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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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Choi Ho Jin - Hunk du Jour

Choi Ho Jin via Forum
Enlarge Photo

Happy Sunday, Hunk Lovers! Enjoy this mega-post of 20 images of Korean model and Men's Fitness cover model, Choi Ho Jin!

Kevin Selby - Hunk du Jour

Kevin Selby by David Vance
Enlarge Photo

Sexy ginger Kevin Selby is your Hunk of the Day for this wonderful Friday. Photographed expertly by the one and only David Vance!

Alex Minsky - Hunk du Jour

Alex Minsky by Eric Pietrangolare for Charlie by MZ via Accidental Bear
Enlarge Photo

Yes... Alex Minsky here in some sexy gold Charlie by Matthew Zink swim briefs! Thanks to the also-sexy Accidental Bear for sharing this!

Dylan Williams - Hunk du Jour

Dylan Williams by Rick Day via VGL Men
Enlarge Photo

A Monday afternoon/evening treat from our friends over at VGL Men -- Dylan Williams as photographed by Rick Day. Check out VGL Men for one more shot of this handsome fella!

Interested in seeing more of Rick's work? Check out his 2012 book, All Players!

Renato Ferreira - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! It's gray and cloudy once again in Seattle - oddly reassuring after some warm and sunny days.

If you missed it yesterday, I posted my Q&A with "ModelWarren" Warren Carlyle -- check out that interview and sixteen photos after you check out the rest of photos of Renato Ferreira, your Hunk of the Day!

Renato is represented by Major Model in New York, and 40 Graus Models in Rio.

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
Enlarge Photo

Warren Carlyle (aka @ModelWarren) has his sights set on building an online fitness empire, and I'm happy to get the word out about his project.

Check out my Q&A with Warren after the jump, along with some of the great shots from his modeling career an Instagram account.

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

Warren Carlyle by Cody Kinsfather
Enlarge Photo

Reinaldo Dalcin - Hunk du Jour

Reinaldo Dalcin from Joy Model Management
Enlarge Photo

Your Friday Hunk of the Day... and your Mister Brazil 2013... gentlemen and ladies, I give you Reinaldo Dalcin! There are ten more photos of this handsome Brazilian for you after the jump... including shirtless and in a sunga (a Brazilian speedo)!

Lars Slind - Hunk du Jour

Lars Slind via Abzolute
Enlarge Photo

Happy Thursday from your buddies at Hunk du Jour! Your Hunk of the Day is Lars Slind - check out four more photos from his shoot for Sensitif magazine after the jump!

Gary Taylor - Hunk du Jour

Gary Taylor via Mens Bookmark
Enlarge Photo

Check out this metric ton of images of your Hunk of the Day... the brawny Gary Taylor! So many more photos, plus links to his social media profiles -- click and see!

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Alex A
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Matt Mendrun - Hunk du Jour

NPC competitor and fitness model Matt Mendrun is your Hunk of the Day! Enjoy these ten photos this hottie, and follow him across the social media spectrum at the end of the post!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Alan Neri
Sean M
Jared Prudoff
Ernestas Juodis

Gui Inacio - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! Twelve photos of Gui Inacio (your hot Hunk of the Day) are your reward for making it through the weekend! Gui is an actor, model, and trainer!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Luke Guldan
Zeb Ringle
Matthew Morrison
Luke Guldan
Ryan Kwanten

Chris Leabu - Hunk du Jour

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Justin Deeley
Jeremy Bloom
Augusto Coronado
Stefan Pinto
Bret Harrison

Kris Kranz - Hunk du Jour

Minnesota-born model Kris Kranz is featured in these throwback photos to an underwear campaign for Energie underwear... which may no longer be a brand.

Kris is still modeling with Wilhelmina.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Sean Patrick Davey
Alex O
Domenique Melchior
Gethin Jones
Wentworth Miller

See More of Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz
Kris Kranz

Jonathan Angle - Hunk du Jour

A sexy fella with a dance and acrobatics background, Jonathan Angle is definitely a fresh face! Check out these TEN photos of Jonathan, then follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook via his profile links at the end of the post!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Tyler Denk
Steve Jones
Aaron Johnson
Daniel Miller
Josh Wald

Bruno Gissoni - Hunk du Jour

Bruno Gissoni via Listal
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day, Brazilian Bruno Gissoni who went up against David Beckham in the voting - and won! Check out a ton more photos after the jump.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Robbie Gambrell
Adam Levine
Darrell Holloman
Tony Ring
Anderson Schneider

Harijs Broza - Hunk du Jour

Harijs Broza via ModelMayhem
Enlarge Photo

Latvian fitness and underwear model Harijs Broza kicks off our week back from the Fourth of July holiday. He currently resides in Los Angeles and has worked with such Hunk du Jour favorites as Tom Cullis, Simon Le, Luis Rafael, Hotsnapz, and Mike Ruiz.

Check out some work from his portfolio after the jump!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
James Smith
Aaron O
Tim McGraw
Ben Browder
Eric Daigle

See More of Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza
Harijs Broza

Shahid Kapoor - Hunk du Jour

Shahid Kapoor via Rediff
Enlarge Photo

Indian actor Shahid Kapoor took the most votes and is named today's Hunk of the Day! While currently on a break from shooting, he returns to work soon to keep shooting a film called Vikas Bahl

In his downtime he's been spending time at his flat and watching (along with the rest of the world)... the World Cup.

If you have any doubts about his popularity, just look at the number of "Likes" he has on Facebook. TEN MILLION. For real.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Toby Barnett
Martin Pichler
Stephen Massey aka DJ Grind
Davi Alvarado
Mark Munroe

Chase Isaacs - Hunk du Jour

Chase Isaacs by David Vance for Dominus Mag via Homotography
Enlarge Photo

Indiana model Chase Isaacs is your Hunk of the Day! 5' 11", 190 lbs, with a 43" chest -- this handsome fella has shot with the likes of David Vance and Luis Rafael. He's also happily engaged -- congrats, Chase!

Enjoy this sampling of Chase's work with David & Luis. And don't forget to check the bottom of this post for Chase's Instagram/Twitter/Facebook links so you can become a fan!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Nick Patton
Pablo Hernandez
Matthew Brewer
Dominic Purcell
Jason Dohring

Warren Carlyle - Hunk du Jour

I only knew him as "ModelWarren" for what seemed like forever -- but this happy, handsome, and helpful hunk has since been revealed as Warren Carlyle to me. His fans love that he skips the normal whole-body shave that so many other male models do, but the interactions and chat with his followers really endear them.

Well if Warren doesn't inspire you to go out and make something of your Tuesday, you're in rough shape today! Don't worry, though -- we'll try again tomorrow.

[ More Info about Warren: - Social Links at End of Post ]

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Tommy DiDario
Cory Fritz
Cristiano Ronaldo
Matthew McConaughey

Tyler Kenyon - Hunk du Jour

I'm not one to regurgitate press releases, so let's just hit you with the bare facts...

Tyler Kenyon...
Garcon Model Miami Collection...
Daniel Jaems...
...need we say more?

Tyler Kenyon - Hunk du Jour

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