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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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Chris Hemsworth as THOR, in theaters May 2011 - Hunk du Jour

To quote Ms. Phoebe Buffay, "Why hello, mister bicep!" -- Check out this promotional photo for Thor, the Marvel movie to be released this time next year! And since we all love Chris we'll throw in some extra photos for good measure.

[ Chris Hemsworth Interview with SuperHeroHype ]

Chris Hemsworth - Hunk du Jour

My apologies to our international readership, but this clip was too good not to share - even though it will only play for visitors from the United States.

Olivia Newton-John joined the cast of GLEE this week for a new version of her iconic song Physical with Jane Lynch (who plays evil cheer squad coach Sue Sylvester in the show.)

UPDATE: Heroic reader Mike was nice enough to share the YouTube link of the video with us, for all of our international guests! -- thanks, Mike!

The song itself is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Chad White - Hunk du Jour

Chad White - Hunk du Jour
Chad White - Hunk du Jour

[ Chad White - Major Model Management ]
[ Justin Wu - Official Site ]

Kuzey Unver for Support Nature Project - Hunk du Jour

This week's Support Nature Project model is Kuzey Unver:

My name is Kuzey. I was born in Turkey. I have been in United States for about two years. I am a psychology student. I like to play volleyball and try new things. I camp and go to off-road every once a while. I would like to do modeling to support my school.

Nowadays, we all consume as much as we can without thinking how harmful our actions are towards nature. Everybody must be aware that natural sources are not unlimited. If we all prevent wasting energy, water, and gas just a little bit, we can preserve natural sources for the next generations. Come on people, it is not hard to be thrifty to nature. If you do not think, small amount of waste does not effect to whole planet, think again.

Check out all of the previously featured Support Nature Project guys at!

[ Support Nature Project - Official Site ]
[ Plant A Billion Trees - More Information ]
[ Donate Today - Plant A Billion Trees ]

Dolce and Gabbana Backstage - Ad Campaign - Hunk du Jour

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from one of the latest Dolce&Gabbana ad campaigns that they just posted on their Facebook page! Pretty hot, right?

We also have a Hunk du Jour Facebook Page... join us!

Dolce and Gabbana Backstage - Ad Campaign - Hunk du Jour

[ Dolce&Gabbana Backstage Ad Campaign - Facebook ]
[ Dolce&Gabbana - Official Site ]

Jake Kelly for Support Nature Project - Hunk du Jour

Happy Earth Day! The featured model from Support Nature Project this week is Jake Kelly.

Jake has been a dedicated long distance runner most of his life. When he's not sprinting down the trails he loves to embrace his artistic sprit. He enjoys acrylic painting and his true passion is the theatre. He has recently performed in local productions of A Chorus Line, Cats, and The Rocky Horror Show.

Jake is excited to participate in the Support Nature Project. To do his part to assist preservation of the environment he drives a Civic Hybrid, uses fluorescent light bulbs, and purchases organic and locally grown foods whenever possible.

Check out all of the previously featured Support Nature Project guys at, plus their Earth Day Video is after the jump!

[ Support Nature Project - Official Site ]
[ Plant A Billion Trees - More Information ]
[ Donate Today - Plant A Billion Trees ]

Joe Aaron Reid - Hunk du Jour

Full Name: Joseph Aaron Reid
Age: 26
Hometown: Greece, NY
Current City: New York, NY
Height/Weight: 6'3" / 190 lbs.
Occupation: Actor

Join us for a chat with Joe Aaron Reid, currently starring in the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of On the Town!

Matt Owen, Joe Aaron Reid, and Greg McCormick Allan - Hunk du Jour

by Curt Doughty
Enlarge Photo

Seth Travis for Support Nature Project - Hunk du Jour

Featured model from Support Nature Project this week is Seth Travis.

A true All-American by lifestyle and experience Seth Travis brings a sound and style that refreshes and inspires his audiences. He is the face of the 2010 Ripped Genes Calendar and Mr. August. Former opening act for Grammy nominated country artist Jessica Andrews. He has performed the Star Spangled Banner at an NBC event with guest speaker Andrea Mitchell, and sang to Sharon Stone. Seth played "LUKE" in the ALTAR BOYZ in a showcase near his hometown in Pennsylvania. Seth has made appearances in Gossip Girl, Law & Order, Gravity, White Collar, How to Make it in America, and can be seen in the up and coming Sex and the City: 2 film. Seth is not only successful in entertainment; he also takes pride in his education. He has earned both Bachelors & Masters degrees in Communications with concentrations in entertainment, public relations, and philanthropy. Philanthropy has always been an important focus for Seth.

