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It's no secret that I think Mark MacKillop is fantastic... and I'm so excited to get my copy of his photography book, Rm. XIV, that I have been stalking the mailman.

Well be prepared to get excited for the book as well, as he has released a new extended trailer - filmed and directed by Mark Odgers - that perfectly captures the style and feel of the book.

Read my interview with Mark, and then buy your own copy at!

Dan Osborne - Hunk du Jour

Dan Osborne
Enlarge Photo

Your Hunk of the Day is Dan Osborne! UK readers know him from The Only Way is Essex and Splash... readers in the states may want to know him better!

More photos after the jump of Dan stripped down to his underwear, speedos, and less! (Oh my!)

Michael Trevino - Hunk du Jour

Michael Trevino from The Vampire Diaries
Enlarge Photo

Happy Friday! Your Hunk of the Day is Michael Trevino from The Vampire Diaries on CW. We can't just leave you looking at this fully clothed picture, though... check out the extra photos after the jump, including shirtless and underwear shots from his campaign with BENCH body!

Edilson Nascimento - Hunk du Jour

Edilson Nascimento for Elian Gallardo Underwear via Homotrophy
Enlarge Photo

Happy Hump Day! Celebrate with Brazilian hunk Edilson Nascimento, a long time favorite of my husband. I've featured Edilson Nascimento on Hunk du Jour before, but this shoot by Didio was new to me so I'm glad to share it with you all!

Help out a friend today and share Edilson with them too! I'll make it easy... here's a handy short link to this post:

Thanks for joining us today - check out the rest of the set after the jump then explore the Hunk du Jour archives.

Francis Mossman - Hunk du Jour

Francis Mossman by Luke Austin via Handsome Males
Enlarge Photo

Happy Tuesday! And I'm happily being introduced to Francis Mossman -- a Kiwi (New Zealand) actor. And in my research this morning I had to see him get stabbed this morning... which was a bit of a downer.

Anyway, he's appeared on TV (Spartacus) and a web series in Australia called The Horizon. He also doesn't seem to shy away from showing some skin -- exactly the kind of Hunk du Jour we crave on a Tuesday!

Check out the full photos set, after the jump!

Jason Morgan - Hunk du Jour

Happy Hump Day! Taking the win in yesterday's poll was Jason Morgan from Soul Artist Management! And WOW... what a collection of work we have to celebrate the win!

Check out shots after the jump from his work with, Greg Vaughan, and Daniel Jaems!

Dean Geyer - Hunk du Jour

Dean Geyer from Glee via GossipGuy
Enlarge Photo

Glee guy Dean Geyer is your Hunk of the Day for "hump day" -- check out the rest of the photos after the jump!

Stephen Amell - Hunk du Jour

Stephen Amell via Fan Pop
Enlarge Photo

From Arrow on The CW, your Hunk of the Day is Stephen Amell!

Lars Slind - Hunk du Jour

Lars Slind via Abzolute
Enlarge Photo

Happy Thursday from your buddies at Hunk du Jour! Your Hunk of the Day is Lars Slind - check out four more photos from his shoot for Sensitif magazine after the jump!

Shahid Kapoor - Hunk du Jour

Shahid Kapoor via Rediff
Enlarge Photo

Indian actor Shahid Kapoor took the most votes and is named today's Hunk of the Day! While currently on a break from shooting, he returns to work soon to keep shooting a film called Vikas Bahl

In his downtime he's been spending time at his flat and watching (along with the rest of the world)... the World Cup.

If you have any doubts about his popularity, just look at the number of "Likes" he has on Facebook. TEN MILLION. For real.

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Kellan Lutz - Hunk du Jour

Kellan Lutz
Enlarge Photo

TGIF, Hunk Lovers!

When someone as popular and dreamy as Kellan Lutz wins the Hunk of the Day title there's one thing that is certain... there are plenty of photos to find and be shared!

Credits, old and upcoming: The Twilight Saga, Immortals, Tarzan, The Legend of Hercules, and The Expendables 3!

