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The naked rugby calendar is back, and I just got a look at this teaser for the 2016 edition and am excited about the prospects of the coming year!

Photographer Fred Goudon is back at the reigns, and the trailer gives us a glimpse of what he has in store for us this year.

Fred also shares on his blog post that the following athletes are appearing:

Sergio PARISSE, Sofiane GUITOUNE, Pascal PAPÉ, Fulgence OUEDRAOGO,James HASKELL, Scott LAVALLA, Jamie CUDMORE, Mirco & Mauro BERGAMASCO, Hugo BONNEVAL, Antoine BURBAN, Jono ROSS, Hugh PYLE, Djibril CAMARA, Thomas COMBEZOU, Henry VANDERGLAS, Alexis PALISSON, Geoffroy MESSINA, ... Ainsi que de nombreux invités: Florent PIETRUS (Basketball), Jonas MARTIN (Football), Jérémy PARISI (judo), Nelson PANCIATICI (Pilote Automobile), Sylvain Potard (MMA), Jim ZONA (Gymnastique).

Dan Osborne - Hunk du Jour

Dan Osborne
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day is Dan Osborne! UK readers know him from The Only Way is Essex and Splash... readers in the states may want to know him better!

More photos after the jump of Dan stripped down to his underwear, speedos, and less! (Oh my!)

Mark Raimondo - Hunk du Jour

Bonus Photos for you today of the Hunk of the Day, Mark Raimondo! Check out this shoot for Dominus Magazine he did with Thomas Synnamon!

Mark Raimondo - Hunk du Jour

Vasa Nestorovic - Hunk du Jour

Vasa Nestorovic by Rick Day via Image Amplified
Enlarge Photo

Happy Monday & welcome back. Serbian model Vasa Nestorovic is our Hunk of the Day, and we're featuring photos from Rick Day, Thomas Synnamon, and Rodolfo Martinez. There's more where this came from, so click thru and see what is waiting after the jump!

Todd Sanfield - Hunk du Jour

...or at least he's giving us a naked teaser! More on that in a second.

Todd Sanfield has just landed on the cover of DNA Magazine for the FIFTH time, graduated as a doctor of pharmacy, has a killer line of designer underwear, and is taking pre-orders for a second photography book that looks to be another amazing collaboration with Kevin McDermott... Virgin Island. Someone's having a great summer!

An enthusiastic owner of Todd & Kevin's previous book collaboration, Motel Hotel, I immediately pre-ordered my copy (order before July 26th for a signed copy) when I saw the teaser video tweeted by Todd this morning.

Check out the video teaser for the book after the jump, then buy your copy at

Campbell Brown - Hunk du Jour

Campbell Brown
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day is Campbell Brown -- a former Aussie Rules footballer and now AFL television commentator.

I wasn't very aware of Campbell until this morning, but his wikipedia page almost reads like a gossip column or the screenplay to an unfolding drama!

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See More of Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown
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Campbell Brown

Derek Allen Watson - Hunk du Jour

Derek Allen Watson by Nephi Niven
Enlarge Photo

Longtime Hunk du Jour favorite Derek Allen Watson is your hump day hottie this week -- winning yesterday's Hunk of the Day vote!

He recently moved out to Los Angeles from New York, and is undoubtedly enjoying all of that California sunshine -- much like we are unabashedly enjoying the fact that he can wear much less clothing in day-to-day life.

Follow his exploits on twitter @_derekallen (or our exploits @HunkDuJour!)

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Daniel Robinson, director of Broadway Bares Documentary - Hunk du Jour

The time has come... Broadway Bares is among us once again! Daniel Robinson has been tapped to direct the Broadway Bares documentary celebrating the event's 20 years.

In addition to making a donation for your favorite Broadway Bares stripper, they are seeking some donations to help cover the costs of making the documentary. You can donate at

Broadway Bares is one of the sexiest, wildest nights of the theatre year. But it's also a fundraising powerhouse for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS - having raised over six million dollars since its first performance in 1991. The brainchild of choreographer/director Jerry Mitchell--one of the creative forces behind Hairspray, The Full Monty, and Legally Blonde--Broadway Bares is an amazing humanitarian and financial achievement whose audience and influence grow every year. It represents the hard work (and harder bodies) of hundreds of working professionals, who volunteer their time and talents to make this show a success.

Daniel Robinson, director of Broadway Bares Documentary - Hunk du Jour

Special Bonus after the jump... a video of GLEE's Matthew Morrison shaking his stuff at a past Broadway Bares event!

Do you have a favorite Broadway Bares stripping fundraiser? Post a comment on this entry with a link to their page!

