoming: The Twilight Saga, Immortals, Tarzan, The Legend of Hercules, and The Expendables 3!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
David Pocock
Erasmo Viana
John Strand
Kellan Lutz
Joe Donohoe

Craig Ramsay - Hunk du Jour

Craig Ramsay via Pinterest
Enlarge Photo

Happy Hump Day, Hunk Lovers! Today we bring you Celebrity Fitness Trainer Craig Ramsay.

Today when you're doing one of Craig's routines from 5 Minute Workout Anywhere why not head over to our @HunkDuJour Twitter account for a special treat... Steve's #TightyWhitieWendesday posts, being shared later today. You'll love 'em.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Rodiney Santiago
Neil Vincent
Goran Jurenec and Domenique Melchior
Vincent Zaire Lewis
Luke Bontius

Justin Hartley - Hunk du Jour

Justin Hartley by Tom Cullis
Enlarge Photo

Seven more photos of your Hunk of the Day, Justin Hartley, are after the jump!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Maxwell Zagorski
Luke Guldan
Rafael Lacchine
Billy Dortch
Billy Marquart

Colby Melvin - Hunk du Jour

Every once in a while there is a nominee in the Hunk of the Day voting pool who is just unstoppable. I have a feeling anyone could have been up against your Hunk of the Day, Colby Melvin, and wouldn't have stood a chance against him.

The incredible photographer Gabriel Gastelum captured this set of photos with Colby in Malibu, CA -- and somehow convinced the handsome young man (with those eyes!) to get into the frigid pacific ocean as well.

See more photos from their shoot after the jump!

Follow Colby:

Follow Gabriel:

Follow Me:

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Brock Yuric
Jon-Erik Hexum
Bruno Rosendo

Bernardo Velasco - Hunk du Jour

Bernardo Velasco via Loving Male Models
Enlarge Photo

Brazilian actor and model Bernardo Velasco is your Hunk of the Day! And if you like these photos, we have eight more photos after the jump that you'll really enjoy -- from him looking amazing in a speedo to him taking a picture of his crotch!

Click here to see it all.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Devon Spence
Andres Sanchez
Leandro Ghidini
Darryl Stephens
Chad Pinther

Almog Gabay - Hunk du Jour

You are in for a Tuesday treat... Almog Gabay is our Hunk of the Day, and there are ten more photos after the jump waiting for you!

Almog describes himself as a photographer, copywriter, graphic designer, and personal trainer. You can stalk... er... follow him on Instagram (@almog9) and Facebook!

(You can also stalk Hunk du Jour on Facebook, and me on Instagram.)

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Tom Daley
Rodiney Santiago
Montgomery Clift
Romulo Arantes Neto
Jeremy Bloom

Tristan Burnett - Hunk du Jour

Tristan Burnett by Aliana McDaniel
Enlarge Photo

He's got the brains to back up the beauty! Your Hunk of the Day is Tristan Burnett! Discovered on campus while attending Med School.

Eight more incredible photos and a video profile of this handsome fella are after the jump!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Nathaniel Sherman
Maciel Mendes
Matt Bomer
Mitch Hewer

Layton Draper - Hunk du Jour

Layton Draper by Tom Cullis via ProjectQ
Enlarge Photo

Check out these amazing photos of your Hunk of the Day, Layton Draper by talented photographer Tom Cullis.

There are plenty more where this came from -- ELEVEN more photos after the jump, plus a bonus behind the scenes video from a photo shoot Layton did with Steven Underhill.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Tyler Posey
Aaron Brueckner
Chris Syers
Renato Ferreira
Romulo Arantes Neto

Tristan Edwards - Hunk du Jour

Tristan Edwards via Superversity
Enlarge Photo

Tristan Edwards is a fitness model and entrepreneur originally from the UK, now based in California. In addition to modeling, he launched his own sports nutrition company.

...he also captured 34% of the votes yesterday, earning the title of Hunk of the Day!

TWELVE more photos from amazing photographers after the jump!

Follow Tristan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Tom Hardy
Nicklas Kingo
Garrett Rau
Seth Cooper
Daniel MacPherson

Eliad Cohen - Hunk du Jour

Eliad Cohen via Eyecandy
Enlarge Photo

Tel Aviv tourism guru and party promoter Eliad Cohen heats up your Thursday with a sexy video clip and six more images! Look at those voting results... he really demolished the competition:

Yesterday's Voting Results
Poll Results

He shared with OUT Magazine in October 2012 (original interview) his Tel Aviv "Must-Do" List:

Bauhaus Architecture: Tel Aviv is known as the "White City" because of the many Bauhaus buildings. Check out the Bauhaus walking tour, starting at the former City Hall located on Bialik Street.

Hilton Hotel Beach: Tel Aviv is a beach town, and the gay beach is located behind the Hilton Hotel. There's a beach bar as well, so you can stay well hydrated while you work on your tan.

Neve Tzedek: This bohemian neighborhood is one of the oldest parts of Tel Aviv, and it's filled with great little shops, caf├ęs, and restaurants. You'll feel like you've stepped out of the city for a little while.

Gay Nightlife: Some of our best clubs include HaOman ("The Artist" in Hebrew), The Block, Lima Lima on a Monday night, and Drek.

Let's follow Eliad and congratulate him on being Hunk of the Day across his social media accounts, shall we? He's on Instagram, Twitter, and (of course) has a Facebook Fan Page!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Jason Momoa
Matthew Evangelisti
John Abraham
Daniel Miller
Eric Martsolf

Garrett Rau - Hunk du Jour

Garrett Rau by Fred Goudon
Enlarge Photo

Wow, are you in for a treat! I always love getting e-mails from photographer Fred Goudon... he's such a nice, talented guy, with an eye for male model perfection!

Today we get to celebrate one of his shots as our Hunk of the Day Garrett Rau was photographed by him! Check out a ton more from this set (as well as another set from Marc Richards) after the jump!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Michael Fassbender
David Pocock
Peter Kraus
Will Mellor
James Lafferty

Richie Kul - Hunk du Jour

Check out your Hunk of the Day, Richie Kul, photographed above by David Vance. Photos are great, but don't miss the video interview after the jump to get some extra insights from this sexy fella!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Lee Kholafai
Daniel Macedo
Chris Lancaster
Markus Bollingmo
Eddie Cibrian

David Karamanis - Hunk du Jour

David Karamanis by Chris Bold
Enlarge Photo

Happy Thursday! Aussie model David Karamanis has taken the Hunk of the Day crown today, in a well-deserved win. There are even more photos of him after the jump today, so don't miss out on seeing even more of this sexy fella!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Chris Salvatore
Derrick Davenport
Ben Cohen
Robert Gant
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