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Renato Ferreira - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! It's gray and cloudy once again in Seattle - oddly reassuring after some warm and sunny days.

If you missed it yesterday, I posted my Q&A with "ModelWarren" Warren Carlyle -- check out that interview and sixteen photos after you check out the rest of photos of Renato Ferreira, your Hunk of the Day!

Renato is represented by Major Model in New York, and 40 Graus Models in Rio.

Reinaldo Dalcin - Hunk du Jour

Reinaldo Dalcin from Joy Model Management
Enlarge Photo

Your Friday Hunk of the Day... and your Mister Brazil 2013... gentlemen and ladies, I give you Reinaldo Dalcin! There are ten more photos of this handsome Brazilian for you after the jump... including shirtless and in a sunga (a Brazilian speedo)!

Bruno Gissoni - Hunk du Jour

Bruno Gissoni via Listal
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day, Brazilian Bruno Gissoni who went up against David Beckham in the voting - and won! Check out a ton more photos after the jump.

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Maklon Barcaro - Hunk du Jour

Happy Monday! Your Hunk of the Day was photographed by Marcio Del Nero for Junior Magazine in Brazil. And that hunk is... Maklon Barcaro!

Check out three more shots from the spread after the jump!

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Bernardo Velasco - Hunk du Jour

Bernardo Velasco via Loving Male Models
Enlarge Photo

Brazilian actor and model Bernardo Velasco is your Hunk of the Day! And if you like these photos, we have eight more photos after the jump that you'll really enjoy -- from him looking amazing in a speedo to him taking a picture of his crotch!

Click here to see it all.

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Guilherme Leao - Hunk du Jour

Guilherme Leao via
Enlarge Photo

Guilherme Leao, your Hunk of the Day, caught everyone's eye when he was named the Hottest Subway Security Guard in Brazil -- and in a country full of so many attractive men, that's not an easy title to snag!

Check out a couple of his Instagram photos after the jump -- he has 37,000 followers!

(My photography on Instagram only has 1,200 followers, wanna be 1201?)

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Guilherme Rufino - Hunk du Jour

Guilherme Rufino by Gabriel Lucas for H Magazine via Homotrophy
Enlarge Photo

Oh Guilherme! You've run away with our hearts much like you ran away with the Hunk of the Day title on this, the happiest of hump-days.

If you love this photo of Guilherme Rufino you simply must check out the two more photos after the jump, because there is more of this hunk where those came from! (That smile! Total package.)

Keep tabs on this fella on Instagram @GuilhermeRufino (while you're at it... check out @HunkDuJour if you have any interest in silly selfies of a blogger. I'll throw in a cat or cheeseburger photo later if you request one.)

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Marlon Teixeira - Hunk du Jour

Six-foot-two with gorgeous hazel eyes and tussled brown hair, Marlon Teixeira is a Brazilian model who never disappoints! We're glad to crown him today's Hunk of the Day.

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Anderson Barbosa - Hunk du Jour

Anderson Barbosa by Ronaldo Gutierrez via DNA Magazine
Enlarge Photo

Good Morning! Cruising toward your weekend, our next stop is with sexy Brazilian model Anderson Barbosa - who we got our first look at this week on the DNA Magazine Blog. He proved to be incredibly popular with you -- gathering up 56% of the votes for Hunk of the Day!

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William Nunes - Hunk du Jour

William Nunes by Wong Sim via Homotography
Enlarge Photo

Happy Weekend!

I don't know much about William Nunes -- but he is a Brazilian model, active on Instagram and Facebook, and a stone cold fox.

...sometimes that is enough! Congrats, William -- and hope you all have a great weekend.

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Blake Price
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Miro Moreira - Hunk du Jour

29-year-old Brazilian male model (don't you just love how those words sound together?) Miro Moreira is your Hunk of the Day. He appears here in this campaign for New Captain photographed by Marcio Del Nero.

He also appeared on a Brazilian reality show called A Fazenda... which sounds like a version of Celebrity Big Brother, but the contestants all live on a farm! Unfortunately, he came in 10th place during the show's first season - unclear as to whether that was due to his farming skills or his social game.

