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VMan Ford Models Search 2008

Petey, VMan Ford Models Model Search Winner 2008 - Hunk du Jour

Congratulations are in order to Petey Smith, the lucky winner of the Ford Models Model Search 2008! Though he didn't rack up any votes in the online contest (according to his profile), he was selected as the Grand Prize winner by the editors of VMan from their combination online and casting-call search.

The online vote winner appears to be Renan Bonin. The winner of the online vote will appear in a fashion story on and!

Petey, VMan Ford Models Model Search Winner 2008 - Hunk du Jour

Nathan Meckley - Hunk du Jour

The Ford Models Model Search 2008 is still going strong, and we have a new gent vying for your attention and affection. Nathan Meckley got a hold of us over the weekend and needs your help drumming up votes -- and we think he's definitely worthy!

Asked about why he's the right person for the title, Nathan said,

"Other than that I really think It's an amazing opportunity for all the models. I currently am a manager at the Soho Diesel store in NY and I really love it. But on the side I love to get the modeling side work, and especially the runway jobs! I really think people should vote for me because I love fashion and really think I can be an inspiration and a role model in the industry. I graduated from University Of Nevada Reno, packed two backpacks and purchased my one way ticket to the fashion capitol of the US... NY... I love to model, it's something I really enjoy doing and would love to have the opportunity to be on VMAN."

You can vote once every 24 hours, so go do your part and vote for Nathan! We've posted four more photos after the jump if you need more convincing. :)

Donovan Blyden - Hunk du Jour

We've been posting photos and e-mails from entrants of the Ford Models Model Search 2008 that have contacted us over the past few weeks (see them all). Our latest volunteer is Donovan Blyden who sent these photos and hopes a Hunk du Jour appearance will give him a lift in the polls. (That sounded less dirty in my head -- honest.)

We asked Donovan why the contest matters to him, and he said:

This contest means A LOT to me. As far as i can remember...this is what I've always wanted to do! Getting the cover of VMAN magazine will be a great career starter! And getting a contract with one of the best modeling agencies in the world is EVERY models dream! I already feel SO close to getting there! I'm ready to do just about anything to make it to the top. I love everything about this business. But modeling is FOR ME! I could use all the love and support to make my dreams come true! Thanks!

Good luck, Donovan! If you think Donovan deserves it, pop over to his profile and vote for him!

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Christian Guidi - Hunk du Jour

Today's Ford Model Model Search 2008 entrant didn't volunteer himself to be featured on Hunk du Jour, but his aunt was not shy about asking for him to be featured! Christian Guidi is in 3rd place of the public vote as of this entry -- perhaps your vote could propel him further towards #1!

Vote Today for your favorites -- be it Christian or one of our previously featured entrants.

Christian Guidi - Hunk du Jour

Want to be featured? Drop us a line!

CRY-BABY Ticket Giveaway: Remember to enter our Cry-Baby Ticket Giveaway for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the show on Broadway!

Joseph Goode, as photographed by Jeff Slator - Hunk du Jour

Joseph Goode is our latest hopeful from the Ford Models Model Search 2008. Here's what he had to say about the contest:

I just started my entry in to the search and I believe I should get your votes because I know I am a true model. I can do photos and runway and I just really love fashion. I love to smile, workout, play bball and play on my xbox. I have been modeling for almost 2 years in Northern California and I really wanted to model around the world and if i win this, then I know the doors will open up for me and definitly expand my future. I seriously have been truly blessed and I really appreciate, my mom, my friends and life. So please show support and vote for me.

Thanks for contacting us, Joseph! If you'd like to help Joseph on his journey, then give him your vote! If you're an entrant wanting to be featured on Hunk du Jour, drop us a line.

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Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin - Hunk du Jour

Today we hear from Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin, our next featured contestant from the Ford Models Model Search 2008. He has the adorable mop top going, here's what he had to say about entering the contest:

One thing I do know in the Vmagazine/Ford competition is that I am far from conventional. I'm sure I entered the competition for the same reasons as the other guys. somewhat on a whim and because others have told us we should "be models." As I come to the end of my college career at Harvard studying Art History and Italian Studies, I find myself with a curiosity for fashion and a desire to enter the industry. Fashion has hit mainstream culture, yet I still have a desire for it to remain sophisticated and artful. I'm not the ridiculously chiseled sporty man but am a man of a more demure and pensive presence. I believe that I still embody masculinity but do so in a different way, in an elegant manner. Ultimately, whoever the man, I would love to see male fashion pushed to more daring and experimental heights. In sum, I bring a reasoned intelligence and European look to the table. Whether you place me at the top of this competition or not, you can be sure that in due time you'll be hearing from me. But, of course, I could use your support.

Head on over to the contest and vote for Stefan!

[ Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin - Ford Models Model Search 2008 ]
[ Ford Models Model Search 2008 ]
[ Are you an entrant wanting to get the word out? Contact us. ]

Andrew Haskell, Ford Models Model Search Entrant - Hunk du Jour

We've put the call out to entrants of the Ford Models Model Search 2008 asking them to tell us why they should win the public vote. Our latest reply is from Andrew Haskell, who says:

I believe that I have what it takes to become the win a contract with Ford Models and become next cover model for VMan Magazine. I have been pursuing a career in modeling for the past 5 years of my life and have grown immensely, both physically and mentally. Truthfully, I was always the scrawny kid growing up resulting in a lack of self-confidence. I never would have imagined modeling as an option in my future, but each opportunity to create a character in front of the camera gives me an adrenaline rush that is absolutely addicting and I know that this is now my passion. I've been told in the past that I won't make it far, but I refuse to believe this... I know I will shine if given the opportunity. Please show your support and vote for me!

If your opinion has been swayed, then vote for Andrew! If you're an entrant and would like to be featured, contact us.

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Ryan Abraham, contestant in VMan Ford Model Model Search 2008 - Hunk du Jour

We put out the call earlier on Tuesday for entrants in the Ford Models Model Search to come over to Hunk du Jour and woo our readers with extra photos and insights. If you are an entrant, contact us.

Our first brave volunteer is Ryan Abraham, a college student that may also be familiar to some as adult film star RJ Danvers. He wants your vote! As of this posting, he's in third place -- but second is within quick reach!

Ryan Abraham - Hunk du Jour

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Note: We have a "No Adult Stars" policy that we have made exceptions for a few times. This is one of those times. If you have comments about our policy or this exception, please contact us. Thank-you!

Chris Turk, VMan Ford Model Search Entrant - Hunk du Jour

This is Chris Turk and as of this posting he's currently in the lead over at the Ford Models Model Search reader poll. The winner of their model search will be awarded a contract with Ford Models, and will be photographed by Hedi Slimane for the cover of VMAN11.

The contest runs from today through May 31st. If you're an entrant and want a little extra boost of exposure (along with the chance to openly pander for our readers' votes!) then be sure to contact us and tell us why you deserve to win. Bonus points if you provide some extra photos or a link to your portfolio.

We'll run profiles of contestants (that we hear from) throughout the next two months!

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