He is excited to not only be a spokes model for but now join the cause to spread awareness for the Support Nature Project. Some easy ways that Seth stays green: 1. Uses a coffee travel mug when picking up his favorite latte at Starbucks instead of a paper cup. 2. Stays informed online, most of the content in print can be found online, so you save paper and money! 3. This is Seth's favorite way to help the environment! He buys his music online. It is quick, easy, and saves miles and materials needed for the packaging, marketing, materials, and cases.

[ Support Nature Project - Official Site ]
[ Plant A Billion Trees - More Information ]
[ Donate Today - Plant A Billion Trees ]

Jason Morgan by Greg Vaughan - Hunk du Jour

Three shots of Major Model Jason Morgan by Greg Vaughan!

[ Jason Morgan - Profile ]
[ Greg Vaughan - Official Site ]
[ Major Model Management - Official Site ]

Itay Hod - Hunk du Jour

Sexy, sweet, and smart! Itay Hod stepped out onto the streets with photographer Chad J. Kawalec to get this great series of shots! I first ran across Itay on TV during his tenure on CBS News on LOGO before the network decided gay people don't like news. (Obviously that's why Towleroad is such an internet mega-hit.)

At any rate, not only is Itay incredibly easy on the eyes -- he's also a genuinely nice guy with the brains and heart to back up those good looks. Say hello to him on Twitter or Facebook if you don't believe me!

Itay Hod - Hunk du Jour

Dave Salmoni - Hunk du Jour

Dave Salmoni stands next to dangerous and exotic animals every day of his life -- but shooting this series with photographer Tony Duran is what he considers out of his comfort zone. Dave tweeted:

"the Flaunt shoot was WAY out of my comfort zone. But the photographer is Amazing, I just did what i was told"

If he's uncomfortable, it definitely doesn't come across in this breathtaking series.

Check out Popbytes and OHLALA Mag for more coverage... uncoverage?

[ Flaunt - Official Site ]
[ Dave Salmoni - Official Site ]
[ Tony Duran - Official Site ]

Dave Salmoni - Hunk du Jour

Jamie Bamber - Hunk du Jour

I'm very late to the game, but am starting to watch Battlestar Galactica, starring one Jamie Bamber. I know I should have been watching this years ago now -- but better late than never, right?

Jamie Bamber - Hunk du Jour

Joseph Cotten - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Joseph Cotten

Enlarge Photo

Producer David O' Selznick was a legendary creator of stars. Though he was more noted for his actresses, Ingrid Bergman, Jennifer Jones, Joan Fontaine and of course, Vivien Leigh, he did manage to make stars of two or three hunks that became important actors of the period and made lasting impressions on movie going audiences for years to come. None of these "Hunks" were prone to scandal. All three kept relatively low profiles had few marriages, and preferred staying with one or two wives for most of their careers.

Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones

Enlarge Photo

[ Editor's Note: This is Steve's column from last week, which was unfortunately delayed by my absence. Please accept my apologies, and look for another TOQ post very soon! ]

Roddy McDowell - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Roddy McDowell

Enlarge Photo

Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame

Enlarge Photo

Rosalind Russell has always had a special place in the hearts of gay movie fans. She starred in two of the greatest gay cult films, The Women (1939) and the legendary Auntie Mame (1958). It was in The Women that she first displayed her amazing comedic abilities. Director George Cukor hadn't considered using Russell, since she'd usually played second banana in big films and serious leads in "B" pictures. However, the ever-ambitious Russell challenged Cukor to give her a shot at comedy and campaigned vigorously for the part of the gossipy overbearing Sylvia Fowler. She prepared six different interpretations of the part and the last, being the most over the top and outrageous, was the one he chose.  Russell had misgivings about using this particular interpretation, fearing that her co-stars, Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer would murder her, never the less, this is what the director wanted and this is what he got. Her overwhelming success in the role led to her next main stream comedy, the classic His Girl Friday (1940) with Cary Grant, directed by Howard Hawks. Their comedy styles and timing blended perfectly and Russell was typecast as the "know-it-all-screwball for the next ten years, putting out a series of comedies where she usually dominated her leading man until the last reel, when she succumbed to his charms and agreed to "act like a woman, instead of a female." By the early 50's she was in her mid-40's and roles were hard to come by. The ever resourceful Roz, packed her bags and headed for Broadway, where she made a spectacular debut in Wonderful Town, the musical version of a movie she'd gotten an Oscar nomination for called; My Sister Eileen. She then gave a strong performance in a character part in the movie version of Picnic, before heading back to the Great White Way, where a play version of the popular novel Auntie Mame had been tailored specifically for her. It was a smash and was eventually sold as a package deal along with Russell to Warner Brothers. The movie version proved to be the biggest moneymaker of 1958 and snagged Roz her final Oscar nomination.

