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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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Male Model

Colby Melvin - Hunk du Jour

Every once in a while there is a nominee in the Hunk of the Day voting pool who is just unstoppable. I have a feeling anyone could have been up against your Hunk of the Day, Colby Melvin, and wouldn't have stood a chance against him.

The incredible photographer Gabriel Gastelum captured this set of photos with Colby in Malibu, CA -- and somehow convinced the handsome young man (with those eyes!) to get into the frigid pacific ocean as well.

See more photos from their shoot after the jump!

Follow Colby:

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Bernardo Velasco - Hunk du Jour

Bernardo Velasco via Loving Male Models
Enlarge Photo

Brazilian actor and model Bernardo Velasco is your Hunk of the Day! And if you like these photos, we have eight more photos after the jump that you'll really enjoy -- from him looking amazing in a speedo to him taking a picture of his crotch!

Click here to see it all.

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Almog Gabay - Hunk du Jour

You are in for a Tuesday treat... Almog Gabay is our Hunk of the Day, and there are ten more photos after the jump waiting for you!

Almog describes himself as a photographer, copywriter, graphic designer, and personal trainer. You can stalk... er... follow him on Instagram (@almog9) and Facebook!

(You can also stalk Hunk du Jour on Facebook, and me on Instagram.)

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Patrick Kafka - Hunk du Jour

Patrick Kafka by Michael Brus
Enlarge Photo

Model Patrick Kafka is your Hunk of the Day, and he isn't afraid to keep a little fuzz on him! Check out ELEVEN more photos of Patrick after the jump!

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Steve Grand - Hunk du Jour

Steve Grand
Enlarge Photo

Pride Month has kicked off, and what better way to celebrate than with Steve Grand as our Hunk of the Day? This handsome musician (and former model) really took off last summer with his YouTube release of his video, All-American Boy

As you may know, Hunk du Jour is based in Seattle, WA - so it is especially exciting that Steve will be appearing at Seattle Pridefest's closing concert on June 29th along with Chely Wright.

Seattle Pride kicked off yesterday with the raising of the pride flag at city hall, and a killer fundraiser for the Seattle Men's Chorus -- Timberline Revisited! They opened up the original Timberline location for a Tea Dance, and it proved so successful they will do it again on August 10th!

My husband and I arrived yesterday hoping to be able to pop in and have a drink before an appointment. Even with showing up well before the doors opened, we had to hop out of line and take off before making it inside -- I'm glad we'll have an opportunity to try again in August.

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Jason Sarcinelli - Hunk du Jour

Jason Sarcinelli via Favorite Hunks
Enlarge Photo

Las Vegas actor & model Jason Sarcinelli is the Hunk of the Day launching us into the weekend this time around -- what are you looking forward to this weekend?

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See More of Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli
Jason Sarcinelli

Todd Sanfield - Hunk du Jour

...or at least he's giving us a naked teaser! More on that in a second.

Todd Sanfield has just landed on the cover of DNA Magazine for the FIFTH time, graduated as a doctor of pharmacy, has a killer line of designer underwear, and is taking pre-orders for a second photography book that looks to be another amazing collaboration with Kevin McDermott... Virgin Island. Someone's having a great summer!

An enthusiastic owner of Todd & Kevin's previous book collaboration, Motel Hotel, I immediately pre-ordered my copy (order before July 26th for a signed copy) when I saw the teaser video tweeted by Todd this morning.

Check out the video teaser for the book after the jump, then buy your copy at

Kirill Dowidoff - Hunk du Jour

Kirill Dowidoff by Alex Bego for Coverboy Magazine via Male Celeb Bio
Enlarge Photo

Russian model Kirill Dowidoff is our featured Hunk of the Day -- these shots are from Coverboy Magazine, shot by Alex Bego. Follow Kirill on Twitter @KirillDowidoff, and follow us on Twitter @HunkDuJour for the Hunk of the Day, Tighty Whitie Wednesdays, and daily hunky birthday boys.

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Guilherme Leao - Hunk du Jour

Guilherme Leao via
Enlarge Photo

Guilherme Leao, your Hunk of the Day, caught everyone's eye when he was named the Hottest Subway Security Guard in Brazil -- and in a country full of so many attractive men, that's not an easy title to snag!

Check out a couple of his Instagram photos after the jump -- he has 37,000 followers!

(My photography on Instagram only has 1,200 followers, wanna be 1201?)

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Dominic Figlio
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Alberto Castro Porras - Hunk du Jour

Alberto Castro Porras via French Gayland
Enlarge Photo

Hailing from Costa Rica, your Hunk of the Day is Alberto Castro Porras! Six more sexy photos of this fella are after the jump!

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Felipe Anibal
Kellan Lutz
Olaf Bjornstal
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Tristan Burnett - Hunk du Jour

Tristan Burnett by Aliana McDaniel
Enlarge Photo

He's got the brains to back up the beauty! Your Hunk of the Day is Tristan Burnett! Discovered on campus while attending Med School.

Eight more incredible photos and a video profile of this handsome fella are after the jump!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Maciel Mendes
Matt Bomer
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Layton Draper - Hunk du Jour

Layton Draper by Tom Cullis via ProjectQ
Enlarge Photo

Check out these amazing photos of your Hunk of the Day, Layton Draper by talented photographer Tom Cullis.

There are plenty more where this came from -- ELEVEN more photos after the jump, plus a bonus behind the scenes video from a photo shoot Layton did with Steven Underhill.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Aaron Brueckner
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Tristan Edwards - Hunk du Jour

Tristan Edwards via Superversity
Enlarge Photo

Tristan Edwards is a fitness model and entrepreneur originally from the UK, now based in California. In addition to modeling, he launched his own sports nutrition company.

...he also captured 34% of the votes yesterday, earning the title of Hunk of the Day!

TWELVE more photos from amazing photographers after the jump!

Follow Tristan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Nicklas Kingo
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Seth Cooper
Daniel MacPherson

Matus Valent - Hunk du Jour

Matus Valent via Covermag
Enlarge Photo

Slovakian fitness model Matus Valent is your Hunk of the Day! There are nine more photos of this titan after the jump.

Follow his adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Bailey Sondag - Hunk du Jour

Introducing Bailey Sondag, a Miami model and photographer - and your Hunk of the Day! This handsome 6'1" fella is represented by Next Model Management Miami.

Check out more of Bailey on Twitter @BaileySondag, on Instagram @BaileySondag and on flickr at (you guessed it!) Bailey Sondag!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Jeremy Bloom
Kevin Zegers
Jack Mackenroth
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Tarik Kaljanac - Hunk du Jour

Bosnian model Tarik Kaljanac grabbed enough votes to be crowned your Hunk of the Day! This 2010 Mr. Universe Model Contest champion still looks like a million bucks (as we can see by Instagram stalking him @tk990) and is currently spending some time in NYC.

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Scott Speedman
Chad Buchanan
Carter Oosterhouse
Michael Brent
Alex Prinz

Abhishek Poojari - Hunk du Jour

Updated 9:45am Seattle-Time with three more photos!

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Aaron OConnell
Aaron OConnell
Mark Ricketson
Alessandro Calza
David Michael Stevens

Jesse Roberts - Hunk du Jour

New York model Jesse Roberts, originally from Wisconsin, is your Hunk of the Day! Not a whole lot to say about this All-American, clean cut guy. Except that there are eight more awesome photos of him to check out after the jump?

Hunks on this day in previous years:
Parker Young
Paulo Quevedo
Alexander Kjellevik
Jared Prudoff
Zach Burns

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