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Max Aria - Hunk du Jour

Your Hunk of the Day is Max Aria, a model who has appeared (amongst elsewhere) in BELLO Mag, an excellent electronic magazine you should check out - from Alek and Steph... the creators of OHLALA Mag.

Francis Mossman - Hunk du Jour

Francis Mossman by Luke Austin via Handsome Males
Enlarge Photo

Happy Tuesday! And I'm happily being introduced to Francis Mossman -- a Kiwi (New Zealand) actor. And in my research this morning I had to see him get stabbed this morning... which was a bit of a downer.

Anyway, he's appeared on TV (Spartacus) and a web series in Australia called The Horizon. He also doesn't seem to shy away from showing some skin -- exactly the kind of Hunk du Jour we crave on a Tuesday!

Check out the full photos set, after the jump!

Alex Minsky - Hunk du Jour

Alex Minsky by Eric Pietrangolare for Charlie by MZ via Accidental Bear
Enlarge Photo

Yes... Alex Minsky here in some sexy gold Charlie by Matthew Zink swim briefs! Thanks to the also-sexy Accidental Bear for sharing this!

Todd Sanfield - Hunk du Jour

...or at least he's giving us a naked teaser! More on that in a second.

Todd Sanfield has just landed on the cover of DNA Magazine for the FIFTH time, graduated as a doctor of pharmacy, has a killer line of designer underwear, and is taking pre-orders for a second photography book that looks to be another amazing collaboration with Kevin McDermott... Virgin Island. Someone's having a great summer!

An enthusiastic owner of Todd & Kevin's previous book collaboration, Motel Hotel, I immediately pre-ordered my copy (order before July 26th for a signed copy) when I saw the teaser video tweeted by Todd this morning.

Check out the video teaser for the book after the jump, then buy your copy at

Chase Isaacs - Hunk du Jour

Chase Isaacs by David Vance for Dominus Mag via Homotography
Enlarge Photo

Sorry for the delay in today's hunk... I settled in for a post-holiday snooze last night and was out for a few hours more than I was planning on!

I think we can all agree that Chase Isaacs is worth the wait, though! I saw this image on Homotography and knew he would be popular.

Chase is a fitness model, naturally, who just turned 23... He's 5' 11" tall, blue eyed, and hails from Indiana.

Chase can be found on Twitter @cm_isaacs, Instagram @cmisaacs, and has a Facebook page if you want to keep a closer eye on him! (We are on Twitter @HunkDuJour and if you want to see pictures of peoples cats and some of my photography I'm Instagramming @chrismonsos.)

Okay, now I'm going to go select & load today's nominees... I promise!

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Chase Isaacs

Check out the one-and-only Davey Wavey in a Sexy Underwear Challenge video shot in the UK with his buddy Will. Merry Christmas to us all...

 - Hunk du Jour London shoppers hardly put up a fight yesterday when faced with this invasion crew -- the aussieBum boys took over the men's underwear department in Selfridges on Oxford Street showing off their new day-of-the-week undies. While the calendar may have said Thursday, I'm sure many shoppers were more excited by Mr. Friday. [ aussieBum- Official Site ]  - Hunk du Jour

My apologies to our international readership, but this clip was too good not to share - even though it will only play for visitors from the United States.

Olivia Newton-John joined the cast of GLEE this week for a new version of her iconic song Physical with Jane Lynch (who plays evil cheer squad coach Sue Sylvester in the show.)

UPDATE: Heroic reader Mike was nice enough to share the YouTube link of the video with us, for all of our international guests! -- thanks, Mike!

The song itself is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Rib Hillis - Hunk du Jour

Age: 37
Height: 6 foot
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Born: Suffern, NY

First discovered by a modeling agent, Rib (Robert) Hillis started his career in Europe, doing ad campaigns for Versace, Armani, and Catalyst Cologne. In America, he modeled male lingerie and did well on daytime TV, with roles on Port Charles and Passions. Most recently, Rib has been a part of the design team on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

This is one guy that can come remodel my house anytime!

[ Rib Hillis - Official Site ]
[ Rib Hillis - MySpace ]
[ Rib Hillis - Twitter ]

Will Mellor - Hunk du Jour

Age: 32
Born: Stockport, UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

I stumbled upon this hottie the other day by pure accident. Will Mellor is actually well known in England for his funny skits that appeared on the BBC comedy hit, "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps." He made his first appearance to TV on a British soap opera in 1995, lasted a few years, and went into music where one of his singles made it to #5 on the British charts.

So wait a second. This guy can act, do comedy, sing, AND happens to be devilishly handsome? Home-run!

And a little bit of a bum shot:
Will Mellor's Bum

[ Source: Spunky's Shirtless Superstars ]

UPDATE: Something went awry yesterday with this post, so we are giving it another shot. Enjoy!

Here at Hunk du Jour, we fully encourage reader suggestions. This Tyson Paige post is a reader suggestion from Lisa. Thanks Lisa!

