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Jamie Bamber - Hunk du Jour

I'm very late to the game, but am starting to watch Battlestar Galactica, starring one Jamie Bamber. I know I should have been watching this years ago now -- but better late than never, right?

Jamie Bamber - Hunk du Jour

Joseph Cotten - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Joseph Cotten

Enlarge Photo

Producer David O' Selznick was a legendary creator of stars. Though he was more noted for his actresses, Ingrid Bergman, Jennifer Jones, Joan Fontaine and of course, Vivien Leigh, he did manage to make stars of two or three hunks that became important actors of the period and made lasting impressions on movie going audiences for years to come. None of these "Hunks" were prone to scandal. All three kept relatively low profiles had few marriages, and preferred staying with one or two wives for most of their careers.

Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones

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[ Editor's Note: This is Steve's column from last week, which was unfortunately delayed by my absence. Please accept my apologies, and look for another TOQ post very soon! ]

Roddy McDowell - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Roddy McDowell

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Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame

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Rosalind Russell has always had a special place in the hearts of gay movie fans. She starred in two of the greatest gay cult films, The Women (1939) and the legendary Auntie Mame (1958). It was in The Women that she first displayed her amazing comedic abilities. Director George Cukor hadn't considered using Russell, since she'd usually played second banana in big films and serious leads in "B" pictures. However, the ever-ambitious Russell challenged Cukor to give her a shot at comedy and campaigned vigorously for the part of the gossipy overbearing Sylvia Fowler. She prepared six different interpretations of the part and the last, being the most over the top and outrageous, was the one he chose.  Russell had misgivings about using this particular interpretation, fearing that her co-stars, Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer would murder her, never the less, this is what the director wanted and this is what he got. Her overwhelming success in the role led to her next main stream comedy, the classic His Girl Friday (1940) with Cary Grant, directed by Howard Hawks. Their comedy styles and timing blended perfectly and Russell was typecast as the "know-it-all-screwball for the next ten years, putting out a series of comedies where she usually dominated her leading man until the last reel, when she succumbed to his charms and agreed to "act like a woman, instead of a female." By the early 50's she was in her mid-40's and roles were hard to come by. The ever resourceful Roz, packed her bags and headed for Broadway, where she made a spectacular debut in Wonderful Town, the musical version of a movie she'd gotten an Oscar nomination for called; My Sister Eileen. She then gave a strong performance in a character part in the movie version of Picnic, before heading back to the Great White Way, where a play version of the popular novel Auntie Mame had been tailored specifically for her. It was a smash and was eventually sold as a package deal along with Russell to Warner Brothers. The movie version proved to be the biggest moneymaker of 1958 and snagged Roz her final Oscar nomination.

Robert Wagner only had two things going for him. He was talented and he was gorgeous. With those two handicaps, what else could he do but become a star? The term "Dreamboat" best describes Wagner in his early days in Hollywood. He was the fresh- faced kid who resembled your best friend's big brother you always had a crush on. He was also lucky. Early on he was noticed and eventually mentored by gay actor Clifton Webb. Webb made sure that he was seen by the most important people in the business and helped him secure parts in several widely seen and popular films at 20th Century Fox, among them: With A Song In My Heart (1952) with Susan Hayward, where his shell shocked soldier made him an instant sensation and two with Webb, Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) and Titanic (1953), the latter also starring Barbara Stanwyck, with whom he allegedly had an on-going "May/December" affair prior to his marriage to fledgling starlet Nathalie Wood.

Robert Wagner - Hunk du Jour

Pictured: Robert Wagner

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Rock Hudson - Hunk du Jour

Above: Rock Hudson

JOAN CRAWFORD: 1905-1977
Joan Crawford loved men and she liked sex. She surrounded herself with gorgeous hunks, both straight and gay. Her escorts were expected to be handsome, suave, polite, good conversationalists, but to know their place, expert dancers, eventual seducers and to be completely attentive to her every need. Wait, I say that like it's a bad thing! I love Joan. I always have. I find her compulsively watchable. Particularly when she carries a gun. I particularly love the ten year period of her career where she embraced Film Noir, from Mildred Pierce (1945) to Queen Bee (1955). Here she played the supreme Bitch Goddess, who would just as soon shoot her man as sleep with him. Yes, there's the eyebrows, the huge, padded shoulders that resemble a Green Bay Packer's and the mouth with it's slash of lip stick that got broader and broader as the years went by. There's the face in general, that seemed to turn to granite with each decade, like the fifth face on Mt. Rushmore. But, not unlike John Wayne, she could "carry a picture." Regardless of what's been said about her since the "Mommie Dearest" debacle, and I don't doubt that a lot of it was true, Joan Crawford was undeniably a star.

