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Star Trek

Chris Hemsworth as THOR, in theaters May 2011 - Hunk du Jour

To quote Ms. Phoebe Buffay, "Why hello, mister bicep!" -- Check out this promotional photo for Thor, the Marvel movie to be released this time next year! And since we all love Chris we'll throw in some extra photos for good measure.

[ Chris Hemsworth Interview with SuperHeroHype ]

Chris Hemsworth - Hunk du Jour

Antonio Elias - Hunk du Jour

Antonio Elias is an actor who appeared in the film Star Trek... get to know him a little better!

Name: Antonio Elias
Occupation: Actor
Hometown: Lvingston, New Jersey
Relationship Status: Single

Hunk du Jour: What do you like to do in your free time?

Antonio Elias: Hang out with my friends. Go to the beach when I can. Watch a good movie. I'm a pretty laid back guy.

Hunk du Jour: What do you love about acting?

Antonio Elias: I have so much fun doing it. It takes hard work and it's challenging but I have a lot of fun doing it. The chance to create something and breathe life into a character is an exciting and rewarding thing.

Hunk du Jour: What might someone not know about you at first glance? What might your friends not know about you?

Antonio Elias: I'm a pretty open person so I think my friends know most everything about me. I can't really think of anything off hand that one might not know about me.

Hunk du Jour: How did you get started in your industry? How long has it been now?

Antonio Elias: I started acting at age eight when my mother enrolled me in an acting summer camp. I caught the acting bug then and haven't stopped. I started with local community and professional theatre in S outh Florida. When I was ten I started doing commercials and print modeling. I got my SAG card when I was 11. When I was 21 I moved out to LA and have been here since. So it has been a while but there has never been a moment when I asked myself if I was making the right choice. I don't have anything to fall back on and I don't want to have anything to fall back on. This is my passion and my life.

Hunk du Jour: What accomplishment are you most proud of? What did the experience mean to you?

Antonio Elias: I am truly grateful for everything I've been able to accomplish thus far but I'm really proud of just being able to take the step of moving out here in the first place. Moving away from your family, friends, and all you know is not an easy thing. I was scared out of my mind. If I hadn't taken that first step when I did none of this would have happened.

Hunk du Jour: Are you currently promoting a project?

Antonio Elias: In the spring of 2008 I filmed my first lead in a feature film entitled Spoken Word. It stars Ruben Blades, Kuno Becker, Monique Curnen, Miguel Sandoval and myself. It's the story of San Francisco spoken word artist(Kuno Becker) that returns to New Mexico to be with his dying father (Ruben Blades), only to find he loses his "voice" as he is sucked back in to the dysfunctional life of drugs and violence he left behind.

Antonio Elias: I play Kuno's brother Ramon. Its a nice little movie. It was directed by Victor Nunez. It finished post-production this past February and is being submitted to various film festivals and the production company is actively seeking distribution.

Antonio Elias: In addition, me, some of my friends and our manager are currently developing a comedy pilot. It's already written and polished. We're just working on the budget and financing now. It's hilarious and everyone that reads it can't help but laugh out loud so hopefully we can get that off the ground soon.

Antonio Elias: Other than that I'm still auditioning, studying, and trying to make my dreams a reality.

Hunk du Jour: Is there something that you're secretly hoping we ask you about? Come on... just whisper it in our ear... :o)

Antonio Elias: Haha. I think you covered it all!

Zachary Quinto - Hunk du Jour

We're back from New York and ready for another hot Seattle week... and an even hotter week at Hunk du Jour as we bring you a few choice men from the world of Heroes.

Kicking off the fun is everyone's favorite villain... Sylar! Zachary Quinto keeps the character just a degree or two above pure evil, with an intensity that has me checking my forehead for a trickle of blood sometimes!

While I didn't go up and say hello, ("Hi!!! My-name-is-Chris-I-write-Hunk-du-Jour-and-I-kind-of-like-you-a-lot-will-you-be-my-friend?") we did sit a few rows behind Zach when we saw a show in New York. (We saw Next to Normal, which won a few Tony awards this weekend -- and it was great!)

We'll continue featuring some of the Heroes men this week... Tweet us at @hunkdujour and let us know your favorite Heroes and villains!

Zachary Quinto - Hunk du Jour

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Chris Hemsworth - Hunk du Jour

Watch out, Chris Pine! Chris Hemsworth might not be the Kirk with the most screen time in the latest incarnation of Star Trek, but that didn't keep him from being noticed by! They shared these great photos of the other Chris, along with some additional screenshots.

[ Source: ]

Star Trek is just a few short months away, and this film has its fair share of hunks! Eric Bana as Romulan Nero, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, John Cho as Sulu, Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, and Zachary Quinto as Spock. Other hotties have speckled the film and are newer to the screen. (As the previews hint, we will at least get to see a steamy scene with Chris Pine in his underwear. Something I am sure most of us will be waiting for.)

Trekkie, or normal citizen, the new Star Trek has us waiting in excitement. The action, makeup, and CGI appear to be breath-taking. Take a peek for yourself!

Star Trek - Hunk du Jour

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