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Dan Osborne - Hunk du Jour

Dan Osborne
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Your Hunk of the Day is Dan Osborne! UK readers know him from The Only Way is Essex and Splash... readers in the states may want to know him better!

More photos after the jump of Dan stripped down to his underwear, speedos, and less! (Oh my!)

Craig Ramsay - Hunk du Jour

Craig Ramsay via Pinterest
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Happy Hump Day, Hunk Lovers! Today we bring you Celebrity Fitness Trainer Craig Ramsay.

Today when you're doing one of Craig's routines from 5 Minute Workout Anywhere why not head over to our @HunkDuJour Twitter account for a special treat... Steve's #TightyWhitieWendesday posts, being shared later today. You'll love 'em.

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Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Kevin D. Hoover
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Happy Hump Day, Hunk Lovers! Here's a hump day quickie for you, perennial fan favorite Jack Mackenroth in these exclusive pics just for your discerning eyes!

Jack gave us a little insight on the shoot:

[Kevin and I had] been talking about shooting for a while now but our schedules never seemed to synchronize. I've been a fan of Kevin's work for a long time. The shoot was initially for a Brazilian magazine called GLAD but something got lost in translation during their communication regarding art direction and they thought the photos were "too provocative" and they only ended up using one image. We put a lot of time and effort into the shoot so we sent them to you so they could see the light of day.

Their loss is our gain! Thanks, Jack! Tweet him your appreciation to @JackMackenroth (and while you're at it - follow us @HunkDuJour!)

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Jorge Rondon
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Direct from the man himself, check out an exclusive first look at Jack Mackenroth's latest photo shoot by Jorge Rondon. They recently shot in Miami and I think you'd agree they got some excellent images.

I quizzed Jack about how the shoot came about:

Believe it or not we met on Grindr. He saw my pic and asked if he could shoot me. He is based in Florida and I have a place there so we shot on the beach. I pretty much let him take creative control because I have done so many shoots I'm basically out of ideas. I'm not a huge fan of eye make up but I just went with it. It was freezing cold all day and my eyes and nose were runny messes between shots. Jorge was really cool and he knew what he wanted so I appreciate that. I don't always have to love the styling to love the photos. He is a master at lighting.

For the beach shots where I'm lying down the waves kept coming up and freezing my nether regions. Oh the glamour!

For everything Jack be sure to hit his blog at He's also on Twitter @JackMackenroth (where you can also find us, of course... @HunkDuJour!)

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Jorge Rondon
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Matthew Michael Brown, by - Hunk du Jour

Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Status: Single/Gay
Occupation: Game test analyst at Sony Computer Entertainment and activist extraordinaire

You can catch Matthew on The Tester: Season 2 reunion special (Tuesday on PlayStation Network or online soon via the official site or, but why wait? We talk to him about his experience on a reality show, his active role in the San Diego gay community, and his secret video game crush.

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

I have an exclusive look at new photos from Jack Mackenroth, taken by the incomparable Rick Day! Says Rick, "It was a pleasure working with Jack. His beauty and professionalism made my job a hell of lot easier and quite enjoyable."

Jack was similarly impressed with Rick, saying "I love all of Rick's work, because he celebrates the male physique, without depending on tools like Photoshop, so the images always come out looking fresh and real, and the lighting is amazing."

Both men have been busy lately, with Rick Day recently releasing his book Pioneers and Jack just finishing co-producing a popular web series called The Queens of Drag: NYC on

[ Jack Mackenroth - 2007 Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

Jack Mackenroth by Andrew Werner - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth and photographer Andrew Werner... a stylish symbiosis. The two know style, and teamed up to produce these photos for an exclusive Hunk du Jour sneak peek.

"Andrew is one of the nicest, easiest photographers to work with," says Mackenroth. "Since I just turned 41, honestly, I don't know how many more photo shoots I have left in me so it's always great to work with someone you know and get along with. He understands about the importance of lighting someone who isn't 21 anymore. It also helps that he has nice things to say about me, too."

Jack Mackenroth by Andrew Werner - Hunk du Jour

Andrew added, "Everyone knows that Jack Mackenroth has great style. So naturally when I arrived at our shoot, I was eager to see what the stylist had selected for the shoot. After Jack tried on several outfits, he then, in perfectly witty 'Jack style' asked me, Clothes on or off? I instantly knew this would be a fun few hours." He added, "Jack's open, vibrant personality led him to comfortably run around half-naked; which gave me a great opportunity to share the different sides of one man with the rest of the world."

"My vision was to capture Jack's unique essence and energy through my lens; a man who has no only been HIV-positive for over 20 years, but a man who is a sex symbol, and more importantly a role model for the entire gay community."

Dave Salmoni - Hunk du Jour

Dave Salmoni stands next to dangerous and exotic animals every day of his life -- but shooting this series with photographer Tony Duran is what he considers out of his comfort zone. Dave tweeted:

"the Flaunt shoot was WAY out of my comfort zone. But the photographer is Amazing, I just did what i was told"

If he's uncomfortable, it definitely doesn't come across in this breathtaking series.

Check out Popbytes and OHLALA Mag for more coverage... uncoverage?

[ Flaunt - Official Site ]
[ Dave Salmoni - Official Site ]
[ Tony Duran - Official Site ]

Dave Salmoni - Hunk du Jour

Jessie Pavelka 2011 Calendar Photo - Hunk du Jour

Everyone's going Pavelka-crazy at the moment, whether it be for either of the reality show starring cousins! We've already seen a bit from DietTribe host Jessie Pavelka's 2011 calendar, and this morning photographer Bradford Rogne was nice enough to send over a few more to whet your appetite!