Joan Crawford and Anne Blyth in Mildred Pierce - Hunk du Jour

Above: Joan Crawford & Anne Blyth in Mildred Pierce

2010 Academy Awards show - Hunk du Jour

Who did you love last night at the 2010 Academy Awards? Were the younger guys like Chris Pine and Zac Efron the ones making you swoon? Was the classic style of some of the more distinguished guests floating your boat? Do you like Colin Farrell more scruffy or polished? Did a bespectacled Sam Worthington seem hotter in glasses to you? Who was the best dressed? Who would you have liked to see undressed? And what the heck happened with that Kanye West moment during the show?

After the jump you can share all of your thoughts & comments about last night's awards!

Dirk Bogarde - Hunk du Jour

DIRK BOGARDE: 1921-1999

So, here's "the dish" on Dirk. Dirk Bogarde, with his huge sad eyes and dark brooding good looks, was the leading matinee idol of the 1950's in England and had been for ten years by the time he made Victim in 1961. Basically considered the Robert Pattinson of his day, he was chased through the streets and haunted and hunted by paparazzi wherever he went for his romantic roles in British romances and his appearances in the hugely popular Carry On series.

Jessie Pavelka 2011 Calendar Photo - Hunk du Jour

Everyone's going Pavelka-crazy at the moment, whether it be for either of the reality show starring cousins! We've already seen a bit from DietTribe host Jessie Pavelka's 2011 calendar, and this morning photographer Bradford Rogne was nice enough to send over a few more to whet your appetite!

The publisher, 10%, will be releasing the calendar later this spring on and some of your other favorite retailers.

[ Jessie Pavelka - Official Site ]
[ Jessie Pavelka - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ Bradford Rogne - Previous Hunk du Jour Coverage ]

Photographer Bradford Rogne (previous coverage) takes us behind-the-scenes of his calandar shoot with Jessie Pavelka (previous coverage) for the first 2011 calendar we've got on our radar!

Bradford had this to say about the shoot:

Jessie and I had been talking about shooting a calendar for a while now, so when the perfect opportunity presented itself, we jumped right in! 90% of the calendar was shot in one day, between my studio in downtown LA and a super slick house in the Hollywood Hills. It was a race for time, but we managed to get everything shot before sunset. More images that you won't see in the calendar coming soon!

Thanks, Bradford... we can't wait!

[ Bradford Rogne - Official Site ]
[ Jessie Pavelka - Official Site ]

We don't have the stores in Washington State, but their recent Christmas commercials seem to have had folks talking nationwide - mostly wondering "Who is that sexy S. Claus?" Well, eagle-eyed Hunk du Jour readers might be able to shake off their eggnog haze long enough to recognize him as Chad Pinther!

I've featured Chad before, of course, but even I couldn't figure out where I recognized him from. Luckily a well-placed inquiry was forwarded directly to the man himself, and his charming wife Heather (a HDJ fan herself) gave us the green light to ID him.

Chad Pinther starring in Belk Department Stores Holiday Commerical, Santas Secret - Hunk du Jour

The commercial, titled "Santa's Secret" was created by the firm Concentrated for Belk Department Stores as the finale to a trio of holiday spots. Big thanks to HDJ reader Evans for bringing the commercial (and mystery actor) to our attention!

Chad Pinther starring in Belk Department Stores Holiday Commerical, Santas Secret - Hunk du Jour

George Clooney - Hunk du Jour

Are your weekend plans up in the air? Perhaps you should go see George Clooney's latest flick, Up in the Air! Bad puns aside, I'm excited for the film... and am convinced George Clooney is only looking better each year.

Have a great weekend, hunk-lovers!

George Clooney - Hunk du Jour

[ Up in the Air - Official Site ]

Grant Bowler - Hunk du Jour

Viewers of Ugly Betty were treated to shirtless appearances by nearly the entire male cast on Friday -- including Aussie hunk Grant Bowler!

