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So on Wednesday I shared the video from the cast & crew of Anything Goes where they covered One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful.

I'm a little late to the party -- but today is gonna be Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" day! First up is the original music video - featuring shirtless lawn care, car washes, of course a twist.

After the Jump: sexy shirtless gay boys, college baseball players, wacky high schoolers, and links to even more versions!

The Cast of Magic Mike - Hunk du Jour

The Cast of Magic Mike for Entertainment Weekly
Enlarge Photo

(Clockwise from bottom) Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer star in Magic Mike -- which I will definitely be catching a showing of when it is released on June 29th. The foursome of hollywood hotties play strippers in the film (which is in part based on experiences from Channing's real life -- he was a stripper in his youth.)

The EW report shares a tidbit about the casting of Hunk du Jour favorite Joe Manganiello:

Manganiello, for one, had no problems with the movie's wardrobe--or lack thereof. "When I came in for a meeting with the casting director, she hadn't seen True Blood. So she said, "Are you going to be comfortable with partial nudity?" And I go, "Have you seen my show? I'm the poster child for that."

Check out EW's behind the scenes snapshots from the photo shoot.

Channing Tatum - Hunk du Jour

So I have a little love affair with the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful" already, but any adoration I had for it before is only solidified and intensified by this KILLER lip sync video from the cast and crew of Anything Goes on Broadway.

Stephanie J. Block saying I'm beautiful and blowing me a kiss around the 1:00 minute mark grabbed me, and then Brandon Rubendall dancing around in the shower hit it home of course. Next show I work on, our company is doing one of these.

You can find Stephanie on Twitter @stephaniejblock, Brandon @brubendall, and of course Hunk du Jour @HunkDuJour! Please follow and retweet the good stuff.

My buddy Bronson posted the video above of Miles Fisher giving us a music video homage to American Psycho Patrick Bateman... complete with underwear workout video footage. What do you think?

James Ellis (previously featured) washes Betty White's car in this new commercial for AARP. Via Twitter.

Follow @SoapHunks and @JamesEllis3 on Twitter. Then follow us @HunkDuJour!

Check out this video from the 2011 CrossFit Games, as some killer competitors in amazing shape tackle an intense beach workout competion!

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth has a lot going on at the moment! He has been nominated for a National Lampoon twitter award in the category of "Best Gay." He's out there drumming up support, so head over to National Lampoon and give him a vote!

(Follow Jack on twitter @JackMackenroth... follow us @HunkDuJour!)

Jack is also working to raise money and awareness for HIV with a 15-month beefcake calendar featuring the work of some stellar photographers. The star of said calendar? Well, Jack of course!

The autographed calendar includes work from Adam Bouska, Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Thommas Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros.

You can purchase the calendar on Jack's website, and all proceeds benefit amfAR --
The American Foundation for AIDS Research

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Carlos Moega - Hunk du Jour

Check out handsome and hunky bachelor Carlos Moega, as featured recently by our friends over at Gay Bachelor Blog!

Alessandro Monari - Hunk du Jour

Alessandro Monari via
Enlarge Photo

Check out Alessandro Monari from our friends over at!

Hope you've had a great week, and are looking forward to an even better weekend.

Brad Weston - Hunk du Jour

Check out the wonderful Brad Weston, as photographed here by S.Tong Photography!

So what do you think, do gentlemen prefer blondes?

Brad Weston - Hunk du Jour

The cast of Aladdin (including recent Hunk du Jour Interviewee Adam Jacobs) and actor-blogger Andrew Keenan-Bolger hit Cal Anderson park in an unusually sunny Seattle for some Fourth of July fun.

...I hope they appreciated how unusual a sunny Fourth in Seattle is! Usually we have sun the day before and after, but rain on the Fourth of July.

[ thisisandrewsblog via The Film Experience via Towleroad ]

Alexander Skarsgard - Hunk du Jour

Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood via
Enlarge Photo

There was a new episode of True Blood on last night... which means naturally has a new set of screen caps from the show. Head over there today and check 'em out!

[ Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood 4x03 - ]

Adam Jacobs - Hunk du Jour

Adam Jacobs from Aladdin by Mark Kitaoka for 5th Avenue Theatre
Enlarge Photo

Please welcome to the blog Adam Jacobs, who kicked off previews this week at 5th Avenue Theatre of Aladdin - a world premiere musical destined for the bright lights of Broadway.

Adam was nice enough to chat with us a little about his experience as an actor, working on a world premiere show, and how he keeps his sometimes-long-distance relationship strong when jobs take him on the road... check it all out!

