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The naked rugby calendar is back, and I just got a look at this teaser for the 2016 edition and am excited about the prospects of the coming year!

Photographer Fred Goudon is back at the reigns, and the trailer gives us a glimpse of what he has in store for us this year.

Fred also shares on his blog post that the following athletes are appearing:

Sergio PARISSE, Sofiane GUITOUNE, Pascal PAPÉ, Fulgence OUEDRAOGO,James HASKELL, Scott LAVALLA, Jamie CUDMORE, Mirco & Mauro BERGAMASCO, Hugo BONNEVAL, Antoine BURBAN, Jono ROSS, Hugh PYLE, Djibril CAMARA, Thomas COMBEZOU, Henry VANDERGLAS, Alexis PALISSON, Geoffroy MESSINA, ... Ainsi que de nombreux invités: Florent PIETRUS (Basketball), Jonas MARTIN (Football), Jérémy PARISI (judo), Nelson PANCIATICI (Pilote Automobile), Sylvain Potard (MMA), Jim ZONA (Gymnastique).

Matt Mendrun - Hunk du Jour

NPC competitor and fitness model Matt Mendrun is your Hunk of the Day! Enjoy these ten photos this hottie, and follow him across the social media spectrum at the end of the post!

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Jonathan Angle - Hunk du Jour

A sexy fella with a dance and acrobatics background, Jonathan Angle is definitely a fresh face! Check out these TEN photos of Jonathan, then follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook via his profile links at the end of the post!

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Matt Ballin - Hunk du Jour

Matt Ballin
Enlarge Photo

Australian Rugby player Matt Ballin for the Gods of Football naked rugby calendar.

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Tyler Seguin - Hunk du Jour

Tyler Seguin via ESPN Magazine
Enlarge Photo

A second day of Hockey Hotness brings us to the sexy Tyler Seguin! This Canadian professional hockey player plays for the Dallas Stars and has modeled for Under Armour (some of the shots from the campaign are among the five more photos after the jump!)

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Zach Parise - Hunk du Jour

Zach Parise
Enlarge Photo

Professional Hockey player and US Olympics Silver Medalist Zach Parise is your Hunk of the Day! This 29-year old from Minneapolis played on the 2010 and 2014 US Olympic Hockey teams, earning a total of 5 Olympic goals and 4 assists.

Are Hockey Hunks your thing? Then you're in luck, as tomorrow's Hunk of the Day is guaranteed to be another Hockey Hunk too! Our friends over at Hockey Hunks were nice enough to send over four hockey player Hunk of the Day nominees which you can vote on today!

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Michael Walker

Cory Mason - Hunk du Jour

Cory Mason by Pat Lee
Enlarge Photo

Photographer Pat Lee is to be thanked for many excellent photos of insanely fit fellows. And today's Hunk of the Day is no exception.

Cory Mason is a 23-year-old national physique competitor and fitness model from the great state of Ohio. You can follow his adventures and see a lot more of this sexy guy on Facebook and Instagram.

More of Cory's big guns and a full-body shot are after the jump!

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Kayne Lawton - Hunk du Jour

Kayne Lawton from for Gods of Football 2009 Calendar
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day? Kayne Lawton, in this shot from the 2009 Gods of Football calendar in Australia. Aussie rules football and rugby players pose nude in these calendars to raise money for the cancer charity, McGrath Foundation. The 2009 edition was produced by creative director and photographer of the project, Pedro Virgil.

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Campbell Brown - Hunk du Jour

Campbell Brown
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day is Campbell Brown -- a former Aussie Rules footballer and now AFL television commentator.

I wasn't very aware of Campbell until this morning, but his wikipedia page almost reads like a gossip column or the screenplay to an unfolding drama!

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See More of Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown

Josh Mansour - Hunk du Jour

Josh Mansour
Enlarge Photo

Penrith Panthers rugby player Josh Mansour is our Hunk of the Day. And let us appreciate for a moment the beauty in rugby uniforms/kit, shall we? If this whets your appetite, you'll really enjoy the additional photos just a click away!

