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Shahid Kapoor - Hunk du Jour

Shahid Kapoor via Rediff
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Indian actor Shahid Kapoor took the most votes and is named today's Hunk of the Day! While currently on a break from shooting, he returns to work soon to keep shooting a film called Vikas Bahl

In his downtime he's been spending time at his flat and watching (along with the rest of the world)... the World Cup.

If you have any doubts about his popularity, just look at the number of "Likes" he has on Facebook. TEN MILLION. For real.

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Abhishek Poojari - Hunk du Jour

Updated 9:45am Seattle-Time with three more photos!

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International Model Patrick Ribbsaeter - Hunk du Jour

Name: Patrick Ribbsaeter
Height/Weight: 185cm / 76 kg
Orientation: Straight

Where did you grow up as a child?
I was born in Jakobsberg, Sweden (north of Stockholm) with my mother and two sisters. I moved to the west coast(Gothenburg) at the age of 13 to live with my father I'm very close to today.

What language was spoken at home? Did you learn Thai and Swedish? How many languages do you speak now?
My mother tongue is Swedish. My mother wanted me to learn Thai at younger age, but I was never interested because I was always out playing with my friends. Since I started to work as a model I've been able to have the opportunity to learn so many different languages. I was based in Barcelona, Spain, in 2000 (where they, of course, speak Spanish.)This became very useful to me once I started to travel as Spanish is the second most useful language in the world (after English.) I can now speak and understand around 9 languages.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a soccer player since I was a child. I was also very involved with ice hockey and wanted to be a professional goalie. In fact I wanted to be pro in both of them if I could. I trained and worked very hard everyday to become better -- I even quit school to pursue my dreams. I was very talented and played with some people who where couple of years older then me. If I would have continued, I sure would have been a pro today in either one of those sports.

John Abraham - Hunk du Jour

Bollywood actor John Abraham. This Indian movie star started out his career in the public eye as the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1999.

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