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Dan Osborne - Hunk du Jour

Dan Osborne
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Your Hunk of the Day is Dan Osborne! UK readers know him from The Only Way is Essex and Splash... readers in the states may want to know him better!

More photos after the jump of Dan stripped down to his underwear, speedos, and less! (Oh my!)

DW Chase - Hunk du Jour

Another delightful treat to kick off your week (and Fall) the right way -- an exclusive interview with Texan model DW Chase and the debut of his latest released shoot with HNS Imagery!

Chris @ Hunk du Jour: How did you get teamed up with Nick at HNS Imagery for this shoot?

DW Chase: I had actually listed HNS on my "photographers I want to work with list" on Model Mayhem. When photographer canceled one of my scheduled shoots during a SoCal modeling blitz, I contacted HNS and asked if he could make time available for me. He was excited to work with me, and mutual excitement tends to produce the best photos.

Chris @ Hunk du Jour:What can you tell us about the direction / idea for the shoot?

DW Chase: Typically the work I do with photographers is pre planned for months. This was a unique situation where a cancelation happened and we didn't have as much time as I would have liked for the preplanning. However HNS chose the location in Duarte, CA and had specific concepts on location, lighting, so I worked to bring together the looks and wardrobe. It still ended up being a collaborate effort, just more on the directional side of the photographer.

Vasa Nestorovic - Hunk du Jour

Vasa Nestorovic by Rick Day via Image Amplified
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Happy Monday & welcome back. Serbian model Vasa Nestorovic is our Hunk of the Day, and we're featuring photos from Rick Day, Thomas Synnamon, and Rodolfo Martinez. There's more where this came from, so click thru and see what is waiting after the jump!

Kamil Nicalek - Hunk du Jour

Kamil Nicalek via Listal
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Whew... TGIF, friends & hunk lovers! Let's celebrate with eight photos of Kamil Nicalek [fmr Wilhelmina], shall we?

Max Aria - Hunk du Jour

Your Hunk of the Day is Max Aria, a model who has appeared (amongst elsewhere) in BELLO Mag, an excellent electronic magazine you should check out - from Alek and Steph... the creators of OHLALA Mag.

Edilson Nascimento - Hunk du Jour

Edilson Nascimento for Elian Gallardo Underwear via Homotrophy
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Happy Hump Day! Celebrate with Brazilian hunk Edilson Nascimento, a long time favorite of my husband. I've featured Edilson Nascimento on Hunk du Jour before, but this shoot by Didio was new to me so I'm glad to share it with you all!

Help out a friend today and share Edilson with them too! I'll make it easy... here's a handy short link to this post:

Thanks for joining us today - check out the rest of the set after the jump then explore the Hunk du Jour archives.

Francis Mossman - Hunk du Jour

Francis Mossman by Luke Austin via Handsome Males
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Happy Tuesday! And I'm happily being introduced to Francis Mossman -- a Kiwi (New Zealand) actor. And in my research this morning I had to see him get stabbed this morning... which was a bit of a downer.

Anyway, he's appeared on TV (Spartacus) and a web series in Australia called The Horizon. He also doesn't seem to shy away from showing some skin -- exactly the kind of Hunk du Jour we crave on a Tuesday!

Check out the full photos set, after the jump!

Rodrigo Calazans - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday, all! Brazilian model Rodrigo Calazans is our Hunk of the Day to kick off the week! I hunted around a little and got a fresh batch of photos to share with you to augment some previous photos we have featured!

Nikita Gutsu - Hunk du Jour

Nikita Gutsu
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This selfie is only the beginning... Nikita Gutsu is a personal trainer and fitness model. Check out some of his professionally photographed work after the jump, as well as this promotional video from his YouTube channel!

Diego Mello - Hunk du Jour

TGIF, my friends! Our first order of business, your Hunk of the Day! Diego Mello (Ragazzo) won with 48% of the vote. He's definitely a worthy man, and we have thirteen photos of him to share! Secondly, hopefully you are seeing a nice speed increase on the site as I've been tweaking things a bit.

Hope you're ready for a killer weekend... now go vote for your Saturday Hunk of the Day!

Anthony Mainella - Hunk du Jour

Anthony Mainella via ProjectQ Atlanta
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Fitness professional Anthony Mainella is your Hunk of the Day! He's gone a little quiet on most social media, but is still active on Instagram. Proof: look at him now with this beard!

Anthony Mainella - Hunk du Jour

Anthony Mainella via Instagram
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Billy Kiraly - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday, hunk lovers!

Kicking off this week on Hunk du Jour is fitness model Billy Kiraly, photographed by David Vance and Andy Armano! Billy has a 42" chest, 33" waist, and is 6' tall.

Alex Minsky - Hunk du Jour

Alex Minsky by Eric Pietrangolare for Charlie by MZ via Accidental Bear
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Yes... Alex Minsky here in some sexy gold Charlie by Matthew Zink swim briefs! Thanks to the also-sexy Accidental Bear for sharing this!

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
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Warren Carlyle (aka @ModelWarren) has his sights set on building an online fitness empire, and I'm happy to get the word out about his project.

Check out my Q&A with Warren after the jump, along with some of the great shots from his modeling career an Instagram account.

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
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Reinaldo Dalcin - Hunk du Jour

Reinaldo Dalcin from Joy Model Management
Enlarge Photo

Your Friday Hunk of the Day... and your Mister Brazil 2013... gentlemen and ladies, I give you Reinaldo Dalcin! There are ten more photos of this handsome Brazilian for you after the jump... including shirtless and in a sunga (a Brazilian speedo)!

Gui Inacio - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! Twelve photos of Gui Inacio (your hot Hunk of the Day) are your reward for making it through the weekend! Gui is an actor, model, and trainer!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Zeb Ringle
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Luke Guldan
Ryan Kwanten

Jonathan Angle - Hunk du Jour

A sexy fella with a dance and acrobatics background, Jonathan Angle is definitely a fresh face! Check out these TEN photos of Jonathan, then follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook via his profile links at the end of the post!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Steve Jones
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Bruno Gissoni - Hunk du Jour

Bruno Gissoni via Listal
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day, Brazilian Bruno Gissoni who went up against David Beckham in the voting - and won! Check out a ton more photos after the jump.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Robbie Gambrell
Adam Levine
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Chase Isaacs - Hunk du Jour

Chase Isaacs by David Vance for Dominus Mag via Homotography
Enlarge Photo

Indiana model Chase Isaacs is your Hunk of the Day! 5' 11", 190 lbs, with a 43" chest -- this handsome fella has shot with the likes of David Vance and Luis Rafael. He's also happily engaged -- congrats, Chase!

Enjoy this sampling of Chase's work with David & Luis. And don't forget to check the bottom of this post for Chase's Instagram/Twitter/Facebook links so you can become a fan!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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