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See More of Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira

Erasmo Viana - Hunk du Jour

Check out Erasmo Viana in these photos by Cesar Dutra for New Captain Underwear that their PR folks were kind enough to send over. Now if they'd send over their full product line as well as Erasmo to help me decide which to wear each day I think I could die a happy man...

Erasmo Viana - Hunk du Jour

via Towleroad comes this new music video by NYC nightlife queen Amanda Lepore -- check out the bevy of Brazilian beauties she has in this video with her!

Full lyrics & video credits after the jump!

Arthur Sales photographed by Greg Vaughan - Hunk du Jour

Made in Brazil has an exclusive look at a new shoot from photographer Greg Vaughan featuring model Arthur Sales!

Click here to see the complete set of this Made in Brazil exclusive!

Arthur Sales photographed by Greg Vaughan - Hunk du Jour

Guilherme Logullo - Hunk du Jour

Photographer Leigh Carter sent in these photos of Brazilian model Guilherme Logullo from a shoot they did together last year. Guilherme is currently in London and classifies himself as an actor, model, dancer, and performance artist (amongst other things.)

[ Guilherme Logullo ]
[ Photography by Leigh Carter/boy:gender ]

Guilherme Logullo - Hunk du Jour

Renato Ferreira, Major Model Management. Shot by Richard Gerst for BelloMag - Hunk du Jour

Check out these photos of Renato Ferreira, who is prominently featured in the latest issue of Bello Mag. Renato appears in Boys in the Hood, a fashion editorial from Richard Gerst.

Says Gerst of the shoot:

Renato is truly polite - clear, calm, direct- and "strong" in all aspects of his personality.

When I put him in front of the lens he became this concentration of energy, barely containable by that rippling physique of his -- which he obviously has worked very, very hard perfecting!

"Boys in the Hood" was conceived as a fall fashion shoot and shot with Cameron K. Carpenter styling, someone I have worked with before. He is always great fun to work with.

The strobed throw back shots obtained outside during the day came from the concept of street-wise toughness and action. I wanted something beautiful and atypical.

The editors at BelloMag agreed - and loved the look.

Check out three more outtakes from the shoot after the jump -- a big thank-you to Richard for sending them over!

[ Bello Mag #12 ]
[ Richard Gerst Photography - Official Site ]
[ Renato Ferreira - Major Model Management ]

Sexy Brazilian Jihaime Dos Santos, by photographer Pablo Chester - Hunk du Jour

From photographer Pablo Chester comes this set of photos featuring sexy Brazilian model Jihaime Dos Santos!

[ Pablo Chester - Official Site ]

Diogo Rodrigues - Hunk du Jour

by João Arraes
Enlarge Photo

Featured this morning over at Made in Brazil is Diogo Rodrigues, as photographed by João Arraes. Definitely the face (ok, and body) that can motivate me to make it through the day!

Diogo Rodrigues - Hunk du Jour

by João Arraes
Enlarge Photo

[ Diogo Rodrigues - Made in Brazil ]

Eduardo Alves - Hunk du Jour

Check out this awesome set of photos from Didio Photo of Eduardo Alves... rowr! Eleven photos total.

Eduardo Alves - Hunk du Jour

[ Eduardo Alves by Dido Photo ]

Vinicius Vini Oliveira - Hunk du Jour

While the headline event this past Sunday was (of course) the Superbowl, Seattle fans of the other football tuned in to the post-bowl Sounders FC SuperSearch to watch ten talented soccer players compete for the final roster position in the Seattle Sounders FC.

The Sounders FC is the 15th Major League Soccer team, and has already sold more season tickets than any other MLS team in the league's history. (They even have a marching band... the only MLS team that does.)

But back to the SuperSearch!

The big winner at the end of the evening was Vinicius 'Vini' Oliveira, who had a strong fan presence at the televised finals. He joins Swedish dreamboat (and Calvin Klein model) Freddie Ljungberg on the Sounders FC roster.

As my friends and I watched the SuperSearch finals, we were reminded how incredibly hot the players are... with Vini being no exception to that rule. (Okay, okay... and that football is an incredibly fast-paced and fun game.) We're looking into season tickets now, so maybe we'll see you alongside the pitch!

[ Seattle Sounders FC ]

Vinicius Vini Oliveira - Hunk du Jour

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