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Kellan Lutz
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Justin Hartley - Hunk du Jour

Justin Hartley by Tom Cullis
Enlarge Photo

Seven more photos of your Hunk of the Day, Justin Hartley, are after the jump!

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Colby Melvin - Hunk du Jour

Every once in a while there is a nominee in the Hunk of the Day voting pool who is just unstoppable. I have a feeling anyone could have been up against your Hunk of the Day, Colby Melvin, and wouldn't have stood a chance against him.

The incredible photographer Gabriel Gastelum captured this set of photos with Colby in Malibu, CA -- and somehow convinced the handsome young man (with those eyes!) to get into the frigid pacific ocean as well.

See more photos from their shoot after the jump!

Follow Colby:

Follow Gabriel:

Follow Me:

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Bernardo Velasco - Hunk du Jour

Bernardo Velasco via Loving Male Models
Enlarge Photo

Brazilian actor and model Bernardo Velasco is your Hunk of the Day! And if you like these photos, we have eight more photos after the jump that you'll really enjoy -- from him looking amazing in a speedo to him taking a picture of his crotch!

Click here to see it all.

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Jason Sarcinelli - Hunk du Jour

Jason Sarcinelli via Favorite Hunks
Enlarge Photo

Las Vegas actor & model Jason Sarcinelli is the Hunk of the Day launching us into the weekend this time around -- what are you looking forward to this weekend?

Hunks on this day in previous years:
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Bernardo Velasco
James Franco
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Jason Sarcinelli
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Jason Sarcinelli
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Jason Sarcinelli

Theo James - Hunk du Jour

Theo James
Enlarge Photo

British actor Theo James got the votes, and he is your Hunk of the Day! While he'll always be (poor) Mister Pamuk to me, he is also known from Bedlam, Golden Boy, and Divergent.

Celebrate the big win, with TEN photos after the jump, including a couple shots of Theo in the bathtub.

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Happy Monday!

So over the Easter weekend I was busy with some work and of course hanging out with my family, so today's Hunk of the Day is named by my decree instead of the usual public vote. (I think you'll indulge me this once when you see who I've chosen to kick off our week.)

Mark MacKillop is a quadruple threat... actor, singer, dancer, and (of course) stunning male model. (He's also from the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver BC, which is particularly endearing to this Seattle boy.)

Mark is currently on tour with West Side Story in Munich -- you have just the rest of his week to see him perform before he returns to New York City. Today we celebrate him with an exclusive interview, and a gallery of his Munich Hotel Room Selfies.

You'll want to follow/like him everywhere... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. He's as delightful as he is handsome - so check out our Q&A below!

Mark MacKillop - Hunk du Jour

Mark MacKillop via his Facebook page
Enlarge Photo

CHRIS: What's your favorite moment when performing in West Side Story?

MARK: When we bow and the lights come up, and I get to see the faces in the audience... it's nice getting to see who's been watching us.

There are always performances that seem to go a little sideways... any recent wild/wacky performances? What happened?

Well a week ago...

Josh Hutcherson - Hunk du Jour

Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Enlarge Photo

You can count me solidly amongst the fans of Josh Hutcherson. Not only handsome and talented, a huge ally for the gay community.

Bonus Hunk street cred: he's a child star who isn't messed up and in a downward spiral... he started acting at nine years old in a TV movie called House Blend.

Of course since then his career and notoriety has shot through the sky as he has brought The Hunger Games' Peeta to the big screen alongside co-star Jennifer Lawrence (who won a Golden Globe last night for American Hustle!) Fans are obviously enamored with him as well, giving him a Hunger Games salute at a Kentucky basketball game.

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Kevin DeCarli - Hunk du Jour

Kevin DeCarli from unknown... help! by Sergio Alvarado
Enlarge Photo

Aspiring Canadian actor-model Kevin DeCarli is our featured hunk today, in this photo sent in from photographer Sergio Alvarado.

Nominees just got loaded up for today's Hunk of the Day vote -- so be sure to pick your favorite to see featured tomorrow!

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