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Kayne Lawton - Hunk du Jour

Kayne Lawton from for Gods of Football 2009 Calendar
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Your Hunk of the Day? Kayne Lawton, in this shot from the 2009 Gods of Football calendar in Australia. Aussie rules football and rugby players pose nude in these calendars to raise money for the cancer charity, McGrath Foundation. The 2009 edition was produced by creative director and photographer of the project, Pedro Virgil.

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Campbell Brown - Hunk du Jour

Campbell Brown
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Your Hunk of the Day is Campbell Brown -- a former Aussie Rules footballer and now AFL television commentator.

I wasn't very aware of Campbell until this morning, but his wikipedia page almost reads like a gossip column or the screenplay to an unfolding drama!

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Boris Kodjoe - Hunk du Jour

Here are two more photos of actor Boris Kodjoe, our Hunk of the Day! He is on the November 16th cover of Jet with his family, and will appear soon in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Boris Kodjoe - Hunk du Jour

[ Boris Kodjoe - Official Site ]
[ Sophie's Voice Foundation ]

Matjaz - Hunk du Jour

Matty's Stats

Age: 19
Current Location: Graz/Austria
Occupation: Student (also working from time to time)
Relationship Status: Single


How long have you played the violin?
I started playing violin at age of 5. It was not a surprise, since I come from a very musical family. Since then I try to do as much as I can to make people enjoy the classical music, since it's one of the things I love in my life.

How come you haven't posted some of your music on your MySpace page?
Hmmmm, let's see:) The thing is, we - classical musicians are more or less really pedantic and trying to make everything 110%. I really didn't want to put just anything up here. I think the concert in June will be great (since I'm playing some of my favorite pieces), so it might happen I'll just put it on afterwards :)

How about modeling? How long have you had an interest in that?
Ahhh, fashion is my life, lol. Just kidding, but I gotta say I really am interested in it from every aspect of it - I truly believe it's an art. And if you're interested in something of course you will take a chance to make as much of it as possible. So despite my lack of [height], I help some friends photographers sometime just for the taste of it. Who knows, maybe I'll grow in the next 3 years and you'll see me on D&G show... but I don't think so, lol. At least I can watch it :)

When not playing music what do you like to listen to?
I'm actually well rounded when it comes to music. I love house, and on the other hand also hip-hop and R&B since I trained in dance for 5 years. Then sometimes I just like to chill and listen to some jazz, soul... everything that's "good for my ears" :)

Where do you want to live 5 years from now?
Well since I want to get my bachelor's and master's here ('cause I really have a great teacher), and I was invited to come to NY to come to Juilliard, I'll definitely try to get my diploma and then move to NYC for two years or so. That would be in about 4 years. And after that I wish I could work in London. I'll try my best!

You don't have nearly enough pictures on your MySpace with your shirt off. What can you do to fix that?
Get me a good photographer and we will do something about it:)

How many tattoos do you have, what are they and where are they?
No tattoos on my little bod :P I was thinking of it, but will wait, since I'm not really sure I would get tired of it after 2 days.

Anything else you would like to share with a bunch of guys & girls that will soon be drooling over you?
Bring a towel... :)

Never stop dreaming, because that makes us do better in life and it also makes us happier. Carpe diem!,

Your MatjaĆŸ Matt Matty or whatever :)

Thanks Matt for taking time out to answer our questions. If you would like to see more of him be sure to check out his MySpace page!

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