The publisher, 10%, will be releasing the calendar later this spring on and some of your other favorite retailers.

[ Jessie Pavelka - Official Site ]
[ Jessie Pavelka - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]

Jake Pavelka is the next star of The Bachelor on ABC - Hunk du Jour

The next installment of The Bachelor is on the schedule for January 2010, and filling the big shoes this time around is Texas commercial jet pilot Jake Pavelka.

Jake Pavelka is the next star of The Bachelor on ABC - Hunk du Jour

Some of our best ideas come from dedicated Hunk du Jour readers like yourself and Steve! Leave a comment and say thanks to Steve for recommending this post, then Suggest a Hunk of your own!

Nathan Marlow, Big Brother 4 Contestant - Hunk du Jour

Check out Big Brother 4 alumni Nathan Marlow!

Nathan Marlow, Big Brother 4 Contestant - Hunk du Jour

[ Nathan Marlow - MySpace ]
[ Nathan Marlow - YouTube ]

Will Wikle at home, by Brad Walsh - Hunk du Jour

Photographer Brad Walsh caught up with Will Wikle for a photo shoot amongst the Tiffany-blue walls of Will's apartment. We had a fantastic chat and interview with Will just last year -- though you may remember that amazing Rick Day photo of his tush more...

Will Wikle at home, by Brad Walsh - Hunk du Jour

[ Brad Walsh - Official Site ]
[ Whither Wikle Goest - ]

Jack Mackenroth on the pool deck at Outgames 2009 - Hunk du Jour

Congratulations to Jack Mackenroth on his Bronze medal win at Outgames 2009. Our friend medaled in the 200m IM (which he wasn't even thinking he would place in.)

UPDATE 07/28/2009: Jack won two silver medals today at the Outgames in Copenhagen in swimming - only .4 seconds from a gold!

UPDATE: Jack's final medal count: 2 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze! Way to go!

Outgames isn't over yet, though -- who are your favorites in the games? You should tell us via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail!

Jack Mackenroth on the pool deck at Outgames 2009 - Hunk du Jour

[ Outgames 2009 - Official Site ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - Official Site ]

Jonathan Waud - Hunk du Jour

Jonathan Waud might have just missed out on taking the crown on Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, but he has been one of the more visible former contestants since the show's airing.

This month Jonathan has landed on the cover of Bello Magazine, photographed by Alek and Steph (of OHLALA Mag.) Now Jonathan is headed to Seattle for a gig -- though unfortunately not at Hunk du Jour HQ!

Check out Jonathan's full shoot and interview at Bello Magazine, and keep tabs on him on Facebook and Twitter.

(You should follow us on Twitter and our Facebook page too.)

Jonathan Waud - Hunk du Jour

Jeff Probst - Hunk du Jour


Age: 46
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Born: Wichita, KS

A staple among primetime reality shows, Survivor has successfully kept the same host through out the years, sexy hunk Jeff Probst. Season 18 wrapped up recently and the new location for Season 19 has been announced. *Drum Roll* Samoa! Jeff has also signed up for Season 20 as well. Needless to say, we will be seeing plenty more of Jeff on our TV sets.

After the jump, see a couple pictures when Jeff guest starred on Head Case.

Thad Mills, Carpenter from TLCs TRADING SPACES - Hunk du Jour

Joining our collection of this week's Home Improvement Hunks next is Thad Mills! Thad was one of the carpenters on Trading Spaces before it wrapped up it's eight season run last year.

[ Thad Mills - Official Site ]
[ Thad Mills - Twitter ]

Jamie Durie - Hunk du Jour

Our next Home Improvement Hunk can be seen on both Australian and American television -- but Jamie Durie's form of home improvement is featured outside the four walls!

Jamie has been seen on HGTV Showdown, The Outdoor Room, The Victory Garden, Backyard Blitz, The Block, and Australia's Best Backyards. (Oh, and since that doesn't keep him busy enough he drops by to see Oprah every so often.) As you can gather from that list of credits -- he specializes in creating spectacular outdoor spaces!

Before hitting the airwaves he was a dancer with Manpower Australia - something he doesn't bury or try to hide, has his own award-winning landscaping company, and has even appeared on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars!

[ Jamie Durie - Official Site ]
[ The Victory Garden - Official Site ]

I'm making a habit of starting off our theme weeks on Tuesdays, it seems... maybe I should just embrace that I'm not one of those "Monday People" and be OK getting productive starting on Tuesdays of each week!

This week we're diving into the world of home improvement television! There's something about the way these men can completely transform homes on ridiculously low budgets and/or time frames -- and if they look good in a tool belt while they're doing it, it's just icing on the cake!

Our fabulous reader Bill recommended this week's theme -- Thanks Bill! If you have a great idea for a future theme just drop us a note!

Kicking off things this week is Matthew Finlason, who helps people sell their homes by with expert staging on the HGTV show The Stagers.

Matthew Finlason - Hunk du Jour

[ The Stagers - HGTV Official Site ]
[ Matthew Finlason - Official Site ]
[ Matthew Finlason and The Stagers - Twitter ]

Add this to the list of JDMA hunk Paul Vandervort -- martial artist! He's published his martial arts reel on the web.

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Our buddy Jack Mackenroth shared something fun on his blog today -- a long lost set of photos he appeared in over fifteen years ago in the recently-shuttered Genre Magazine!

Check out his post for his mockery of the photos, along with some memories of the magazine.

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