Big thanks to Hunk du Jour reader Mike for uploading a bunch of nominees! Be like Mike, upload your nominees today.

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Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

Jack Mackenroth by Kevin D. Hoover
Enlarge Photo

Happy Hump Day, Hunk Lovers! Here's a hump day quickie for you, perennial fan favorite Jack Mackenroth in these exclusive pics just for your discerning eyes!

Jack gave us a little insight on the shoot:

[Kevin and I had] been talking about shooting for a while now but our schedules never seemed to synchronize. I've been a fan of Kevin's work for a long time. The shoot was initially for a Brazilian magazine called GLAD but something got lost in translation during their communication regarding art direction and they thought the photos were "too provocative" and they only ended up using one image. We put a lot of time and effort into the shoot so we sent them to you so they could see the light of day.

Their loss is our gain! Thanks, Jack! Tweet him your appreciation to @JackMackenroth (and while you're at it - follow us @HunkDuJour!)

Nick Youngquest - Hunk du Jour

From our friends at Towleroad comes this sexy cover of Dorian featuring Nick Youngquest!

Photographer Joseph Sinclair teamed up with stylist Vix Adams, grooming by Lauren Baker.

Follow him & tweet him your compliments @Nick_Youngquest (and while you're at it, give us a shout too @HunkDuJour!)

[ via Towleroad ]

Tom Daley - Hunk du Jour

Via my good friend over at Squarehippies!

This Armani swimwear video caught my eye this morning on Facebook, where the lovely Jack Mackenroth posted it. Armani will be outfitting the Italian team in the 2012 London Olympics.

(BTW - Hunk du Jour is also on Facebook... go to our page and "Like" us!)

Check out this video from the 2011 CrossFit Games, as some killer competitors in amazing shape tackle an intense beach workout competion!

Nick Youngquest - Hunk du Jour

Nick Youngquest for /baskit/
Enlarge Photo

Nick Youngquest. /baskit/. Hotness.

...any questions?

Nick Youngquest - Hunk du Jour

Nick Youngquest for /baskit/
Enlarge Photo

Seb Stegman - Hunk du Jour The fine folks at Rugby's Finest sent over this shot of Seb Stegman from the 2011 edition of their annual calendar. Check out what you missed in the 2010 Calendar after the jump!

Jack Mackenroth - Hunk du Jour

I have an exclusive look at new photos from Jack Mackenroth, taken by the incomparable Rick Day! Says Rick, "It was a pleasure working with Jack. His beauty and professionalism made my job a hell of lot easier and quite enjoyable."

Jack was similarly impressed with Rick, saying "I love all of Rick's work, because he celebrates the male physique, without depending on tools like Photoshop, so the images always come out looking fresh and real, and the lighting is amazing."

Both men have been busy lately, with Rick Day recently releasing his book Pioneers and Jack just finishing co-producing a popular web series called The Queens of Drag: NYC on

[ Jack Mackenroth - 2007 Hunk du Jour Interview ]
[ Jack Mackenroth - Official Site ]
[ Rick Day - Official Site ]

[ Armani - Official Site ]
[ via Towleroad ]

Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani - Hunk du Jour

By now you've seen the photos of Cristiano Ronaldo for Emporio Armani... This post may just be serving as an excuse to post him.

BUT! I do have a minor upgrade to the site that I'm sure will thrill and delight all of you... I've modified the Hunk of the Day nomination process so that we will no longer see multiple photos of the same guy on the same day.

AND! Last year we quietly implemented the return of commenting with a new system using Disqus. Please note you must confirm your e-mail address with Disqus (or use another method of logging in) for your comments to appear.

FURTHERMORE! We've put the Hunk Guide on hiatus... but you should check out who has picked up right where we left off. (Plus you can vote-up the Hunk du Jour posts there!)

AND YET! I'm working on creating a blogroll system to spread more of the link-love mojo around to sites I love that don't link to us.

BECAUSE! I love you guys... Have a nice Thursday.

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