[ Broadway Bares - Official Site ]
[ Broadway Bares Documentary - Official Site ]

Chris Pratt - Hunk du Jour

Age: 29
Height: 6' 2"
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Grey
Born: Lake Stevens, WA

In Bride Wars, Chris Pratt played the fiance of Anne Hathaway. In reality, he is the fiance of Anna Faris. People might also remember him from Everwood and The OC. This tall, handsome guy is still relatively new to the movie screen, but we hope to see more of him. Judging by the pictures we found of Chris, Anna is one lucky girl.

Interesting Fact: Chris was discovered while working at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant on Maui, HI.

[ Photos via ]

Alessandro Calza - Hunk du Jour

Age: 38
Height: 6'
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Born: Genova, Italy

There isn't much info on Alessandro Calza yet. We do know he has appeared in his first movie, called Ciao. We also know that he is smoking hot. You can read his interview about Ciao.

Ciao Interview

[ Alessandro Calza Gallery - ]
[ Alessandro Calza - Hot Daddy of the Day ]
[ Alessandro Calza - Official Site ]

UPDATE: Added his official site, thanks to a reader tip!

Some of our best ideas come from dedicated Hunk du Jour readers like yourself and Sheldon! Leave a comment and say thanks to Sheldon for recommending this post, then Suggest a Hunk of your own!

Paulo Pascoal - Hunk du Jour

Age: 25
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Paulo Pascoal
is a man of accomplishment. Spending his childhood in Angola, he went to Spain at age 10 to study theology. By 16, he had decided he wanted to immigrate to the U.S. to study performing arts.


By 21, he had released a music album
By 22, a lead character in a soap opera in Portugal
By 23, working for Unicef
By 24, studies journalism & plays Dax on Power Rangers.
By 25, a model in New York City.

Is there anything this guy hasn't done?

More pictures after the jump. Enjoy!

More pics of Paulo here as well:
Beautiful Mag
Model Mayhem

Broadway Bares XVII Participant - Hunk du Jour

Last weekend Broadway Bares XVII raised an amazing $743,787 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

There were over 5,500 tickets sold to the two performances, with nearly 250 participants in the show! Not pictured: the 10 nearly-naked waiters working in the VIP section. How do we get in THERE?

The evening was capped off with a donation from M·A·C AIDS Fund of $115,000!

The first Broadway Bares performance (if you could even call it that) back in 1991 raised $8,000. Jerry Mitchell and six friends basically stripped at a bar in Chelsea for charity. Since then, the annual even has brought in a total of $4.8 MILLION DOLLARS for BC/EFA and their supported organizations.

This event is a major fundraiser for them, and if you feel guilty at all about viewing photos from the event without attending then you should definitely donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Broadway Bares XVII Participant - Hunk du Jour

[ Source: Boys in the Sun ]
[ Donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS ]

Alexsander - photographer and blogger - Hunk du Jour Name: Alexsander
Age: 29
Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Relationship status: Single
Height/Weight: 5'10', 145
Occupation: Personal Assistant

I saw on your blog that this is the first year San Diego will be playing host to the national Dining Out For Life campaign. (Happening TONIGHT nationwide!) Are you a restaurant ambassador, or getting a big group to go dine out that night?

I am very excited about this, San Diegans are getting involved and I hope this is going to be a great event, I am not a restaurant embassador, but I have told all my friends about it and I have a group of 10+ people for dinner that night. It's for a great cause!

Last summer you raised cash for the San Diego AIDS Walk with an innovative incentive gift for donors... yourself! I hope PBS & NPR take a cue from you (though I'm not sure I'd be as brave in my fundraising for this year's AIDS Walk in Seattle.) How was the response to this? Are you planning on doing it again this year?

The response was good, I thought about it while taking a shower one day, I didn't know if I could raise funds while offering private pictures of myself, but some great people did helped. A lot of guys have asked me if I am going to do the "second part" of my "Home Alone Series" this year, but I haven't thought about it, right now I have two calendars on sale throught my "online store" and all the proceeds are going to the SD AIDS Walk this year.

From your photos it seems like you are off to regular adventures with your friends that include sunny pools or beaches (any excuse for showing off in the skimpy swimwear?) Tell us a little about your favorite adventure.

I enjoy the beach a lot, the sun , the sand and of course the cute boys showing off their sexy bodies, I can use any excuse to wear my "little" speedos, birthdays, pool parties, the beach, foam parties etc- I honestly don't like those big tanning lines, so with my speedos I get less lines.

I was browsing through your flickr photostream and came across some of you in (what looked to be) a Tahitian dance competition... did you do well? How often did you participate in those when you were younger?