Check out Grant after the jump -- and the rest of the fellas at! (Including Eric Mabius, Michael Urie, Adam Rodriguez, and Daniel Eric Gold.)

Grant Bowler - Hunk du Jour

Some of our best ideas come from dedicated Hunk du Jour readers like yourself and Eric! Leave a comment and say thanks to Eric for recommending this post, then Suggest a Hunk of your own!

Brian Jacob Smith - Hunk du Jour

Brian J. Smith is one of the dreamy stars of the latest in the Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe. Check out the Hulu video interview with him after the jump for some personal insight.

Brian has appeared on stage and screen before, including the 2005 film Hate Crime where he played a gay man brutally beaten while walking his and his partner's pug. He will also appear in the latest Agatha Christie television film series Poirot. Murder on the Orient Express will air sometime in 2010.

In the meantime, we'll be content seeing him handle those big guns (Double entendre for the win!) on what will hopefully be another successful and long-running edition of the Stargate series.

[ Brian J. Smith - Twitter ]
[ Stargate Universe - Official Site ]

Brian Jacob Smith - Hunk du Jour

12 Men of Christmas - Hunk du Jour

I'm not usually a Lifetime movie fan... but have you seen the promos for the upcoming Kristin Chenoweth movie, 12 Men of Christmas? It's featuring some favorites of ours, including Josh Hopkins and Jessie Pavelka!

In the movie, Kristin is a marketing gal who has moved to Kalispell, MT and ends up helping the local Search & Rescue team do some fundraising... with a naked calendar! Here are some of the calendar pages she ended up with... Check out a little behind the scenes video after the jump.

Watch it Saturday, December 5th on Lifetime.

Twelve Men of Christmas - Hunk du Jour

[ 12 Men of Christmas - Lifetime ]

Made in Heaven - Hunk du Jour

Matthew Bondy plays a hustler in Made in Heaven, a comedy currently running in New York City that actor Ron Livingston calls "Hands down the best gay/straight Siamese twin comedy of 2009."

We've been given these photos of some of their hot stars, as well as some tickets to give away to the show! Nine winners will get tickets to see the show in New York. We can't afford to fly you there, but if you're going to be in NYC in the next month this is a great opportunity for you to see a hilarious show for free.

You can enter on Facebook, Twitter, or just on the good ol' fashioned web site.

The cast includes Alex Anfanger, Matthew Bondy, Kevin Thomas Collins, and Maia Madison.

Made in Heaven - Hunk du Jour

Full Disclosure: We received an unsolicited promotional item related to this entry, but only posted about it because we thought it was pretty awesome. Hunk du Jour has a disclosure policy.

Kellan Lutz - Hunk du Jour

New Moon fever is setting in, with it's impending premiere date looming closer. There's been a lot of talk around Robert Pattinson, of course... but let's take a moment to consider one of the other Cullens... Emmett!

Kellan Lutz is definitely worth the attention, as these shots from Singapore magazine August Man show us.

Boris Kodjoe - Hunk du Jour

Here are two more photos of actor Boris Kodjoe, our Hunk of the Day! He is on the November 16th cover of Jet with his family, and will appear soon in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Boris Kodjoe - Hunk du Jour

[ Boris Kodjoe - Official Site ]
[ Sophie's Voice Foundation ]

James Marsden - Hunk du Jour

Did you ever see that old episode of The Twilight Zone called Button, Button? The story is back again with a modern take in the film The Box, starring James Marsden.

James Marsden - Hunk du Jour

Robert Pattinson shot by Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair Magazine - Hunk du Jour

Vanity Fair posted the first of four sets of outtakes from Twilight star Robert Pattinson's photo sessions with legendary photographer Bruce Weber. Pattinson will be appearing on the cover of their December 2009 issue.

Mark Salling, Puck from Glee - Hunk du Jour

Mark Salling showed us on a recent episode of Glee that he can hold his own amongst the cast, with an inspired version of Sweet Caroline on a recent episode (see the video after the jump!).

What you might not have known is that he covertly released his debut solo album under the pseudonym Jericho. Mark's official site has sample tracks and you can find the album, Smoke Signals available for purchase on his website (along with a signed photo!) or available on iTunes.

[ Mark Salling - Official Site ]
[ GLEE - Official Site ]

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