Adam Jacobs - Hunk du Jour

Adam Jacobs
Enlarge Photo

Christopher Michael, Hunk du Jour: This isn't your first role in a Disney musical, did your appearance as grown-up Simba in The Lion King give you some Disney street cred that helped you land the part of Aladdin?

Adam Jacobs: Playing "Simba" in The Lion King definitely helped me get the role of "Aladdin." After seeing my performance, the heads of Disney Theatricals thought I'd be right for it and brought me in for a workshop. At the time I didn't even know it was in the works so it was quite a surprise to get that call. That went well enough that they decided to go ahead with the current production in Seattle. I also had played Cinderella's "Prince" in the national tour a while back so that might've added to the Disney street cred too.

via Towleroad comes this new music video by NYC nightlife queen Amanda Lepore -- check out the bevy of Brazilian beauties she has in this video with her!

Full lyrics & video credits after the jump!

Giulio Pellcoolj - Hunk du Jour

Giulio Pellcoolj by Kevin Kauer for Nark Magazine
Enlarge Photo

Please welcome Giulio Pellcoolj to Hunk du Jour! He is part of the musical group Vintage Youth -- who will be playing Seattle Pride this year.

Giulio Pellcoolj - Hunk du Jour

Giulio Pellcoolj
Enlarge Photo

Hunk du Jour: What gigs does Vintage Youth have lined up for Pride Season?

Giulio Pellcoolj: We have two appearances coming up for Seattle PrideFest. We'll be part of the Hard Times takeover of the PrideFest DJ Stage and then immediately afterward we head over to the Main stage. I'm very excited to be part of the Hard Times/Qulture Qreative crew and to play alongside DJ L.A. Kendall. We recently played a fashion show fundraiser in support of 3 Dollar Bill Cinema for the Run and Walk with Pride.

Mo Brady - Hunk du Jour

Sunday at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS will once again mount their much-anticipated production each year... Broadway Bares!

This year, we are throwing our weight behind a hometown favorite who is now in the New York theater community, Mo Brady! Join Hunk du Jour and support Mo Brady and BC/EFA with a donation!

As a show of thanks for extraordinary support for Mo and BROADWAY CARES, Mo will send everyone donating over $100 a signed photograph from the entire cast of his number! Donate $500 or more and there is a fabulous and personal surprise that awaits you... but you'll have to make the donation to find out exactly what.

Even if you don't throw a benjamin into Mo's virtual briefs, donors of any amount will get a fantastic high-resolution copy of the image below of Mo & his crew. Forward your donation confirmation e-mail to and it is yours!

Click here to donate.

Mo Brady - Hunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour: For the two or three readers out there who have never heard of BROADWAY BARES give us the low-down... what is BROADWAY BARES all about?

Mo Brady: BROADWAY BARES is one of the biggest yearly fundraisers for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA). The show is like Broadway's version of a Burlesque show, with over 200 of the New York theatre communities fiercest performers strutting their stuff, and all the proceeds going to BC/EFA.

MB: Each year, the show revolves around a theme. And this year, BROADWAY BARES: MASTERPIECE is a strip show centered around great works of art. On June 19, two fun and crazy performances will be given for thousands at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. I am told that the shows always sell out, so people should get tickets early!

Mister Chase - Hunk du Jour

Mister Chase
Enlarge Photo

Friend of the site Mister Chase (previous coverage) is back with a new music video for his latest track, Addicted.

Keep an eye out for Chase this summer, he is currently booking Pride season gigs - and in the meantime will be appearing at the Ritz this Friday, and in Columbus on June 18th for the FCKH8 Campaign event there.

For more information on all things Chase, check out

Mister Chase - Hunk du Jour

Mister Chase
Enlarge Photo

Simon from London - Hunk du Jour

Simon from London via Gay Bachelor Blog
Enlarge Photo

From our friends over at Gay Bachelor Blog comes delightful Simon! Simon is a performance artist and sometimes-bartender in London.

When asked by GBB about what he is looking for in a guy, he said:

"The number one quality I look for in a guy is humility and an amazing sense of humour, after that, I guess you can't really compromise with chemistry and amazing sex in the long run, it's either there or it's not, but charming, masculine, sexy guys with a lot of ambition, drive and a youthful spontaneous energy (regardless of age) are always welcome."

Do you have what Simon is looking for?

Simon from London - Hunk du Jour

Simon from London via Gay Bachelor Blog
Enlarge Photo

Toned, tattooed, and tousled, Parker Hurley appears in this reel from Red Model Management.

Paco Pepe - Hunk du Jour

Fellow guycandy appreciation site provides this photo of Paco Pepe, captured in the midday sun by photographer Salvador Pozo. Check out the original post for more photos of Paco.

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