Tyson Paige - Hunk du Jour

A breath of fresh air in the modeling world, Tyson Paige is quoted as saying, "I hate drugs, rude people, mean people, money, cheating, liars...I have a huge heart." Tyson has hit the modeling circuit by storm, making his debut with Abercrombie & Fitch in 2007. Most recently, Tyson has a multiple page spread in DNA Magazine (Issue #105).

It's easy to see why this chiseled hunk is becoming an American favorite.

Age: 21
Height: 6'
Eyes: Green
Find Him On: MySpace, DNA Magazine

After the jump, see a bare surprise.

Alan Ritchson in Abercrombie and Fitch, Aquaman on Smallville - Hunk du Jour

Wandered into Hunk du Jour Headquarters this morning and was greeted with a happy surprise! Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville -- season premiere tonight!) waiting in our lobby in his birthday suit... personally delivering some of his latest photos for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Ok... so maybe that's a bit of a fib. I didn't go into our world headquarters so much as wander down to the kitchen table in my PJ bottoms. And Alan Ritchson wasn't waiting there with a cup of coffee. But he was in his birthday suit -- sent over by our friends at Vision Model Management.

Now that we've gotten that cleared up -- check out two more photos after the jump... plus a link to an uncropped version of the aforementioned birthday suit photo.

Will Wikle - Hunk du Jour

Will Wikle may have started out on reality television on Big Brother, but he's up on the big screen now in Another Gay Sequel. This raunchy gay answer to teen sex comedies has headed off to the beach, and from the sound of it we aren't exactly talking about the next Frankie & Annette film.

Check out our exclusive interview with Will after the jump -- plus a link to a photo from this sultry photo shoot he did with photographer Rick Day that is even too hot for HDJ!

Alan Ritchson for N2N - Hunk du Jour

We all saw the sizzling photos of Alan Ritchson's N2N Bodywear campaign, now we're able to get a peek at how the photo shoot went in these behind-the-scenes videos! (Turns out Alan doesn't have a changing room... just a guy holding up a coat.)

Since seeing stills of Alan isn't enough, we're sharing these two videos so that you can see Alan flexing, running up and down the pool, and sticking his tush out from behind his trench-coat-dressing-room. Plus, a bonus video of a poolside N2N fashion show!

[ N2N Bodywear ]
[ Alan Ritchson Soars as a Superhero for Orbit Gum - Hunk du Jour ]

CK Underwear Model Travis Fimmel - Hunk du Jour

You may have seen this face around before... or perhaps you recognize something other than his face! Though Travis Fimmel did appear in the short-lived Tarzan television series, it's probably from wandering the men's underwear aisle at your local department store that he really caught your eye.

What's funny is that Travis initially rebuffed his management's proposal that he go for the Calvin Klein campaign, let alone appear just in his underwear! But everyone else at the audition was dismissed, and he was left with a six-figure offer. He signed on the dotted line and quickly became one of the most memorable faces in CK history.

We've brought out the big guns this evening and are sharing over twenty photos of this delicious man -- enjoy!

[ fair warning: you'll see some bum cheeks after the jump... someone's got to model those thongs I guess. ]

Bryan Hawn - Hunk du Jour

Happy New Year!!!!

While looking at a new underwear site called Play Underwear, I found the hot underwear model Bryan Hawn. I then found him on MySpace and he agreed to answer 5 of our RHQ's.

As an underwear model, what is your personal favorite brand of underwear? : My favorite brand of underwear is RIPS, they are sexy masculine, comfortable, and well made.

What is your favorite place that you have been to in all of your travels? : My favorite place I've traveled to would have to be South Africa. I had the opportunity to visit an ostrich farm and ride a crazy ostrich that wouldn't stop running, and it took them forever to catch it. Of course I was holding onto it's wings for dear life. :) It definately made the trip.

What is your favorite part of your body? : Definately my ass. I used to run National Junior Olympic Track and Field... I 'm sure that's when it first started really developing. Some good genetics combined with a lot of hard work, and there it is today. :) [Ed: We have to agree he has a pretty nice one that you can see after the jump]

What part of your body do you dislike? : I don't dislike any part of my body. I'm doing the best I can with what God has given me, and always working harder o break new plateaus. There is always room for improvement. :)

What is your one food weakness? : Sour Patch Kids. I love them so much! It's making my mouth water right now. The problem is I won't eat just one bag. 6 bags later, I'm like, "I think I've had too much sugar today. :(

UPDATE: Forgot to link to his MySpace profile.

Mario Lopez - Hunk du Jour

Not suprisingly, Mario Lopez garnered the most votes on our Hunk of the Day page last month.

Mario Lopez - Hunk du Jour

Didn't take long, did it? The video clip of Mario's appearance on Nip/Tuck!

This week has kinda turned into the video week, huh? Well never fear -- we'll get back on the photo wagon!

Mario Lopez Nip Tuck - Hunk du Jour

As Doug can attest, I have a little thing for Mario Lopez... so you can imagine my delight today when I ran across these screencaps from an (upcoming?) episode of Nip/Tuck...

Warning: you WILL see Mario's bum after the jump.

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