While living in Hawaii, I tried to emerge in their culture; one day I heard some drums going on by my house I followed the sound and found a group of dancers, I was very excited and I was invited to stay and watch, later on I became a member of the group and we went to a Major Competition in Maui. I was nervous for my solo competition- I was the only latino there, I had a great time. We won a couple of awards as a group, I didn't do so well in my solo-

It looks like you have the occasional brushes with fame? Is running across celebrities something that gets you a little star-struck, or can you keep your cool and just treat 'em as "plain folks"?

I get excited when I see "famous" people, but I don't show it, most of the times I tell my friends: OMG that's X and Y from this and that show , but they usually don't know what I am talking about, when I get to meet them I always compliment them in their arts and that's it- I guess I treat them as regular folks.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Alexsander! Check out the links below to read Alexsander's blog, or look at his flickr photostream.

[ Alexsander's Blog ]
[ Alexsander's Flickr Photos ]

Lars - Hunk du Jour

Back in February we saw Lars Stephan on flickr and featured a photo. He found the post and then was nice enough to let me ask him some questions about photography, his life in New York City, and moving to the United States from Germany.

For more of Lars' photography, check out his flickr photostream!

You moved to New York in the last few years from Germany, what brought you to New York?
I moved to NY in order to be with my then boyfriend Kelley. For a couple of years we had been in a long distance relationship with him being in New York and me in Germany. That relationship didn’t work out, but I stayed in New York anyway and then met my current boyfriend Stuart.

What differences do you experience as an artist between that country and the US? Is New York more condusive to your expression as a photographer?
Since I haven't really spent much time elsewhere in the US besides LA, I can only speak about NY. I find NYC and its energy very inspiring compared to Hamburg where I lived before I moved here. It is easier to express oneself and be oneself without being frowned upon. Although I have to say that NY is more and more ruled by money and those with it, instead of those who are interesting or talented. I kept hearing that Berlin is still interesting.

Your self-portraits get a lot of attention in your flickr photostream, of course. Tell us a little bit about how you handle sometimes being bothphotographer and subject at the same time.
I like the creative freedom of being both photographer and the model at the same time. I can do whatever I want, whenever I feel like it. If I don't like the result nobody is ever going to see it. I also like the fact that I don't need to justify myself to anyone in the creation of my images.

When you walk out your door in the morning with camera closeby, do you know what you're looking for? How does inspiration find you?
I never really know what I am looking for. Most often something just catches my eye, may it be the light on a building, a color combination or a unexpected composition.

You and your partner share a love of photography, is that how you two met?
We actually met while I was riding my bike and he was walking down the street. It was a wordless meeting with me giving him my phone number. We spoke the next day just as he was flying to London for a couple of weeks.

Finally -- some of our silly Random Hunk QuestionsTM!

1) You're on the subway filled with celebrities. Between which two celebrities would you sit down?
Bette Davis and Muhammad Ali

2) You've been given a grant to do a series of self-portraits around the world. Which locations would you choose?

3) Which is your Dreamgirl: Beyonce Knowles or Jennifer Hudson?
Miss Hudson.

4) Better outfit: Spiderman, Superman, or Batman?

5) Team USA Swimmer Michael Phelps, Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and comedian Dane Cook.
Which would you boff/screw/make whoopee/have sex with? Which would you Marry? Which would you Kill?

Dane Cook, who is that?? So let's kill him off, Jake is a very sweet man, I met him a couple of times, so let's make whoppee with him (although I don’t think he would be interested) and as far as Michael Phelps goes, I would kill him too, if I didn’t respect his talent as a swimmer.

Thanks for much for chatting with us, Lars! And good luck in your future projects!

Portuguese Model - Hunk du Jour

We have a seriously hot guy to highlight for this week's MySpace Monday feature...

Bruno is a delicious Portuguese model who is so adorable that I almost can't stand it. When I asked about featuring him on MySpace Monday, he stated it would be an honor. Sigh. I know he is straight, but I love me some Bruno!

Check out his MySpace profile.

Bruno é muito sexy!

Alan Cumming, recently wed - Hunk du Jour

Perhaps you know him from his stage career (Threepenny Opera, Cabaret), or films (including X-Men), or racy cologne campaign (see image after the jump.) We're happy to congratulate Alan Cumming on his marriage to partner Grant Shaffer.

[ source ]

Steve Debusscher - Hunk du Jour

At first I fell in love with his lips. Then I saw this picture. This model is so hot that I think parts of my new laptop melted. He is beautiful! You deserve to see several pictures of this hunk!

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