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James Marsden - Hunk du Jour

Did you ever see that old episode of The Twilight Zone called Button, Button? The story is back again with a modern take in the film The Box, starring James Marsden.

James Marsden - Hunk du Jour

Shawn Roberts - Hunk du Jour

Age: 24
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Grey
Born: Stratford, Ontario

If Canada is hiding other hunks like Shawn Roberts, it might be time to seriously consider easing the immigration qualifications. Shawn has quite the resume of TV appearances, and without doubt, spends a lot of time with his shirt off.

You might remember his boyish grin in the first installment of X:Men as Rogue's boyfriend, Cody. Shawn has grown up quite a bit since then and it is apparent in his last role in the TV show Pysch.

Pictures from the episode after the jump! Enjoy!

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For all of us that have been waiting for an X-Men movie where Hugh Jackman doesn't have to share screen time with other lead characters, the time is here! The new HD X-Men Origins : Wolverine trailer is here. This movie will open May 1, 2009.

If you don't remember Wolverine's most extreme screen moments, here are a few pictures to jog the old noggin, courtesy of SuperHero Fan... Enjoy!

Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

Alan Cumming, recently wed - Hunk du Jour

Perhaps you know him from his stage career (Threepenny Opera, Cabaret), or films (including X-Men), or racy cologne campaign (see image after the jump.) We're happy to congratulate Alan Cumming on his marriage to partner Grant Shaffer.

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Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

What do you like Hugh with more... long hair or short?

Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

Hugh Jackman : Hugh's always on the top of the list no matter what. But this year with the final installment in the X-Men trilogy, the Woody Allen movie where he played the
sexiest yet smarmiest villian, and finally for his brilliant work in "The Prestige", 2006 was a good year.

Hugh Jackman - Hunk du Jour

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