David Gandy - Hunk du Jour

Our friends over at YVY Mag (via The Fashionisto) take a look back at this series of model David Gandy by Mario Testino for VMAN #9 that appeared in late 2007.

David Gandy - Hunk du Jour

[ Mario Testino - Official Site ]
[ VMAN Magazine - Official Site ]

Christopher Howell - Hunk du Jour

Featured model from Support Nature Project this week is Christopher Howell.

My name is Christopher Howell and I was born on July 20, 1984. I'm a professional and International Actor/Model/Dancer. Growing up, I lived in several different states across the US. While living in all of these different places, I learned how to make friends quickly and how to always keep a positive attitude no matter what situation I'm put into. When it came to school, I played as many sports as possible because I love to experience new things. Before I knew it, several years of fun had passed and here I am now. My constant drive to be perfect (acquired from the military) has left me with a great background in all sports, including martial arts, and a personality that tends to draw people towards me.

When it comes to our environment, I try to tread as lightly as possible. (pick up trash, wash cloths in cold water, unplug everything around the house, walk or catch rides when I can) Community wise, I love to help out in any way shape or form. Donating cloths, helping out at fundraising events, volunteering at food drives, handing out gift packages to the unfortunate around the holidays, and constantly planting plants into my patio garden.

[ Support Nature Project - Official Site ]
[ Plant A Billion Trees - More Information ]
[ Donate Today - Plant A Billion Trees ]

Robert Wagner only had two things going for him. He was talented and he was gorgeous. With those two handicaps, what else could he do but become a star? The term "Dreamboat" best describes Wagner in his early days in Hollywood. He was the fresh- faced kid who resembled your best friend's big brother you always had a crush on. He was also lucky. Early on he was noticed and eventually mentored by gay actor Clifton Webb. Webb made sure that he was seen by the most important people in the business and helped him secure parts in several widely seen and popular films at 20th Century Fox, among them: With A Song In My Heart (1952) with Susan Hayward, where his shell shocked soldier made him an instant sensation and two with Webb, Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) and Titanic (1953), the latter also starring Barbara Stanwyck, with whom he allegedly had an on-going "May/December" affair prior to his marriage to fledgling starlet Nathalie Wood.

Robert Wagner - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Robert Wagner

Enlarge Photo

Matthew Wilson - Hunk du Jour

Australia's Hottest Tradie, Matthew Wilson, has been tapped to wear the pants of one of Australia's other hottest assets, aussieBum. He fills out their new line quite well.

Matthew Wilson - Hunk du Jour

Jesse Blum - Hunk du Jour

We're excited to share these two shots with you of 2010 Hunk du Jour Model Search winner Jesse Blum! He is looking amazing in these photos by Adam Medders Photography for On Display Men and Hunk du Jour.

Hunk du Jour flew Jesse to Dallas for a fantastic weekend with a brilliant team, and these two shots came from the our first day of the two-day session. Jesse was a complete professional, and chimed in with his own great ideas on poses and looks.

Jesse Blum - Hunk du Jour

While the bedroom shoots were comfortably warm, Jesse found out exactly how chilly things could get in Texas during our outdoor location shoots -- with temperature hovering at around 40F, he had to keep his gaze smoldering. You can see from the results that he dug deep and made it happen.

Keep an eye out for more photos of Jesse from the weekend, plus Jesse's contribution to the Support Nature Project!

[ @Jesse_Blum - Twitter ]
[ Jesse Blum - 2010 Hunk du Jour Model Search ]
[ Jesse Blum - On Display Men ]

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